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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #162

6/6/05 - 6/10/05

We can't begin to tell you how annoying we thought Katherine was being this week. Her acting was so over the top. She was doing so much screaming in her scenes with Martin and Alistair that she ended up making herself hoarse.

We were also bothered by the fact that Katherine thought that she had a right to know Martin's secret. She expected him to keep the secret from Pilar because he had to protect Sheridan, but she had a right to know. What a b*tch! Martin was supposed to protect her precious daughter and keep his family in the dark, but she had to end the madness for Sheridan as well as herself.

Is Chad getting on anyone else's nerves? He's certainly getting on ours. He has the nerve to take Miles so that Fox couldn't raise his son. Since Fox doesn't know the truth, he has every right to be p*ssed off at Chad. Chad acts as if Fox doesn't have a right to go after him. Chad even has the nerve to keep Miles from Ivy too. As far as everyone else knows, Ivy is the boy's grandmother so why couldn't she see him? We can't wait to see what Fox is going to do to Chad.

Speaking of Ivy, we did not like how she brought up the tabloid again. We know that the writers think that they are satisfying the audience by bringing this up again, but they're not. It's so obvious that Ivy is going to turn on Gwen when she learns the truth. When will this woman blame herself for Ethan's paternity coming out?

Obviously, there won't be a week that goes by that we won't have a reason to rant about Ethan. Once again he proved that he is the worst husband. He told Theresa that she has his heart. He also said how he wanted to be with her and the kids. What is wrong with him? Why didn't he just choose her instead of going with Gwen? Are we supposed to feel sorry for him because he can't be with his precious Theresa? Well, we don't feel sorry for him at all. He really makes us sick. He wants to ruin Gwen's life by staying with her when he loves Theresa. Maybe the tabloid incident coming back out won't be a bad thing. At least Gwen won't have to stay with him anymore. We all know who he would go running to once the truth comes out.

He also proved he was the worst husband in the world when he wanted to have one more night with Theresa. He is such a jerk. What was the sense of having him choose Gwen if he wanted to sleep with Theresa? He could have had Theresa if he just let Gwen leave him when she offered to go.

One more thing, what was with the rewrite of Theresa raping Ethan? Now all of a sudden he knew he was making love with Theresa. If he did, why did he call her Gwen? We are not snowed by the fact that the writers want Theresa to look innocent. We remember that he clearly thought she was Gwen. Now all of a sudden he knew what he was doing. Oh come on! We got the message, writers. Everyone is supposed to think that Theresa never does anything wrong, but we're supposed to think that Gwen is a monster. Well, it's not working.

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