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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #145

2/7 - 2/11


1.  Sheridan is our favorite actress on the show.  Shuis is our favorite couple too.  Now that that is out of the way, here's our problem with her.  Everything always becomes Sheridan's moment.  Theresa's baby was the one who was kidnapped, but Sheridan had to start thinking about her son.  In fact, Luis had to comfort her instead of trying to comfort Theresa.  Sheridan has had enough time to deal with what happened to her baby so why did she have to make Gwen kidnapping Jane her moment?  She wasn't even thinking about her son anymore, but all of a sudden she thinks about the baby all of the time.  She didn't think about her baby being taken from her when Paloma was kidnapped so why is she doing it now?  The writers need to stop wasting so much screen time on Sheridan's reaction to everything.  Sheridan and Luis need a story of their own instead of being a part of everyone else's story.

2.  As glad as we are that Sheridan may know the truth about Marty, Sheridan still shouldn't have barged in on Beth the way she did.  Sheridan barged in Beth's house demanding to see Marty.  We know that Beth deserves it, but Sheridan wasn't completely right either.  She doesn't have the right to just see Marty anytime she feels like it.  She also took him out of Beth's arms and she read to him.  Since Sheridan doesn't know what Beth did to her, she has no right to take Marty because she decided out of the blue that he's her son.  We are so torn about that.  You can read the raves section about this too.


1.  This woman is really getting on our nerves as usual.  She needs to stop being around Paloma so much.  If she would, then maybe Paloma and Pilar can mend their relationship.  She keeps going to Paloma instead of just walking away from her.  She even had the nerve to call Paloma her little girl.  Hello, Katherine.  She is not your little girl.  She should just stay away from her the way she is willing to stay away from Sheridan to make her happy.  Why won't she do that for Paloma?  If she let Paloma hate her, then maybe she would make up with Pilar.


1.  What was his problem?  He knew what Theresa and Ethan were going through, but he only cared about how Whitney was doing.  What kind of friend is that?  He didn't prove that he was worried about Theresa.  He didn't even get her or Ethan anything to drink to calm them down.  He went out of his way to buy one cup of tea and that was for Whitney.  He didn't even have to be at the hospital if he wasn't going to care about them.

2.  Also, why didn't he offer to help find Jane?  They could have used as many people as possible to look for her, but he chose to walk away.


1.  She didn't show that she cared much about what happened to Paloma since she was going on and on about what happened to Jane.  She only cared for about a few minutes before she changed the subject back to what happened to her.


1.  She didn't like it when Paloma pushed her away, but she had no problem watching Theresa do the same thing to Martin.  We know that Martin is wrong, but Pilar didn't have to go overboard trying to push Martin away.


1.  She shouldn't have told Whitney's secret to Julian this week.  She knows that Whitney hates her as it is, but she still told her secret anyway.  She also put Julian in an awkward position by telling the secret.  He knows that Fox is curious about Whitney's behavior, but because Eve didn't want Julian to tell the truth, he couldn't tell Fox the truth.  Fox finally went to Julian after all the fighting they were doing and he couldn't tell Fox how he knows about the baby.  Eve is probably relieved that she was able to tell someone about Whitney's secret, but she made a mistake.  She should have kept it herself then Julian wouldn't have been in the middle too.

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