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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #148

2/28 - 3/4

Well, there was no lack of selfish people this week.  It seems as if no one really cared about Jane being gone.  Well, no one besides Theresa.  We won't mention Ethan because he doesn't matter. LOL! Anywho, Jane's own family doesn't really care that she's gone.  All they care about is what they want.  Let's break down some instances:

Pilar was supposed to be concerned for her precious granddaughter, yet she told Martin that the jet won't be back and that Katherine was never coming back.  Well, well, well, why couldn't she say that in front of Theresa?  All Pilar cared about was getting Martin back.  She didn't care that the baby wouldn't be back.  Girlfriend even said that if God wanted Theresa to have her baby back, he will decide that.  Even Pilar knows that the baby should be with Gwen.

As soon as Sam said that there was no sign of the plane, Martin's first thought was Katherine.  He didn't even care that his granddaughter was on the plane.  He only cared about the baby when Pilar said that the plane won't be found.  That was the only time he mentioned the baby.

All Luis cared about was Sheridan when he found out about the plane.  Why did he leave the airport?  Why couldn't he stay there and try to do something?  Also, he was at the church with Father Lonigan, yet he didn't even pray for the baby.  He asked about Sheridan. With a family like this, the baby is better off with Gwen.  At least she cares about the baby.

Now here's what bugged us this week:

It seems as if Sheridan is going to be a contender for this section because she bugged us again.  She was still being rude to Luis when he tried to reach out to her again.  When she does stuff like that, it's hard to believe that she loves him.

If that wasn't enough, she had to fall for Beth's plan again.  Why is this girl so gullible?  Oh right, it's Sheridan.  Of course she's gullible. LOL!  Anyway, why would she want to spend the night with Beth when she suspected that Beth took her son?  That makes no sense.  You would think that Beth would be the last person she would want to be around.

Ethan proves what a dog he is every time he's holding  Theresa's hand.  He should have cared more about Gwen being gone, but instead, he's cozying up to Theresa.  He even seems more upset that the baby's gone.  What about your wife, man? Don't you car that you may never see her again?  He only remembers that he has a wife when Rebecca tells him off.  That's when he loves Gwen.  Man, please.  Rebecca didn't fall for it and neither are we.  As far as he's concerned, Gwen could never come back as long as he has Theresa. 

Pilar proved just how manipulative she can be.  She used Luis's love for Sheridan as an excuse to get him to forgive Martin.  She will obviously stop at nothing to get Martin back, even use her own children.  Martin never told her that he would go back to her if the kids forgave him, so why is she trying so hard?  We remember when Pilar told Luis that he should have married Beth.  Now all of a sudden she thinks he would have made a mistake if he married her.  Basically, Pilar tried to justify why Martin left.  She thinks that it's okay that Martin left because a "good thing" came out of it.  Only Pilar would see the good in that.  Then again we're not all desperate enough to hold on to someone who walked out on us.  Sorry, Pilar, but it's true. You're pathetic.

She was also concerned with forgiveness when it concerned Luis forgiving Martin and Katherine.  She gave a long speech about forgiveness and even brought up God.  Funny, she never does that whenever Theresa's involved in a situation with Gwen and Rebecca.  Where was this forgiveness speech when Gwen stabbed Theresa?  She was ready to have Gwen in jail for the rest of her life.  Even when Theresa, was ready to not press charges against Gwen, she kept talking Theresa into making Gwen suffer.  There was no speech of forgiveness then.  Her speech is leading us to believe that she is happy about Martin leaving, especially when she told Luis that it was good that Martin left.  That didn't make any sense.  Why was she beating the crap out of him if she thought that it was a good thing that he left?  We really aren't getting what Pilar is giving us.

Jessica and Paloma's acting ruined the club scenes.  They were not convincing in the least when they were high.  You could clearly tell that nothing was wrong with them.

Randy is one desperate man.  He wanted to be with Jessica that badly that he had to rape her while she was high.  Most likely would have slept with him anyway so what was the point of him raping her?  Even though Jessica brought it on herself, Randy could have slept with her when she wasn't high.  Is there a shortage of women his own age in Harmony that he has to rape young girls?

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