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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #159

5/16/05 - 5/20/05

Theresa really knows how to have us yelling at the screen. You should have heard us yelling at the screen this week. We really had to scream because of her actions. She had the nerve to be smug about Ethan being late for Gwen's hearing. She assumed that he was late because he realized that he wanted to be with her. As you all know, that didn't happen. He showed up and he helped Gwen. Theresa actually had herself convinced that Ethan shouldn't have helped Gwen. All she kept saying was how could Ethan do that to her. If Theresa had her way, Gwen's husband would not have been defending her. He would have let Gwen go right to jail.

If that wasn't enough, she had the nerve to lash out at Eve too. Ethan called her up to the stand to question her about the injection that Gwen received. For some reason, Theresa went ballistic. She wanted the D.A. to rip Eve to shreds. Eve didn't lie or badmouth Theresa. She only answered Ethan's questions. Once Eve was finished, Theresa jumped out of her chair and mentioned how Eve was a drug addict and she was on trial for attempted murder. Was that called for? Whitney is supposed to be her best friend, but that didn't stop Theresa from saying those things about Eve. Can you believe that? After everything that Eve has done for Theresa and her family, you would think that she wouldn't have said those things about her. Here's some reminders for those of you who may have forgotten. In no particular order:

-Eve took Theresa in when she lost her home. She didn't have to let her stay in her house.

-Eve took care of her mother while she was sick. It's her job to save lives, but she still helped her.

-Eve kept her secret from Gwen. Gwen was her patient too so she could have told her about the DNA test that she wanted done.

-She talked Julian into getting the Lopez-Fitzgeralds their house and Luis's job back.

We think that Eve should have went off on Theresa after she said those things about her. Eve took that really well.

Just to prove that we're equal opportunity ranters, we have to rant about Gwen. LOL! We don't buy for one second that she didn't want to kill Theresa. She tried to kill Theresa more than once without the drug interaction so it's not believable that she wouldn't want to kill her now. We are not so snowed by Theresa's actions that we will overlook that Gwen really wanted to kill Theresa.

By the way readers, are we the only ones that are not feeling Ned and Fancy? They are boring to us. It's so obvious that he is Noah and she is a Crane. The writers are not being subtle about them at all. We are already sick of seeing them so much. The writers are breaking one of the rules of soap writing: don't shove new characters down our throats. They did this before with KMart and now they're doing it again. We can already tell that Ned and Fancy are going to be just like Paloma. WE can understand why Fancy would resent her family because of Julian and Ivy. It doesn't make sense for Ned/Noah to feel that way. His family didn't forget him the way Fancy's did. Also, did anyone notice how Ned/Noah was introduced the say way that Fox was?

Guess there won't be a week that goes by that we won't have to rant about Ethan. This week is no exception. Once again he allowed Theresa to kiss him this week. There must be some sort of magical force in Harmony that makes it impossible for him to resist her whenever she makes him kiss her. Are we supposed to believe that he really can't stop her from kissing him? That is hard to believe considering he is head and shoulders taller than she is. We are tired of seeing him do that, but if he insists on doing it, we'll keep ranting about it.

"If a burglar steals something and keeps it, does it belong to the burglar?" That was the question Theresa asked Ethan this week. She said that Gwen was a burglar. No, it wasn't because she took Jane. It was because Theresa thinks Gwen stole Ethan from her. The girl is unbelievable. As long time viewers know, Theresa was the one who stole Ethan from Gwen. Now we're expected to believe that Gwen stole him from her. There were some die-hard Theresa fans who mentioned that Theresa didn't steal Ethan from Gwen because you can't steal someone from someone else. By that same logic, Gwen didn't steal Ethan from Theresa either.

Guess we could have dedicated this column to Theresa this week since we had to rant about her so much. Well, we have to do it again. She had the gall to attack Gwen after she found out about the verdict. Why is it always okay for Theresa to lash out at people, but it's a felony when someone does it to her? We clearly remember that Theresa wanted to press charges against Gwen because she wanted Ethan. Now that the charges against Gwen were dropped, she didn't want revenge. Which is it Theresa?

Pilar worked our nerves this week. She knew what Ethan was going to do to Theresa if she pressed charges against Gwen. Theresa didn't want to listen and she lost Jane. For some reason, Pilar was disappointed in Ethan for getting custody of Jane. What was that about?

Ethan really upset us again this week. He actually admitted to Ivy that he contemplated not going to the courthouse to help Gwen or to get custody of Jane. We can't even begin to tell you how mad that made us. He also told Ivy how much he still loves Theresa. Well Ethan, if Theresa is the one you love, then why didn't you just choose her in the first place? You can't have it both ways. We are really starting to loathe him.

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