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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #157

5/2 - 5/6/05

We have a question that we want to ask you all. Are we the only ones bothered by the fact that Chad won't give up the baby? We know that Chad is the father and not Fox, but he doesn't know that yet. The tug-of-war between Chad and Fox over the baby has been going on for too long. Chad knows what Whitney did to Fox so why won't he give the baby to Fox? Chad doesn't even want the baby. He only wants to get closer to Whitney. Now, if he already knew the truth, it would be different. We wouldn't have a problem with him keeping his son.

Speaking of babies, have you all noticed how they seem to be the cause of most of the trouble in Harmony? Whitney, Theresa, and Sheridan seem to be unhappy and they all have children.

Whitney is upset because she lied to protect her son. She is hurting so many people because she wants to give her son a better life. Most women would be happy about having a baby.

Theresa is another one who isn't happy now that she has her baby back. She thought that she could have it all without suffering for it. As you know, she pressed charges against Gwen. She thought Ethan would be okay with that and she would have everything. She was wrong. Ethan was mad at her and now Gwen wants Jane.

Sheridan still doesn't have her son. She suspects that Beth has her son, but it doesn't matter. Luis doesn't believe her so she won't get him back until she can get someone to believe her.

Let's move on to the other rants for this week:

What is wrong with Ethan? We know, that's the million dollar question, right? He was the one who agreed to get revenge on Theresa for what she did to Gwen, but now he doesn't want to do it. He was trying his best to put it off as much as possible. What made him think that Gwen and Rebecca wouldn't have noticed it? He may as well admit it to himself. He doesn't really want to make Theresa pay for having Gwen re-arrested. What was the point of him yelling at Theresa if he was going to chicken out of getting revenge.

What would Luis do when his looks fade? Just kidding. He just refuses to believe that Beth could have kidnapped Sheridan. Why would she make it up? He should at least investigate what Sheridan was telling him. We are so sick of him saying that Beth is innocent. He used to believe everything Sheridan said, but for some reason he won't believe her about Marty and Beth. That will be the end of Shuis. We don't want to see that happen, but it will.

Sheridan is really getting on our nerves. She has no proof that Beth did anything to her so we are getting sick of her whining about it. She even has the nerve to think that Luis never takes her side. Are you kidding? All he does is think about her. He totally forgets about his family because he puts her first, but Sheridan forgets that. We wouldn't really mind that much if she had proof her accusations. Then she would have a leg to stand on. It doesn't do any good for the audience to know the truth if the people on the show don't know it.

The writers decided to bring up the tabloid incident again. That is a waste to bring that up now. That was a dead issue for a long time. Besides, Ethan knows his father now so something good came out of it. How has Ethan's life been ruined since he still lives at the mansion and he still works at Crane Industries? It's so obvious that the writers want this story to be brought up again just so Ethan can break up with Gwen. Well, if that's the case, then Theresa can have him and Gwen can move on from him.

Speaking of Ethan, he kissed Theresa this week. The man just will not learn. He didn't have to let her kiss him if he didn't want her to do it. All he is doing is leading Theresa on by kissing her so much. It's not doing anyone any good. He will never be able to convince Theresa that he's committed to Gwen by jamming his tongue in Theresa's mouth.

Well, guess there was no way that we were going to get through a week without ranting about Theresa. Gwen gave her the chance to keep her child again so what does she do? She does the right thing of course and she refused. We hope you all know that we meant that sarcastically. Theresa still wanted to press charges she eventually decided to change her mind, but she had the nerve to have a condition. Gwen had to give Ethan a divorce and then she would drop the charges. Can you believe her nerve? We know that Theresa claims that she's a good mother, but she isn't really proving that. It's as if she lives for chaos. The girl will never learn.

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