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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #147

2/21 - 2/25

Guess the key word this week should be disloyal.  There was plenty of that this week.  We'll discuss who was being disloyal as well as what bugged us this week.

Ethan never shows any loyalty to Gwen.  Those of you who read this column regularly know how we feel about that.  He has been going overboard trying to comfort Theresa during the kidnapping storyline.  It seems as if he wanted to make sure that Gwen is in jail forever.  He's helping Theresa hunt her down like a dog.  To add insult to injury, he had the nerve to hold Theresa's hand while they wait to get their baby back from Gwen.  It's not as if Gwen is just some stranger.  She's his wife, but you would never know that.  We're not surprised that Gwen went crazy with a husband like that.

Sheridan also proved that she has no loyalty for anyone other than Katherine.  It's bad enough that she doesn't care about what her best friend is going through.  Now she has forgotten what Katherine said to Luis too.  Katherine said some horrible things about Luis, but Sheridan didn't care for long.  She was only upset about it for a few minutes.  It didn't take much for her to try and rationalize what she said.  We know why Katherine did it, but Sheridan didn't.  If she had any loyalty to Luis, then she wouldn't have gone after Katherine when she was leaving Harmony.  Sheridan completely forgot about Gwen and the baby because she was worried about Katherine leaving.

We really are getting disgusted by Sheridan.  She was making it really hard for us to keep rooting for Shuis.  Now she has decided that it's Luis's fault that Katherine left Harmony.  Can you believe that?  Katherine was the one who chose to leave town, but she blamed Luis for why she left.  Luis didn't make her get on the plane and leave town.  Besides, how many times has Katherine told her that she was leaving town?  Sheridan shouldn't have been surprised by that, but she yelled at Luis for it anyway.  All Luis does is try to make her happy, but she took Katherine's side anyway.  Sheridan is going to push Luis away and she would deserve it if he did leave her.  Beth doesn't have to worry about killing Sheridan to get Luis.  Sheridan will be giving him to her on a silver platter.

Edna is another one that didn't show any loyalty this week.  We know that she is no fan of Beth's, but she doesn't have to prove it every time they see Sheridan.  She constantly puts Beth down and compliments Sheridan.  If she thinks Sheridan is so great, why won't she tell the truth?  She is no better than Beth since she's keeping her mouth shut.  She also didn't have to tell Beth that Sheridan knows that Marty is her son.  Why would she do that if she wanted Beth to get caught?

What was Julian thinking?  He knows that Eve didn't want him to say anything about Whitney's secret.  What do you think he did people?  You guessed it right.  He let it slip that he knew that Chad is the father of Whitney's baby.  Don't you just love how loyal he is to Eve?  Eve and Whitney were finally getting along again, but now that won't last because Julian had to open his mouth.

Martin was another person that didn't show any loyalty to this family this week.  He knows that Jane was kidnapped, but he only cared that Katherine left.  She left on her own.  She was not taken away, but he wanted to look for her and not his granddaughter.  He really proved that his family is important to him.

Katherine managed to really bug us this week.  She was on the jet when it was about to leave, and she was talking to herself about Martin and Sheridan. Umm, Katherine, what about Julian?  She didn't seem to care that she would be hurting Julian by leaving town again.  Right, he's not supposed to matter to Katherine.

Why are Chad and Whitney suddenly in love with each other again?  They know that they can't be together, but all of a sudden, they are thinking about each other.  What are the writers doing?  Is this the proof that we need that they are not really brother and sister?  Maybe that's where the writers are going with this story.  That would make more sense than for them to suddenly be attracted to each other and consider an incestuous relationship.

It would be like a week without water if we didn't gripe about Theresa, so here it goes.  We are just so sick of how she gets away with everything she does.  This week she attacked Rebecca once again and no one did anything to stop her at first.  Everyone stood around and watched what Theresa was doing.  Now if Rebecca went after Theresa, everyone would have gone after her.  It's not right that Theresa can always attack people and she never has to be held accountable for her actions.  Theresa is always quick to want to press charges against Rebecca and Gwen whenever they do something to her, but they never do that to her.  Guess that's the advantage of having a brother on the police force.

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