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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #160

5/23/05 - 5/27/05

Have you ever had a friend who insisted on making conversations about himself or herself? Well, that happens a lot on Passions. Theresa does it to Whitney. Sheridan does it to Gwen all of the time. They aren't the ones we want to rant about. That honor goes to Luis. He has to be one of the most self-centered men in Harmony. As you may know, Sheridan is one of the most self-centered women in Harmony so they are perfect together. Anyway, Sam needed someone to talk to about his problems with Jessica. He was talking to himself about it so he did need someone to talk to about her. Luis showed up and spoke to Sam about Jessica for a few minutes. What do you think happened? If you guessed that Luis managed to make the conversation about Sheridan, then you're right. Sam ended up having to give Luis advice about Sheridan. It would be nice if he would actually be the listener instead of the talker. Actually, that's something Sheridan could do too, but that is a totally different story.

We like Shuis. They are our favorite couple on the show. Now with that out of the way, they are really getting on our nerves. Luis is proving that he is the dumbest man in Harmony. He believes everything that Beth tells him no matter how implausible it may sound. Sheridan is just driving us crazy because she is willing to throw away her relationship with Luis because they don't agree about something. She refuses to think about the position Luis is in about the situation. We remember that there was a time when she wouldn't believe Luis about Alistair's actions. He had actual proof, but she wouldn't believe him. Now he's wrong because he can't believe her based on a feeling. What kind of mess is that? Beth won't have to keep trying so hard to get Luis after all.

Theresa gave Luis relationship advice. It's true. She had the nerve to tell Luis that he should support Sheridan regardless of whether she had proof about Marty being her son. She is such a hypocrite. She expects Luis to do that for Sheridan, but she doesn't want Ethan to support Gwen.

Ethan gets worse every week. He acts as if he doesn't even want Jane. He has a right to raise his daughter so why wouldn't he want to do it? Gwen, please wake up and leave this guy. If he feels that he is so worried about his precious Theresa, then he should just be with her instead of keeping Gwen from moving on with her life.

Guess we may as well get back to Theresa again. The girl is unbelievable. Once again her obsession caused her to be a total b*tch. She was already being one to Gwen by rubbing it in to her that Ethan loves her, but she even had the nerve to be a b*tch to Pilar too. She ahs always been by Theresa's side even when she didn't deserve it, but that didn't matter. Theresa yelled at Pilar and had to remind her of what Katherine did to her. Pilar was so disgusted with her that she had to slap her and then leave the room. Theresa has lost it. Her obsession is going to cause her to lose everything and everyone.

Now we must move on to Sheridan. She was a see saw this week. She let Luis think that they were going to stay together and then she told him that she had to leave him because of Beth. It's obvious that Luis always has to give her her way or she will leave him. She wasn't even willing to understand his point of view. She had to throw up his childhood in his face. If the writers expect us to believe that Shuis are "one of the greatest" couples of all time, then they shouldn't break up over little things. if Sheridan wants Luis to believe her, then she needs more proof.

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