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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #150

3/14 - 3/18

Let's get something straight: There are other problems in Harmony, yet Sheridan's are always more important? Sheridan always has to have something going on with her regardless of who else is suffering. You got a woman who's pregnant with her brother's baby, a woman whose daughter was kidnapped, and two girls who were drugged. One of which was raped, but Sheridan's problem was worse. She ahs a maternal instinct. If she doesn't get a chance to be a mother, she'll go crazy. It's always something with her. If Sheridan can go crazy because she needs a baby, then shouldn't it be understandable that Gwen has gone crazy? Gwen can't have anymore kids and she most likely has a maternal need for a child. Why else would she kidnap Theresa's bay? That's right. Gwen's not allowed to go crazy because she hasn't gone through the terrible things that Sheridan has gone through. She didn't have a monster for a father and she didn't have her mother desert her. Guess when you have a back story like that, it trumps anyone's pain.

How come Eve's advice for Sheridan is to have another baby? All Sheridan did was inhale gas. How come that lead to her need to have a baby? How come she didn't this need for a baby when her child was taken away? The writers were going to come up with any old stupid excuse for why Sheridan is suffering now. We're at a point where we feel that it's the norm in Harmony for Sheridan to suffer.

Let's get off of Sheridan for now and talk about Theresa. Yeah, we're back to ranting about her. Something must have been wrong with us since we didn't have to rant about her for a week. Well that didn't last long. LOL! Don't worry Theresa fans. It's not as severe as it could be, but it's worth mentioning. Who was Theresa to tell Whitney not to kill her baby? Wasn't Theresa planning to do the same thing with little Ethan? She was going to abort him when she found out he was Julian's. If anything, she should be able to understand why Whitney didn't want her baby. It would have been a great way to keep up with the history of the show if Theresa reminded Whitney how she felt begin pregnant by the then devil Julian. Then she could have told Whitney how she was in the same position as Whitney as far as not wanting a baby was concerned. Instead, they had Theresa tell Whitney that it's wrong to want her baby dead. Even though Theresa was right to tell her that, she still wasn't in a position to criticize.

Since babies seem to be a factor this week, we may as well keep going. LOL! Tabitha is pulling the stunt that Theresa did to Julian with little Ethan. Tabitha is keeping Julian away from Endora. We didn't think Theresa was right to do that so we don't think that Tabitha was right either. It wouldn't hurt Tabitha to let Julian spend a little time with Endora. She could have been with him when he was with Endora. At least Julian would get a chance to be with Endora. She will be sick if Julian takes Endora away from her.

Luis, Luis, Luis. We are getting so disappointed with him. He is a rotten father. What kind of father uses his son just to please his fiancée? You would think that he would have wanted custody of Marty so he could spend more time with him. Noo, he only wanted joint custody of Marty so Sheridan could get better. Wasn't that something? He is such a deadbeat dad. It's too bad Marty is too young to tell Luis that he doesn't want to be with him. That way he would know how Marty feels when Luis doesn't want him around. All Luis cares about is Sheridan's feelings. He doesn't care that his son needs him. Hello, he is getting taken care of by an orangutan and a lunatic. He needs his father. Then again, to hear Luis tell it, Marty needs Sheridan. We were surprised that Luis took the time to acknowledge Beth's feelings. BTW, fellow Shuis fans, we are not trying to defend Beth. We just don't understand why Luis doesn't think about Beth's feelings when it concerns Marty. We all know that Marty is really Sheridan's, but since the writers don't plan on revealing that bombshell anytime soon, there is no proof of that. Since there's no proof that Sheridan is Marty's mother, Beth still has rights to him. Luis doesn't have the right to order Beth to let Sheridan see Marty. Here's a newsflash for you, Luis. If you spent more time with Marty, Sheridan could see him. She wouldn't have had to go over to Beth's in order to see him.

Luis must not be the controlling jerk that Sheridan thought he was when Katherine left Harmony. She had no problem letting Luis make a decision for her about Marty. Luis didn't even ask Sheridan if Marty could stay with them, but that wasn't a problem for Sheridan. She didn't tell him not to make decisions for her then. Now that she will get to be with Marty, it's okay that he makes decisions without asking her.

Why are the writers butchering Luis? Are they trying to turn Luis into the bad guy? If not, they are doing a bad job. They are at least making him into the worst father on the show and that's considering Alistair is on the show. We are so sick of the way Luis treats Marty. He acts as if he's nothing to him. What was with him telling Sheridan that it was always in the back of his mind to get joint custody of Marty. Yeah right. Tell us another one, Luis. He also had the gall to tell Beth that she could be involved in the decision-making with Marty. Oh, he's so generous to let her be involved. He takes "her son" away from her, but she'll get to be involved with important decisions. What a great guy!

This would be the perfect time to mention Beth again. She needs to give up on Luis. He doesn't even show her that he's worthy of all of the trouble she goes to just to get him, yet she still keeps scheming. He treats her so badly that he would not be worth the trouble if we were Beth. Who would want a guy like that? She should just let Sheridan have him.

Ivy had a lot of nerve judging the kind of mother Grace is. Her daughters don't even come to see her so who is she to say something about Grace? Also, if it weren't for her scheme to get Sam, Grace would have been there for Jessica. Ivy was right about one thing: People who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones. She should include herself as one of those people.

Eve and Ivy are such hypocrites. They were playing tit for tat with each other about who the worst mother is. There's no contest. They are both bad mothers. They both put their own needs before anybody else's. If they didn't, they wouldn't have lost their children.

Since we're on Eve, why not talk about what she knows about Ivy. Why hasn't she exposed her yet? If she doesn't care about losing her friends, why not tell Ivy's secret? She She told Ivy that she had nothing to lose so she could have told Sam what Ivy did to him. It must have sounded good to threaten Ivy. Maybe that's why she couldn't tell Sam the truth. It's better to say that Ivy is wrong. It's another thing to actually expose her.

Paloma was such a jerk to Pilar. She is such a bitter girl. You would think that she would have had a change of heart considering what happened to her. Considering Katherine deserted her without saying goodbye, you would think that Paloma would have given Pilar a break. At least Pilar was there for her at the hospital. Katherine barely gave her a second thought. All she basically cared about was Sheridan.

We changed our minds about letting Theresa off the hook. LOL! We still liked how she was there for Whitney, but she is going overboard voicing her disapproval of Whitney's decision. Who is Theresa to tell Whitney that she shouldn't give her baby up for adoption? It's Whitney's decision so who was Theresa to tell her she shouldn't give her baby up? We don't recall Whitney asking Theresa what she thought about her plan.

Here's another problem we had with Theresa's advice: She kept telling Whitney that she shouldn't be with Chad and she should turn her feelings off for him. Well, if Theresa was in a similar position, we think she wouldn't hesitate to be with Ethan despite what she says. Besides, she is in love with a married man so she's no better than Whitney.

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