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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #167

7/11/05 Ė 7/15/05

Letís start off the rants with an APB. Since it doesnít work for Harmony PD, maybe it will work for us. We want to send an APB out for Simone. We donít even remember the last time she was shown. The last memory we have of her was when Kay and Jessica were duking it out when Jessica wanted to go out. That was months ago. She hasnít been shown since. We remember reading that she was supposed to get a storyline along with Jessica. Well Jessica got a storyline yet Simone didnít. Is she even still in Harmony? Is she still a part of the Russell family? Maybe those questions will get answered whenever sheís shown.

Ivy is such a hypocrite. She judged Fancy this week because she always likes to cause trouble for people. She railroaded Fancy for destroying the Bennetts by complaining to Alistair. Well look who was calling the kettle black? She had no problem destroying the Bennetts herself when she wanted Sam. Since all of the Bennetts would be living the fairy tale lifestyle if Ivy didn't hire David.

Since Fancy was the subject of the last rant, we may as well make her the next victim of this rant. She is such a spoiled brat. She wanted Alistair to take the Bennetts down a peg because of Noah, but when she got what she wanted, she didn't want it anymore. She confronted Alistair to see if she was the reason why he got Sam fired. She didn't care that Sam got fired. All she cared about was the fact that it would have been her fault. When Alistair told her that it wasn't her fault that Sam was fired, she was relieved. She thought it was a load off. Well at least she can sleep better knowing that Sam got fired, but it wasn't her fault. That should make feel better too.

Now it's time to get to Miss Theresa. She is a piece of work. Here's a nitpick for you about her. She is always telling anyone who listens that the things she does are different from what everyone else does. Whenever she's reminded about the things she has done, she walks off saying that they are different. Take what Alistair is willing to do for her. She thought he was disgusting for suggesting that she sleep with him in order to get Ethan and Jane back. He reminded her of when she raped Ethan in order to get pregnant. She thought that was different. That was no different in our opinion. Alistair wanted to sleep with Theresa to get what he wanted the same way Theresa raped Ethan to get what she wanted. Oh right. We know the difference. Theresa did it so it was okay. Message delivered, writers.

We don't see why Theresa is so appalled by Alistair's offer. She didn't have a problem working with him before when she got the death penalty for pleading guilty for Julian's "murder". It's a safe bet that he wasn't helping her out of the kindness of his heart. For all we know, she could have slept with him them. We know there's no way "innocent" Theresa would have done that, but you never know.

Another reason why Theresa shouldn't be so appalled by Alistair's plan is the fact that it could get her daughter back. If we're supposed to believe that she's a good mother, she should have been willing to jump at the offer.

Did you notice how manipulative Theresa was when she told Ethan about Alistair's offer? She made it seem as if he only wanted her to sleep with him in order for her to get Jane back. She didn't tell the part about getting Ethan back. She also didn't tell how she considered the idea. She only told the part that made Alistair look bad.

Speaking of manipulation, KMart are manipulative. Rather than admit they were wrong for kissing each other, they tried to be manipulative and say they were only saying goodbye. We all know what they were doing and why they were doing it. Pilar knows how Gwen feels whenever Theresa does that to her with Ethan, yet she sides with Theresa more times than not. Anyway, KMart are always using the excuse of Sheridan for why they do the things they do. Katherine even admitted to having to stay away from Martin because of Sheridan killing Rachel. Guess she would go after Martin if Sheridan hadn't killed Rachel. Pilar should be so lucky that Sheridan killed Rachel or she wouldn't have her husband.

We have a Beth nitpick too. We were so sick of her saying that Shuis were going to break up. She kept saying how Sheridan would never forgive Luis. We wanted to throw something at her because we know she's right. LOL!

That was the perfect segue to mention Sheridan. She was the biggest pain in the neck this week. We thought that was going to be Theresa, but we were mistaken. She did things that made our blood boil. When Luis realized that he couldn't use his phone because of it being in the water after saving her, she had the gall to flip out because she thought he was blaming her. She said that he could have left her in the water. She wasn't even grateful for him saving her. She just told him that he could have let her stay in the water. She couldn't wait to blame him for that, but he was wrong for just mentioning the water messed up his phone.

Another blood boiling moment was when Shuis finally got a car. She kept telling him to hurry up because she had to get to her son. If she was in that big of a hurry, why didn't she just drive? If she did, maybe she would have gotten to the airport before Beth. The car would have magically developed wings. Another moments was when she ripped into Luis about his promises. It wasn't his fault that he couldn't get to Marty right away. She didn't have to rip him a new one because she didn't get Marty back.

We have to interrupt these moments for a bit to talk about Theresa and Ethan. These two are so pathetic that it's not even funny. What was with their little discussion on the wharf? Theresa had herself convinced that Ethan's soul would be killed because he's not with her. That didn't make the least bit of sense. She has such a massive ego. Ethan's soul didn't have to die because he's not with her. Theresa act as if Ethan doesn't love Gwen. He is with one of the women he loves so maybe his soul is safe. The girl is a lunatic plain and simple. Ethan spent so much time telling her that he wasn't going to be with her, but she still thought she had a future with him.

Ethan was another pain in the a**. He knows that there's no sense in talking to Theresa, yet he does it anyway. It's as if he likes hearing her crazy talk about them being together. If he loves it so much, he should be with the nutcase. He shouldn't dare stay with the woman he married who has more since than Theresa. Noo, he should stay with the psychotic schemer. That makes perfect sense.

Now we can get back to Sheridan's blood boiling moment. She was being a b*tch to Luis at the airport and at the cottage. She really ripped into him about not keeping his promise to give her back her son. She said the most despicable things to him. She called him a miserable failure and foolish. Girlfriend was going off on him. What kind of a person says those things to a person they love? She questions Luis's love, but you would never know that she loved him. She may be worried about Marty, but her actions are not justified.

Was anyone else sick of Sheridan blaming Luis for Marty being gone? We know we were. We don't recall seeing Sheridan do much to get Marty. She kept telling that miserable failure to save him. What the f*ck was she doing? She could have saved Marty herself if she wanted to. Since she thought that Luis was useless, she should have taken matters into her own hands instead of relying on Luis. Did you notice how Sheridan was willing to blame Luis more than Alistair for why Marty was gone? Of course she didn't giver herself any of the blame.

We felt so sorry for Luis when that Sheridan yelled at him. He is practically in a verbally abusive relationship. Sheridan berates him constantly and yet he takes it. She hurts him verbally and she doesn't think twice about it. She is a very vicious person. She's worse than Alistair. Alistair doesn't talk to people the way Sheridan talks to Luis. You would think that Pilar would have said something to Sheridan about that. If Gwen or Rebecca were talking to Theresa like that, Pilar would have gotten in it. She would have told them not to insult her daughter even if Theresa deserved to hear it. When Sheridan yelled at Luis, she didn't open her mouth. She could have reminded Sheridan that he did the best he could so don't yell at him like that. Anything would have been better than saying nothing. That was Martin's problem too. He could have defended Luis. He defended Katherine when Pilar insulted her, but didn't say a word when Sheridan yelled at Luis. Boy, Luis is really lucky to have parents like Pilar and Katherine.

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