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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #166

7/4/05 - 7/8/05

Boy was this a week for slap happy women. Sheridan, Theresa, Fancy, and Jessica had a field day slapping people. Apparently, there was something in the water for these women. All of the men they slapped (Luis, Alistair, and Noah) wanted to help them and they got repaid with slaps. They all would have been sick if they slapped them back. We know that may make us seem like traitors to our sex, but they would have been sick if they got slapped themselves.

With that out of the way, let's get to some rantings. You know our favorite star of this section has to be mentioned. That dubious honor goes to Theresa. Funny we don't think that surprised anyone. LOL! Anyway, as usual she worked our nerves. She kept making a big production about getting revenge on Gwen and Rebecca. Is anyone else sick of hearing her declaration of revenge? We certainly are. She was going to tell anyone who would listen that they are evil. We got it Theresa. You think they're evil. It's a wonder that Pilar didn't fill in the blank with her. She claimed over and over that she would get revenge even if she had to play dirty to do it. When has she not played dirty to get revenge? She stole Gwen's embryos, she raped Ethan, and she tried to have Gwen arrested. We don't see anything clean about that. Guess we were supposed to think those things were peanuts compared to the things that Gwen and Rebecca have done to her. Well, we do not agree with that. Her actions are just as bad if not worse than Gwen's.

Theresa had some nerve judging Alistair for doing the unthinkable crime of kissing her. She didn't want to listen to anything he had to say until he mentioned Ethan and how he should have chose her over Gwen. Then her ears perked up to what he had to say. Do you notice how Theresa only pays attention to people when they tell her that she should be with Ethan? She never wants to hear anything when someone rightfully tells her to stay away from him.

We have a couple of questions for the so-called good mother Theresa. Why wasn't she with little Ethan on one of the longest nights in history? Since all of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds were out of the mansion? Why didn't she go home to be with him when Ethan kicked her out of the mansion? Instead, she chose to stay, there and scheme. She didn't even call to check on him yet we're supposed to believe that she's a great mother. If the word "great" now means rotten, then she is a great mother.

Since we spoke of Theresa, we may as well talk about her best buddy, Whitney. She was so aggravating when it concerned Miles. She didn't want to be near him, but she kept barking at Chad when Miles was crying. She had plenty of chances to leave the studio, yet her feet were planted. She kept going overboard telling Chad that she didn't want to be at the studio. Well no one stopped her from leaving the studio. She could have left anytime. We hope this wasn't the writers way of letting us know that Whitney is a good mother. If that's what they were doing, it didn't work.

Sheridan seems to be another one who pops up in this section. She is really maddening. She's infuriating us just as much as Theresa is. We are tired of the way she treats Luis. We know she's upset with him because of Marty, but that's no reason to treat Luis the way she has been treating him. No matter how many times Luis apologizes to her about not believing her, she will drive it home with nails that it's his fault she doesn't have Marty. She's not even willing to forgive him. All she does is blame him or tell him that she doesn't want him to touch her. It's something how she always questions his love for her, but he needs to start questioning her love for him. If she loved him, why can't she forgive him? Why can't she empathize with him for not knowing what to believe? Why can't she understand that he's hurting just as much as she is over losing Marty? Oh right that's unheard of for her to think of someone other than Sheridan. She's making it easier and easier to want to see her suffer. We are not alone because some people on the forum (We know, shameless plug alert) agree that Sheridan sometimes deserves to be without her son. She also makes it easier to root for Luis to dump her and go to Gwen. We are quickly losing our need to want to see Shuis together.

Fancy is another one who was annoying this week. That's not hard since she's already been annoying. No matter how many times Noah saves her, she's so ungrateful about it. He should have left her at the cannery since she wasn't happy that he saved her from the fish. We don't see why he even bothers to help the ingrate. What is it going to take for him to leave her alone? He must be really sprung. she wouldn't be worth the trouble if we were Noah.

Here's a surprise for you: We have to rant about Sheridan. She keeps p*ssing us off and she will take Theresa's place as one of the most hated characters on the slow. Don't worry, Theresa won't be too far behind. LOL! Anywho, let's get back to Sheridan. She always acts as if her problems are always worse than anybody else's. Do you have a friend or relative who always has a problem when you do? Do they ever make it seem as if their problem is always worse than yours? You may think your problem is bad, but they will belittle it by saying that their's is worse? Well we know someone who is like that and let us tell you, it's annoying. That why it's so annoying when Sheridan does it. She always does it to Gwen and she did it again with Luis and Sam. When Sam wanted to take care of his problem with Jessica, Sheridan had the gall to say what could be more important than finding her son. Can you believe her? We didn't think so. Sam is going through a crisis with his own family, but that's not good enough for Sheridan. We know she didn't know for a fact that the other police business was about Jessica, but as far as she knew, it could have been. She didn't even take the time to care. All she cared about was herself.

Sheridan also acted as if Luis didn't want Marty back. She treated Luis as if he wasn't trying to find Marty too. She also acted as if her pain is worse than Luis's pain of losing Marty. We've got a newsflash for you Sheridan: He's Luis's son too. You are not the only one who lost Marty. Just because you act as if your pain is worse, doesn't mean you are suffering more than he. She has got to be one of the most selfish people on the show. It's no wonder people want to hurt her. The writers may think they are slick by having everyone sacrifice their lives for Sheridan, but we are not being snowed by the fact that she's been acting like a jerk.

Why can't the writers get rid of Jessica? She is a worthless character and her story is boring. It didn't have to be so bad if it didn't happen out of the blue, but it did so it's bad. No offense to the actress, but she really needs to take some acting lessons. Her bad acting really makes it hard to get into her story. What also makes it hard to get into is the fact that Kay has turned into a goody-two-shoes. She is practically a walking public service announcement. When did she become an expert on guys like Spike? She has never come across anybody like that before so how does she know about the type of guy he is?

While we're on the subject of Kay, when is she ever going to be with Maria? We don't even remember the last time she was with her. She wasn't doing anything so why couldn't Maria be with her at the Bennett house? Why did Tabitha have to watch her?

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