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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #164

6/20/05 - 6/24/05

According to Webster's Dictionary, martyr means one who makes great sacrifices to advance a belief, cause, or principle. It also means one who endures a great suffering. You're probably wondering why we used this definition. Well, we'll tell you.

Katherine and Whitney act as if they are martyrs on Passions. Let's start with Katherine first. Ever since she was introduced on the show, she has been acting as if she's a martyr. If you go by the definition that we provided for you, then you know what we mean. She thinks that she made some great sacrifice by abandoning her kids. Now the writers want us to believe that she's a martyr again by having her move back in with Alistair because of Sheridan. Oh, you poor baby. You have to make such a huge sacrifice and move back into that big mansion. You have your children and grandchildren near you, but we can see how much you're suffering. She's not suffering if she's staying in a big place and she's with a rich man. LOL! Well, now she can use the time that she's "suffering" to make up for what she did to her kids.

Now let's move on to Whitney. She thinks that she made some great sacrifice to spare her son from suffering the humiliation of being a child of incest. Who was she trying to kid? We all know she gave Miles up to cover her butt. Her latest stunt was to let Miles starve because he's not her son anymore. She thinks that she's being a martyr because she is suffering since she gave him away. Whitney, you are not a martyr. You were being a monster for what you were willing to do to your son. She thought that she was doing the right thing by letting Miles die so he wouldn't have to go through tests. She shouldn't have had to be convinced to save her son's life. If she's supposed to be a martyr, then there has to be another definition for the word.

We can't even begin to tell you how sick to death we are of everyone making a big deal over Sheridan's problems. Everyone at the mansion had to stop what they were doing because poor Sheridan had to get them to search for Marty. We know that she is considered the heroine of Harmony, but come on people. Does she really deserve everyone's attention? The woman doesn't spend more that five minutes talking to anyone else about their problems, but she can always demand attention. It's getting aggravating seeing everyone go overboard trying to please Sheridan. Gwen was the first victim. She was the one who tried to help Sheridan, but she didn't want listen. Gwen tried to help her by proving that Beth was up to something, but she ended up getting attacked. That could be the real reason why Gwen can't have kids. Gwen did that for nothing since Sheridan didn't even care. Luis didn't get to spend much time with Marty because of Sheridan. Katherine is going back to Alistair because Sheridan committed murder. Katherine has to endure being back with Alistair just so she can protect Sheridan's secret. Pilar and Martin have to renew their vows to protect Sheridan. Alistair wants Martin to stay away from Katherine so he has to renew his vows to Pilar. Now we ask you, what has Sheridan done to deserve all of this? She hasn't sacrificed anything for anyone in all of the years the show has been on why would they do that for her?

Pilar has no dignity. She knows that Martin loves Katherine but she still wanted to renew her vows to Martin anyway. Pilar, he wouldn't even be with you if Katherine didn't choose to be with Alistair.

We are sick of seeing how careless Rebecca is with the infamous disk. She just had to look at it again this week and Ivy saw her. We find it hard to believe that she would be that stupid.

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