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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #146

2/14 - 2/18

There were some things that happened this week that really bugged us so we decided to dedicate our column to them.  It's not going to be that different from our normal column so don't panic. LOL!  Without anymore delay, here are the things that bothered us this week:

First, we want to mention what the writers did in Monday's episode.  It was as if the writers just did that episode because it was Valentine's Day.  Everyone was carrying on as if nothing happened prior to Monday.  It was very inconsistent.  Most of the people in that episode were looking for Jane, but they ended up talking about Valentine's Day.  After that episode, everything went back to normal.  That was a stupid way to include the holiday in the episode.

Katherine and Martin's "love scene" bothered us.  They shouldn't be doing that if they were really sorry for what they did to their families.  We really find that hard to believe.  They know what their families are going through now, but at least they took the time to have sex with each other.

Something else that bugged us was what Pilar did to Luis.  She practically yelled at him because he looked out for her.  She actually tried to defend Martin's actions.  She needs to make up her mind about how she feels about him once and for all.  If she only knew that Martin was having sex with Katherine, maybe she would stop defending him so much.

As you know, there was no way we could do a list like this without including Theresa.  She bugged us with her constant reminders about her paralysis.  We are sure that must be a horrible thing to go through, but she doesn't have to mention it every time she's on the screen.  The reminders are going to replace "fate" any day now.  She also bugged us when she yelled at Ethan for defending Gwen.  What right does she have to do that?  It would be a different story if Theresa were the one married to Ethan, but she's not.  Ethan should be defending his wife and not Theresa.

Ethan bugged us too.  Of course it's the same thing over and over again, but he keeps doing it so we will rant about it.  He keeps worrying about what Theresa is going through.  He even slept at her house instead of going home.  It's things like that that make us really wonder why Gwen would put up with him.  It even makes us wonder why Theresa wants to be with him too.  Since Ethan is constantly looking out for Theresa, she really has no reason to yell at him.  Isn't it great when a man stands by his wannabe mistress's side and not his wife's side? LOL!

Sheridan continues to bug us by making everything about herself.  She has had time to get over what happened to her son.  Please don't get the wrong idea.  We're sure that must be a horrible thing to go through, but she didn't care until Theresa's baby was kidnapped.  Now she suddenly needs to know whether her son is dead.  Sheridan, take Marty and get a DNA test or please try and move on with your life.  How is she supposed to have another child if she is more concerned with proving that she's right.  There was something else that bugged us.  When she was defending Katherine to Luis, we were ready to scream.  We liked how she stood up for herself, but we didn't like how she tried to excuse what Katherine did.  She even had the nerve to put it all on Martin for why he and Katherine left Harmony.  Then here's the kicker.  She said that Luis didn't villify Martin the way he does Katherine.   All he does is blame both of them.  He blames him every time he sees him so it's not as if he just blames Katherine.

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