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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #161

5/30 – 6/3/05

This week and last week Theresa has been getting on our nerves with her behavior. Ethan said it best last week when he said she was manic. In case you’re wondering what manic means, it means that he basically thinks she’s crazy. He’s trying to lesson the blow by calling her manic, but we all know she’s crazy. Speaking of lessening the blows, her family always does that for her. Pilar and Luis write off Theresa’s obsession with Ethan. They always call her a hopeless romantic instead of an obsessed person. Why is her crazy behavior considered romantic? Anybody else in that position would be considered crazy. With that in mind, we found some crazy characters in movies and on the show that act as crazy as she does, but they are not considered hopeless romantics. They are just nuts.

Why is her crazy behavior considered romantic? Anybody else in that position would be considered crazy. With that in my mind, we found some crazy characters in movies and on the show that act as crazy as she does, but they are not considered hopeless romantics. They are just nuts.

We all know how obsessed Theresa is over Ethan. She has done countless things to prove how obsessed she is. We’ll get into those things later. For now we’ll talk about the movie characters and the character on the show who are obsessed with the people they love.

In Fatal Attraction, a woman named Alex had an affair with Dan (a married man). When Dan was ready to call off the affair, Alex wasn’t having it. She turned crazy because he didn’t want to have a relationship with her. She even went to the trouble of stalking him, killing his rabbit, and kidnapping his daughter. She also told Dan wife that he wanted to have a family with her. She blamed Dan’s wife for why they couldn’t be together. Anyone who has seen this movie, knows that she is nuts. Even if you haven’t, you know she’s not playing with a full deck. The writers never tried to paint her up as a hopeless romantic.

Swimfan, a movie similar to Fatal Attraction, there was a character similar to Theresa. Her name was Madison. She had an affair with Ben who had a girlfriend. During the affair, he made the mistake of telling her that he loved her. She began sending him emails and showing up everywhere he went just to be near him. When he called her on it, she became obsessed. She tried to destroy his life and even tried to get rid of his girlfriend. She told Ben in front of his girlfriend that no one will ever love him the way she does. That was similar to what Theresa did to Ethan in front of Gwen. She told him that Gwen would never love him the way she does. Madison was not considered a hopeless romantic, but Theresa was.

In Mother, May I Sleep With Danger, a guy was obsessed with his girlfriend and was willing to do anything to hold on to her. He hurt her friend and was willing to hurt her and her mother because he loved her. Unlike Theresa, his actions were not justified just because he loved her.

Theresa made a comment that reminded us of two other movies: The Hand That Rocks The Cradle and Poetic Justice. She said that Ethan pictures her when he makes love to Gwen. Can you believe her nerve? Lucky for her Gwen didn’t do anything. In The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, the villain told the heroine that her husband sees her face when she makes love to him. She was handled appropriately. In Poetic Justice, there was a character who told another woman that whenever she kisses her boyfriend, she was tasting her p***y. A beautician thought that she should have kicked her a**. We totally agreed with that and that’s what Gwen should have done. Neither one of them were considered innocent for those remarks, but Theresa was.

Theresa proved that she was willing to hurt her own family and friends if they don’t approve of what she’s done. She ripped into Eve when she told the truth on the stand at Gwen’s hearing. She judged Luis for trying to convince her to do the right thing by giving Ethan and Gwen the baby. She even yelled at Pilar and told her that she hated her. This is the same woman who is on her side more times than not and that’s the way she treated her. This reminds us of the movie The Crush. The main female character was so obsessed with the man she loved that she was willing to hurt her father and her friend in order to be with him. She wasn’t practically patted on the back. She ended up in a nuthouse.

Now that we’re done with the movies, let’s move on to the character on the show she is similar to. She is very similar to Beth only she’s written up a different way. Beth is written up as the crazy one while Theresa is written up as the hopeless romantic. Beth has someone in her life who will call her out on her craziness in order to get Luis, but everyone in Theresa’s life tries to downplay her actions. All they have to do is call Theresa a hopeless romantic and she’s off the hook. Theresa may not have tried to kill Gwen, but they do have a similar despicable act: They both used drugs to rape the men they love. The only difference is Beth’s plan to rape Luis failed and Theresa’s didn’t. You may think that comparing Theresa to Beth is like apples and oranges because Beth is has tried to kill Sheridan, but we all know the despicable things Theresa has done because of her obsession.

As far as who the crazier one is, we think that it’s Theresa. Even Beth hasn’t convinced herself that Luis loves her more than Sheridan the way Theresa thinks that Ethan loves her more than Gwen. Why isn’t Theresa crazy for thinking this? Another sign that Theresa is the crazier is her hyperactive behavior. Theresa will yell until she’s literally red in the face about her beliefs and Beth doesn’t act that way. Is Beth being written up as the crazy one because Theresa is more popular with the audience than Beth is? As we mentioned, both have done deplorable things, but Beth is still considered the bad one and Theresa is written up as a saint who only hurts people when they hurt her.

Do any of our fellow Theresa haters think that Gwen would be written up as the victim if she were the one refusing to give Jane back? We didn’t think so. What do you think would have happened if Gwen locked herself in a room after the judge forced her to give Jane back to Theresa? Would people think she was justified for doing that because she was fighting to keep a child who she believed was hers? We don’t believe that would happen either. The writers must expect us to sympathize and empathize with Theresa just because she’s a mother trying to keep her child. The writers are also expecting the audience to agree that Jane is being taken away from Theresa against her will. Guess we’re supposed to forget that the judge granted Ethan and Gwen custody of Jane. They are not stealing her no matter how many people are saying that you can’t take a child from it’s mother. What message are the writers trying to give us? Are they trying to tell us that it’s a bigger sin to take a child away from it’s mother than it is to deny the father his parental rights? If Theresa had her way, Ethan would not see Jane unless he went back to her.

Maybe it’s just us, but we cannot sympathize with Theresa when she brought all of this mess on herself. Once again, Theresa’s obsession with Ethan has cost her another child. If she put Jane first, then she wouldn’t have had to worry about going through this mess again. Ethan and Gwen were willing to let her keep Jane if she didn’t press charges against Gwen. That wasn’t enough for her. She had to have everything. Now she’s acting as if Gwen is a monster for not letting her get away with what she was willing to do to her.

There’s an old song called Friends by Jody Whatley and Rakim that describes Sheridan’s so-called friendship with Gwen. Here’s some of the hook:

Friends will let you down
Friends won’t be around
When you need them most
Where are your friends

This describes Sheridan to a T. She told Gwen that she sympathized with Theresa because she was losing a child. She told Gwen that she understood how that felt because she lost a child. She totally forgot that Gwen lost two children when she was trying to justify why she sympathized with Theresa. She waited good until Gwen ripped into her to say that she sympathized with her too. Too little too late, Sheridan. The damage was done. Gwen should know that when the chips are down, Sheridan will always side with Theresa. It’s bad enough that Gwen has to worry about Ethan jumping back and forth on Theresa’s side, but now she has to worry about her own best friend doing it too. Sheridan couldn’t just end it there. She had to go and make Gwen’s crisis her moment. She couldn’t be there for Gwen without mentioning her own problems with Luis. Sheridan, couldn’t your problems with Luis wait until Gwen’s was over? It’s not as if you solved anything by bringing it up when you did. Even when Sheridan went over her problems with Luis and Beth, Gwen didn’t say that she sympathized with them over her.

Here’s another problem we have with Sheridan’s friendship with Gwen. She is allowing Gwen to be married to a man who doesn’t love her the way he should. She felt she had to whisper to Ethan that he loves Theresa. Hello, why not warn your best friend about that? At least Gwen wouldn’t have to be with a man who doesn’t love her the way he loves Theresa. If Sheridan knew for years that Ethan was so passionate for Theresa, why didn’t she stop Gwen from marrying Ethan? We remember when Sheridan was engaged to Antonio and Gwen kept trying to convince her not to marry a man she didn’t love. Why didn’t Sheridan return the favor? Guess that shows who’s the better friend.

We’ve learned some things about Luis over the past couple of weeks. We learned that love and feelings overrule facts and proof. As long as you love someone, you’re supposed to forget about the facts. How many times did Luis have to hear that? We learned that Luis is never allowed to have an opinion different from anyone else. If his opinion is different, his is always the wrong one. Sheridan and Theresa proved that by judging him for not agreeing with Sheridan about Marty. They kept throwing it up in his face that he needed facts and proof as if they were bad things. Most people in his position would feel the way he does. We learned that Luis has no one to turn to when he needs advice. His family and friends chose Sheridan’s side over his. Theresa was worse because she expected him to side with her, but she couldn’t side with him. We didn’t realize that Luis and Gwen had something in common.

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