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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #155

4/18 - 4/22/05

The writers of this show are so twisted when it concerns Theresa. They had Theresa to do two unthinkable things last year. First she stole Gwen's embryo and then she raped Ethan. She claimed that she did those things so she could get her child back. In a nutshell, everything Theresa does is supposed to be for her children. That's what the writers expect us to believe. Well if that were true, why does she have to send Gwen to jail? She could let the feud end. At least she would have her children back even though she lost Ethan. Her children should be worth more than Ethan. If he wants to be with Gwen, she needs to move on. Noo, this woman would rather risk losing her kids just to get Ethan back. We don't believe for one second that she wants to have Gwen arrested because she tried to kill her. If Ethan picked her, she probably wouldn't press charges against Gwen. She's just doing it out of revenge because Ethan chose Gwen.

We were so tired of Sheridan's cockiness about Marty being her son. We already know he's hers, but she could have gone about it in a different way. We're not sure how she should have handled it, but it could have been different. She almost pushed us to wanting Beth to come out on top. She is just so smug about proving that Beth stole her son. Her smugness just makes us want to see her fall on her face.

What was with TC/Liz and Julian/Eve trying to keep the adoption of Whitney's baby a secret? Both couples were going overboard trying to keep the other in the dark about the adoption. It makes us think that they plan to keep the baby from the other couple. Both couples have a right to see the baby since they are all related to him. There's no need for all of the secrecy. Here's another thing: if TC and Eve came together to deal with Whitney's baby, they might have come to an agreement about the baby, instead they had to be secretive about the baby.

There's one more problem with TC/Liz and Julian/Eve adopting the baby. Did they stop to think how Whitney would feel about it? Neither couple took the time to tell Whitney that they were going to adopt her baby. Didn't they think it would be weird for her to see her baby with her parents? Seems as if Whitney's not the only one who doesn't think straight when it concerns the baby. Her parents are no better.

Katherine had a lot of nerve judging Whitney for abandoning her baby. Since she deserted both of her children, she was no one to judge. Whitney had a better excuse for giving up her baby for adoption than Katherine did for deserting her children.

We noticed something disturbing about Theresa. She was so willing to tell Fox that Whitney gave her baby up for adoption. Correct us if we're wrong, but didn't Whitney beg her not to say anything about her giving the baby up for adoption? Whitney didn't say that it would be okay to tell Fox. What kind of friend is Theresa? We remember reading posts that called Whitney a bad friend because she was going to tell Gwen that Theresa stole Gwen's embryo. Whitney never even told Gwen the truth, but she was still considered a bad friend. We wonder if those same people will consider Theresa a bad friend for almost telling Fox the truth about the baby? It's amazing how easily Theresa can sell her friends out, but they are never allowed to sell her out.

Pilar is so pathetic. Why would she even want Martin back? She knows that he is still in love with Katherine so why would she want him? He never denied his feelings for Katherine. She must have convinced herself that Martin wanted to be with her. Of course Martin was going to rush back to Katherine when he saw her again. He was only willing to work things out with her because Katherine dumped him. Luis tried to warn her that Martin only wanted her because he lost Katherine. If she listened to Luis, she wouldn't have had to find that out the hard way. Oh well, Pilar. You brought it on yourself.

Speaking of someone bringing something on herself, this would be the perfect time to mention Whitney. She totally deserved the tongue lashing that Fox gave her. She acted as if Fox was going to understand why she gave her baby up for adoption. She told him how he was a player and he would have left her if she kept the baby. That excuse may have worked on other people, but it didn't work on Fox. He let her have it.

While we're on the subject of Whitney, we'd like to point out the garbage she said about being the only one who cared about her baby. That couldn't be further from the truth. Other people care more about the baby than she does. Everyone keeps telling her that she should be there for the baby. They don't want the baby to grow up without his mother. She's the one who didn't think of the baby. If she did think of him, why did she starve him? That doesn't seem like someone who cares. Why did she wish for the baby to die? That doesn't sound like someone who cares either.

Sheridan showed a difficult side this week. She showed how rude and impatient she is. When she wanted to know the results of the DNA test, she was so rude to Edna. When Edna was pretending to be crazy, Sheridan practically barked at her because she couldn't stand waiting anymore. Also, when Edna wanted to go to the bathroom, she screamed at her because she couldn't wait to go. Goodness, Sheridan. You were going to find out the results sooner or later. It wasn't as if Beth and Edna were preventing the DNA test from being done. The results were ready. Sheridan was the one who wanted to wait for Beth in order to hear the results. She could have found out the results without Beth and Edna being there to hear them. Guess we all had to find out the hard way that Sheridan can be a b*tch when she doesn't get what she wants.

What was with TC telling Fox that he wasn't going to let a Crane raise his grandchild? If Fox married Whitney, a Crane would have been raising his grandchild. TC had a lot of nerve telling Fox that he couldn't raise his child. As far as Fox knows, the baby is his so he should have been able to get the baby.

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