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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #156

4/25 - 4/29/05

Let's get something straight. Sheridan told Beth that she would pretty much let it drop that Marty is her son if Beth agreed to the DNA test. Then Sheridan got her way and got the DNA test done. After a lot of hesitation, Sheridan got the results. There was one problem. They were the results she wasn't hoping for. She found out that Marty wasn't hers. Now you're probably wondering why the h*ll we're bringing this up. Well, we'll tell you. LOL! Sheridan was supposed to let it drop that Marty is her son. That was supposed to be the point of the DNA test. Now that she found out she was wrong, she can't let it drop. We know full well that Beth would have been expected to let the situation drop if the DNA test proved that Sheridan is Marty's mother. Sheridan would have been yelling at Beth to accept the results. She also would have rubbed it in that she was right about Marty. Now as much as we want Sheridan to have her son back, we don't think it's right for her to question the results. It's too bad the writers had to write the story like this. We wanted to see Shuis reunite with their child. Now it probably won't happen and we'll have to endure another story where Sheridan goes crazy. We are not looking forward to that at all.

Obviously, Pilar and Theresa are more alike than we realized. A few years ago, Theresa made a deal with the dark side to get Ethan back. Fast forward a few years later and Pilar is doing the same thing. Pilar made a deal with the dark side (Alistair) to get Martin. She must really be lonely to want to make a deal with Alistair in order to get Martin back. She needs to move on from Martin. Now when this mess blows up in her face, she'll be quick to blame Alistair for it. Also, she better believe that Alistair will want something from her in return for helping her.

Since we were talking about Pilar and Theresa, this would be the perfect time to mention Pilar's advice for Theresa. She thought that Theresa should fight for Ethan because he's the man she wants. Now that was un-Pilar like. If Pilar didn't make a deal with Alistair, would she be so quick to tell Theresa to fight for Ethan? You would think that Pilar would sympathize with Gwen since she's in the position that Gwen's in. She thinks that Katherine is trying to steal her husband the same way Theresa is trying to steal Gwen's husband. That alone should have made Pilar side with Gwen.

Theresa has a lot of moxy trying to blame Gwen and Rebecca for why she's pressing charges against Gwen. She knows full well that she only pressed charges against Gwen because she wants Ethan back. Since Theresa had no problem going after Gwen, there's no reason why Gwen shouldn't go after Theresa. We don't know why Theresa thought that Rebecca and Gwen wouldn't go after her. Theresa threw down the gauntlet the second she had Gwen arrested. Theresa can say that it's all in the name of love for why she had Gwen arrested all she wants. Gwen can go by another adage: an eye for an eye. She will deserve it when Gwen goes after her. Theresa will have no one to blame but herself and her belief that she can do whatever she wants as long as she's doing it for love. Well, love is going to bite her in the a**. She'll find that out soon enough.

As far as Theresa deserving to keep Jane, that is up for debate. She is just like Kay and Beth as far as the baby is concerned. Theresa is using Jane to get closer to Ethan the same way Kay and Beth used Maria and Marty to get closer to Miguel and Luis respectively. Theresa is no different from them accept she's being written up as the heroine and her die-hard fans are eating that up. We think that Theresa would deserve to lose her daughter because she is using her to get Ethan to forgive her. What kind of a mother does something like that? Her only concern should have been Ethan seeing Jane.

Why would the writers go through another incest story? Just because Beth and Alistair are supposed to be bad characters doesn't mean they should go through an incest story. The writers should have learned their lesson when the audience was grossed out by the Chadney story.

Why was TC so against a Crane raising his grandson? Whether a Crane raises the baby or not, the baby is still a Crane. His hatred of everything Crane doesn't change that.

So Whitney thought that it was possible to raise her baby with Chad. That's all good and well, but if she felt that way, why didn't she tell the truth? If she did, she wouldn't have had to give her baby up for adoption. She also would have spared Fox the heartbreak of thinking the baby was his. Whitney doesn't even seem the least bit sorry that she's breaking Fox's heart. We know she says she's sorry, but we just don't buy it. She seems like she's more concerned with saving herself.

Jessica needed to be smacked big time. When Sam was ripping into Ivy, she was so smug about it. Jessica acted as if she would have taken Ivy's help even if she did offer it. If Sam was going to throw Ivy out of the house, he should have thrown Jessica out too. She has no problem disrespecting him so she needs to get the boat too.

Sheridan had some nerve tearing up Beth's basement. We know she had a point to prove, but she didn't have to tear the paneling off of the wall. What would she have done if the window wasn't behind the paneling? She would have been sick if she were wrong.

Luis was really getting on our nerves when Sheridan tried to prove that Beth held her captive in the basement. Sheridan was right about the window and the stairs, yet Luis couldn't believe it. His claim was that every basement was the same. That could be true, but why would Beth redo her basement? He didn't even want to consider that Sheridan could have been right. Some detective he is. He had the evidence in front of him and he still couldn't get it.

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