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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #163

6/13/05 - 6/17/05

We don't like the way the writers are trying to reveal the truth about who sent Ethan's paternity to the tabloid. We know that the writers want to please Theresa's fans by getting her off the hook for something that Gwen and Rebecca did, but the way they are going about it makes no sense. For some reason, Rebecca had to keep the proof that she and Gwen framed Theresa. Why would she do something so stupid? We're pretty sure that she has screwed people over before so she shouldn't have been stupid enough to keep the proof. The first thing she should have done was destroy it. Gwen was also stupid enough to want the proof moved from where Rebecca had it. It was safer where it was since no one knew about the safe.

We were in total disbelief because Rebecca had to lie to Gwen about getting rid of the proof against them. What in the world was Rebecca thinking? Now she can sit and watch her daughter lose the only other person she has left. Once Ethan breaks up with Gwen, Rebecca will be ready to get revenge on Theresa. Well, Theresa wasn’t the one who was stupid enough to keep something that would come back to hurt her. Rebecca’s stupidity in this story is really getting on our nerves. Why couldn’t Tabitha get Endora to use her magic and let Theresa find out the info that way?

There was another way Theresa and Beth were similar this week. If you read our column a couple of weeks ago, then you know that we believe that Theresa and Beth are alike. Anyway, Tabitha went to both of them this week. Now are the writers ready to admit that Theresa is a villain? Oh, right. Who are we kidding? That would never happen. Tabitha wanted Beth and Theresa to get what they want. Since Tabitha is evil, why would she want them to get their way unless they’re evil too? We already know that Beth is a villain so why isn’t Theresa? Tabitha doesn’t go to Gwen to make sure that she gets what she wants so what are we supposed to think? Are we supposed to believe that Beth is crazy and evil, but Theresa’s naïve and being manipulated? Give us a break!

We’ve realized something lately. We are starting to despise Ethan. No offense to any Ethan fans, but that is how we feel. He has the nerve to expect everyone to be hones with him, but he can lie whenever he sees fit. He lied to Gwen when he told her that he told Theresa how he was committed to his marriage. He only told her half of the story. He didn’t tell Gwen how he kissed Theresa and told her how she is the woman he wants.

He also had the nerve to tell Gwen how he doesn’t want her or Rebecca to keep Theresa from seeing Jane. Gwen already said that she would let her see Jane as much as she wanted so he said that for nothing. Only Ethan’s sorry a** would expect Gwen to do everything she can to make her worst enemy’s life easier. Why is Gwen supposed to do that? Theresa would have been more than willing to make Gwen suffer, but Ethan doesn’t care. He’s more worried about his mistress in his head than he is about his wife. You see why we despise him so much?

Theresa was such a hypocrite this week. She had the nerve to lecture Paloma about the way she was talking to Pilar. Are we supposed to forget what she did to Pilar? She didn’t exactly respect her either. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Now let’s get to Sheridan. She was being so b*tchy to Edna when she and Luis found her in the closet. She yelled at Edna to tell her where Beth took Marty. She didn’t even care that Edna was bound and gagged in the closet. Sheridan didn’t even want Edna to get something to drink before she wanted answers. If Sheridan wasn’t so impatient, then she would have her son. She should have waited outside and then Beth would have been able to get away.

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