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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #151

3/21 - 3/25

Theresa really knows how to pass judgment on people. She has no problem turning her nose up to adoption. That would be the best solution for Whitney's self-induced problem, but Miss Know-It-All Theresa thought that was the worst thing that Whitney could do. What is so wrong with adoption? If Whitney doesn't want the baby, at least she could give it to someone who would want it. If Theresa had her way, there would be no hope for people who couldn't have kids. If they had to rely on adoption in order to have kids, they wouldn't be able to have them if everyone thought like Theresa.

Theresa really came off like a hypocrite when she told Whitney to tell the truth about the baby. If she told the truth, she might not be in the mess that she's in. She was a fine one to tell Whitney about lies.

Why are the writers going out of their way to make Whitney into a bad character? She is acting out of character with this baby storyline. They are even making Theresa come off as the sensible one who never lies. What's going on? Whitney was never cruel enough to pass her baby off as someone else's. She also wouldn't have schemed Fox to get his power of attorney to give her baby up for adoption. The writers are really doing a number on her.

What is with Fox's brain? He can point out that Ethan is in love with Theresa, but he couldn't tell that Whitney is scheming against him? Whitney is just as obvious as Ethan is yet he doesn't see it. Now he knows how Gwen feels. Fox must have his brain on charge when it concerns Whitney.

This may come off harsh, but Jessica can't act. She has a story that could have shown her acting skills, but it is falling flat. She is not doing a good job making us believe her pain. If anything, it's making it worse. We find ourselves laughing at her performance. Perhaps someone needs to teach her how to emote properly. She needs some type of help because we would rather see her without a storyline than suffer watching her with one.

Luis is a piece of work. If he loves Marty so much, how come he didn't know what he eats for breakfast? He said "fruit, juice, and oatmeal, I think" was what he ate. What kind of father wouldn't know what his son eats for breakfast?

Eve is such a punk. She made a big deal about exposing Ivy just to cave again. What is the sense of threatening her if she's not going to expose the truth? We can understand Eve threatening to expose her if Ivy were the one insulting her constantly. That would be different. Since Eve always says something to Ivy first, she starts blowing smoke for nothing. Since Ivy can always get the better of Eve, she needs to stop threatening to expose Ivy. We all know Ivy is going to get away with everything she's done.

We get so disgusted with Ethan more and more each day. He had the nerve to say that he loves Gwen and Theresa. From what we see, it looks as if he only loves Theresa. He never shows how much he loves Gwen so we find it hard to believe that he loves her. He seemed as if he would rather Gwen stay gone so he wouldn't have to decide what to do. Note to Ethan: you can't have it both way. You are not that good that you can have both women.

How desperate is Valerie? She knows that Chad is in love with Whitney, yet she wants to be with him. He even told her that he used her and she thought it was okay. She obviously wants something from him. Maybe she doesn't care because he's a Crane. Maybe that's why she's not bothered by the fact that he loves Whitney.

Whitney is really being selfish about the baby. She didn't even give Chad a chance to decide what to do about the baby. For all she knows, he might have wanted to raise the baby himself. Just because she didn't want to do it, doesn't mean he felt the same way. She didn't think about that. All she cared about was her feelings.

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