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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #152

3/28 Ė 4/1

As we mentioned in the Raves section, we are two-sided about the reveal that Alistair is Bethís father. There are too many questions we have with this story.

  1. How come Edna didnít suspect Alistair of being Bethís father before? This is not the first time Edna has seen Alistair so why didnít she think about her time with Alistair before?

  2. Why didnít Edna stop Alistair from kissing Beth when Alistair revealed himself as Charlie? She should have known then that Alistair is Bethís father.

  3. How does Edna know for a fact that Alistair is her father? We remember when the writers said that Edna was a slut which was why Beth didnít know who her father was. Now all of a sudden Edna knows that Alistair is her father. How convenient.

  4. How come Alistair didnít remember being with Edna? Are we supposed to believe that he conveniently forgot about being with Edna too?

  5. Why didnít Alistair question that he was Bethís father? Since he was with her in the 70s, he should have suspected that heís Bethís father.

  6. Why did Edna wonder why Beth is evil? Sheís the one who raised Beth so itís not Alistairís fault that sheís evil.

  7. Why are the writers doing another incest story? Wasnít the Chadney story enough of an incest story? Most likely Alistair and Beth will kiss again before she finds out the truth.

We are sick of Jessicaís temper tantrums. If that was the point of Jessica getting a story, the writers could have kept that. We are sick of her saying how she hates her family. Girl, we got it already. Your family is the scum of the earth. We got the message loud and clear.

Another problem we have with Jessicaís story is the way she keeps hurting herself. That is not a solution to her problem. Do you notice how she doesnít even react to hurting herself? She acts as if that doesnít hurt. Itís disturbing watching her hurt herself. Whatís even more disturbing is the way sheís left alone to hurt herself. If everyone is so concerned with Jessica, why do they let her be by herself? Somebody needs to be there for her before she does some serious damage to herself.

Sam needs to put his foot down with Jessica. If he wanted to call Grace, he could have called her. He didnít have to let Jessica stop him. He could have called her and let Jessica think that he didnít call her. Grace does have a right to know what happened to Jessica so he could have called her again. He shouldnít have let Jessicaís hissy fit keep him from calling Grace. He is the parent so he didnít have to listen to her. Jessica could run away anyway so he should take the risk.

Guess we all found out that Theresa doesnít really care about getting Jane back after all. Did you all see she was so concerned about getting Ethan from Gwen? She even told him that Gwen may not come back for years. Thereís a way to stay positive about getting your back. Hello, if Gwen doesnít come back, you donít get your daughter back. Speaking of her daughter, she barely utters her name. The only thing that was on her mind was getting Ethan back. Please writers. Remind us again why weíre supposed to feel sorry for her? She doesnít care if she gets Jane back so why should we care if she gets her back? As long as she has Ethan, she doesnít care if she ever gets Jane back.

There was something else Theresa did that bothered us. She had the nerve to tell Ethan that she would never leave Ethan under any circumstances because she loves him. Well wasnít that just noble of her. She couldnít leave him, but she could rape him. That makes all the sense. Thatís not worse than Gwen leaving him. (sarcasm) She was no better than Gwen, but since the writers want us to root for Ethan and Theresa, they have her say that she would never leave Ethan. Guess weíre supposed to believe it now. We donít think so.

Ethan was no better than Theresa. He shouldnít have to decide which woman he wants to be with. He should want to be with his wife. He doesnít have anything to think about. We are so tried of Ethan and his indecisiveness. Either he needs to decide to stay with Gwen or decide to be with Theresa. He needs to make up his mind because the story has run dry.

We found out this week that Sheridan is a little schemer too. She was willing to pretend that she wasnít Martyís mother just so she could spend time with him. No matter what the reason is, sheís still scheming. Why canít she just put her foot down and say that Martyís hers? That would have been too easy.

Sheridan showed that she is a terrible mother. Why would she leave Marty outside by himself? We know that she was only getting a sweater, but would it have killed her to bring him in the cottage while she got the sweater? No it wouldnít have. She didnít know who could have been on the property so she should have been more careful. As crazy as Beth is, she probably wouldnít have done something like that. Whatís so ironic is when Sheridan was in Bethís house the night she inhaled the gas, she barked at Edna for leaving Marty alone in the living room. At least he was in the house when Edna left him alone. Sheridan left Marty alone outside. Maybe the same rules donít apply to Sheridan as they do to Edna. Maybe if she took her own advice, Marty wouldnít have been kidnapped.

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