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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #154

4/11 - 4/15/05

We decided to do a list as if we had the ability to hire a hitman to get rid of some people on the cast. LOL! Don't worry, it's all in fun. What kind of show would we have if they weren't on the show? Anyway, without further or due, we'll get to the list.

Whitney - The hitman could get Whitney because she always seems to lose her ability to tell people what she has done wrong. Take this week for example. When TC ripped into Eve because Whitney gave her baby up for adoption, she barely took the blame. She let TC blame Eve when she knew full well that Eve tried to stop her from giving her baby up for adoption.

TC - The hitman needs to rescue us from this man. He has such a short fuse and it doesn't take much to set him off. This week he chose to have a fit because Eve didn't tell him that Whitney had her baby and she gave him up for adoption. He overlooked the fact that Whitney didn't rush to tell him either. Eve didn't force her not to tell TC about the baby. We also didn't like the way he told Eve that he hated her. This is the woman he was married to for over 20 years, but he can hate her so easily. What's even worse is his love for Liz. He barely knows her, but he said he loved her just because she had the idea of adopting Whitney's baby. That's true love alright...not!

Liz - Of course you know we would pay top dollar for the hitman to get her. LOL! The second she blamed Eve for why Whitney gave her baby up for adoption, we wanted to kill her ourselves. She was so smug when TC was ripping Eve a new own because of Whitney.

Theresa - There would be no way that we couldn't get the hitman to get her. LOL! When she confronted Gwen about the baby, she was pushing her luck. She should remember what Gwen did to her before because she constantly reminded us about it when she was paralyzed. She should have known that Gwen would try to kill her again. Then if that wasn't enough, she had to rub Gwen's face in the fact that she has Ethan's baby. Now wonder Gwen went ballistic on her. While we're on the subject of Gwen going ballistic, let's talk about Theresa's reaction when Katherine thought Gwen was dead. She practically celebrated her death. She even had the moxy to call Gwen a psycho witch. Well that was the pot calling the kettle black because she's one too.

Ethan - This jerk would deserve to be killed twice if it's possible. First for kissing Theresa outside of the compound. We know he was trying to distract the guard, but what about the second time he kissed her? No one was watching them then. Second for his reaction to Gwen being dead. He acted as if he could care less that she could have been dead. The second Theresa told him about Jane, he practically ran to Theresa. He forgot all about Gwen. He didn't even think to ask Gwen what happened to her. Gwen didn't get that way on her own. All he was focused on was Theresa and the baby.

Beth - We are so tired of her acting as if Marty is her son. Please hitman put us out of our misery. It's obvious that she won't ever get caught for what she did no matter how many times Edna say she will get caught. As much as Sheridan works our nerves with the way she acts towards Marty, we still want Beth to get caught. If the writers can't do it, then our hitman can. LOL!

Edna - She is always going on and on about Beth getting caught and how she would deserve it if she were caught. It's all fine and dandy to wonder that Edna, but when are you going to get off the pot and do something? She is no better than Beth since she is keeping the truth from Shuis.

Sheridan - She was constantly mentioning Marty being her son and it was getting on our nerves. We know he's her son so she doesn't have to keep reminding us about it. It would matter if Sheridan would actually find out the truth, but since we all know she won't it's a waste of time.

Jessica - This girl is getting worse and worse. Bad girl Jessica is just as bad as good girl Jessica. Only Jessica would want to be around a guy like Spike. Girlfriend saw his rap sheet and she still wanted to be with him. She's going to get enough playing with fire. Eventually she will get burned. Oh right, there's another reason to send the hitman after her. We are tired of her blackmailing Ivy the way she is. If she knew what Ivy did to Sam and Grace, the blackmail would be worth it. Since she's only blackmailing her with the threat of Grace coming home, it's a complete waste. We don't like the way she's lashing out at Sam either. All Sam wants to do is help that ingrate, but she keeps pushing him away.

Please keep in mind that these were only jokes. We don't really want them to be taken out by a hitman.

With that fun out of the way, we'll get to some other reason why we should take anger management classes LOL!

Spike is a character who can leave the show. He serves no purpose on the show. Plus, he's not doing a good job at convincing us that he's a bad guy. He seems more like a punk to us. He can barely hold his own against Sam. It doesn't take much to get over on Jessica because she's crazy.

Edna likes to count her chickens before they're hatched. She was practically celebrating the fact that Beth was going to go to jail. She even had herself convinced that she was going to be able to get away while Beth was in jail. She must be drinking too much gin because she's under the impression that she's going to get off scott free. She better think again. Beth would sell her out faster than she can say "I need my diapers changed". LOL!

We really don't understand why Gwen would want Ethan. If he had to make a decision between her (his wife) and Theresa, there's something wrong. Ethan didn't even tell her that he didn't love Theresa when he made his decision. Gwen deserves better than a creep like Ethan.

Will there ever be a week that would go by when the writers aren't trying to manipulate the audience? We don't think so. The latest manipulation was Theresa. Somehow, that doesn't surprise us. Anyway, when Ethan made his choice (he chose Gwen), Theresa had to be a crybaby. The writers expected us to feel sorry for her by having her cry. Well it didn't work. They tried to get us again by having Theresa use emotional blackmail to get Ethan back. She tried to use Jane as a way to convince Ethan to pick her. She wanted him to be a full-time father to Jane. Can you believe her? She didn't want Ethan to be with Gwen when she was pregnant, but she expects Ethan to be with her because she has his daughter. What nerve she has!

Another nerve she had was telling Ethan he needed to be there for Jane's first step. Why should Ethan be there for Jane's first step when she wouldn't let Julian be there for little Ethan's first step? She could have begged Julian to be there for little Ethan the way she begged Ethan to be there for Jane.

We were ready to pull a TC on Theresa and beat her up when she threw up in Ethan's face that Gwen can't have anymore children. Well whose fault was that? Without getting into the debate of the LA story, everyone, including Theresa, was to blame for why Gwen can't have anymore kids.

Oh and here was another manipulative move. Theresa had somebody there for her when Ethan chose Gwen. We know that no one would have been there for Gwen if he chose Theresa. Also, Ethan wouldn't have broke it to Gwen gently the way he did with Theresa. He would have left with Theresa. We all know it.

Do you want to know what's ironic? If Sheridan listened to Gwen when she tried to warn her about Beth, she would probably have her son. Gwen tried to tell her that Beth was up to no good, but Sheridan didn't believe it. She felt the same way she's downing Luis for defending Beth. She thought that Beth was a good friend and she wouldn't want to hurt her or Luis. Now that she's suspicious of Beth, Luis is supposed to believe her. Now she knows how Gwen felt when she warned her about Beth.

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