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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #153

4/4 - 4/8/05

Theresa had a lot of nerve trying to make Luis forgive Martin. She acted as if Ethan didn't have to convince her to forgive him. She practically forced him to do it. She kept stressing that he was their father as if she gave a d*mn about that until Ethan talked her into forgiving him. Would she be so willing to forgive Martin if Ethan didn't tell her to? We don't think so. She was going to do whatever Ethan wanted. Forget about her mother and sister convincing her to forgive Martin. Ethan wanted her to do it so she jumped at the chance to do it. She just didn't want to look like a monster in Ethan's eyes.

Why are the writers trying to manipulate the audience into thinking that Sheridan is a better parent than Luis. Why was Sheridan more upset that Marty was taken than Luis was? The writers could have allowed him to express his feelings about what happened to Marty. Why did Sheridan get to do it? As far as we all know, Marty actually is his son, yet he barely acknowledged Marty's disappearance.

What was with Pilar forgiving Martin so easily? When Luis cornered Martin with the fact that he wouldn't have reunited with her if Katherine didn't leave him, she barely cared about that she was just so desperate to get Martin back that she didn't care how she got him. Talk about having no pride.

We are so tied of Whitney's attitude towards the baby. She thinks that she's justified for her actions because she's doing it for the baby. She is being so selfish when it concerns the well being of her baby. We are tired of her crying about what she has done one minute and then be adamant about what she's done the next. She needs to decide what she wants to be one way or the other.

What happened to Gwen's insanity? When she was in Harmony, she was acting as if she was insane. There were times when she had moments of clarity, but basically she was crazy. Now that she's in the Crane Compound, she seems to be acting normal again. How long are these moments of clarity supposed to last? They aren't exactly moments. We have a funny feeling that whenever Gwen comes back to Harmony, she will be acting crazy again.

Katherine is a terrible mother. Well she's at least a terrible mother to Julian. She would probably move heaven and earth for her precious Sheridan. When Katherine was making her saintly plea to God for her sacrifice for Martin and Sheridan, she forgot to mention Julian. She couldn't care less about Julian. Maybe that's why we don't care that Alistair is treating her like a hooker. She deserved it.

Katherine brings it on herself that Alistair has to torture her. If she stopped fighting him off, he wouldn't have to be so rough with her. Hey, he may not even want her. He probably forces himself on her because she doesn't want it. If she turned the tables on him, he would probably leave her alone. Instead of doing that, she would rather be the helpless victim. Well pardon us, but we don't care if she's the victim.

Sheridan needs to take some self defense classes. If she did, Beth wouldn't have been able to take her out with one punch. Sheridan barely tried to fight her, but she certainly knew how to lay down for her. Sheridan must have a glass jaw.

Jessica is so stupid. She didn't learn anything from what happened to her. Why would she want to go out again? This may be a terrible thing to say, but she would deserve it if she gets raped again.

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