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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #158

5/9 - 5/13/05

Well, Ivy has proven over and over again how much of a hypocrite she is. That's nothing new, but she has really been going overboard proving that lately. She was going on and on talking about the tabloid incident ruining her life and Ethan's life. In case we forgot something, ivy was the one that did that by keeping his paternity a secret. She blames Theresa, but she won't blame herself.

Another way that she's being a hypocrite was by making her comments about Ethan being with someone who would destroy a marriage. She must need a reminder about what she did to Sam and Grace. Well, we'll oblige her. She hired David to pose as Grace's first husband just so she could get Sam to herself. The woman needs to think before she speaks. Ivy is an older version of Theresa so you would think that she would like her.

Moving on, Theresa will never learn. She is just determined to live an unhappy life. We don't mean to keep harping on this, but it's a constant battle with her. She refuses to get over the fact that Ethan wants to stay with Gwen. She still won't drop the charges against Gwen because she thinks Ethan will choose to be with her. Wake up, Theresa! It doesn't look good for you if you send a man's wife to prison. Somehow, we doubt that he will go to her after that. This girl needs a reality check quickly.

Whitney bonding with her baby would probably be a good thing for everyone else, but we were bothered by it. We all now that Whitney doesn't want her baby so those scenes were meaningless. If the writers wanted us to sympathize with Whitney, then they messed up. They shouldn't have had her give the baby up so fast. She should have been struggling with the decision a little longer than she did.  

Let's talk about something else. We are torn between Fox and Chad. We know that Fox isn't the father of Whitney's baby, but he has a right to have his son. Chad didn't have to take him and keep him away from the baby. We're also getting sick of Fox saying the same thing over and over again. We get it. He thinks Chad is a sick freak for taking the baby. He really does sound like a broken record, or a character on Passions. LOL! It would be great if Whitney would just tell them the truth so that they won't have to keep having the same conversation.

Ethan has to be the worst husband in the world. Once again he was ready to jump to Theresa's defense. He knows what Theresa is going to do to Gwen, but he still wants to defend her. Women everywhere should have a husband like Ethan...NOT!!! We must have been hallucinating when he called Theresa a monster. Well, he was acting as if he never said that at all. He also had the nerve to regret serving Theresa with custody papers for Jane. Guess in his mind, he's supposed to get everything he wants and no one has to suffer. He told Theresa at least 100 times to drop the charges against Gwen, but she wouldn't do it. That is obviously okay with that because he expects Rebecca, Ivy, and Gwen to stop harassing her. Can you believe that?

Did you notice how rude everyone was about Edna? Shuis practically called her the ugliest woman alive. They obviously think that it's impossible for any man to want to be with her. As far as they know, someone wanted to be with her or she wouldn't have Beth. Eve and Julian were badmouthing her too. They didn't have to talk about they way she smells. That was just rude. Alistair was also like that, but he is rude to almost everyone. He made it seem as if he wouldn't go near her, but he was with her once so it shouldn't have been so hard for him to believe. Don't even get us started on the women at the department store. They were rude to her until she whipped out that money. Then they were kissing her feet. In our opinion, Edna doesn't look that bad. She looks better than some of the women on the show, so they shouldn't make such a big deal about her looks.

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