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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #144

1/31 - 2/4


1.  Words can't even begin to describe how disgusted we are getting with her, but we'll find some.  We forgot to mention this last week.  Theresa kept trying to make Ethan feel guilty for not being there for her when she needed help with baby.  Hello?!  You threw him out of the house when he wanted to wait with her.  She just kept rubbing it in how he wasn't there for her.  She also kept talking about how she is paralyzed.  Is there a Passions fan out there that doesn't know that by now?

2.  Another thing that bothered us about her was how she kept yelling at Ethan because he remembered his wife for a few minutes.  He is not married to her so he should have been with his wife.  Who did she think she was telling Ethan how he kept defending Gwen when she put her in a wheelchair?  She has no right to tell him that.  He shouldn't have even been with her at the hospital.  We really want to slap her so much.  We don't even know if there is even a way for us to ever be able to root for her again.

3.  She managed to anger us again.  For any of Theresa's fans who read our columns, we are sorry that you have to read about us constantly ranting about her.  It's really hard not to do it.  Anyway, she will never learn from her mistakes.  We really wish she would though because we are getting tired of watching her "suffer" because of her own actions.  Why did she have to push her luck with Gwen this week?  She knows that Gwen's unstable right now, so why would she insist on antagonizing her?  Theresa called Gwen a psychotic freak and then she told her how she was going to jail for the rest of her life.  Gwen still wanted to kill her of course.  Then Ethan came to Theresa's defense and stopped Gwen from stabbing her.  That wasn't even enough for Theresa.  She yelled at Ethan because he was "defending" Gwen again when she tried to kill her.  Theresa also had to let Gwen know that she doesn't have a baby.  Why would she do that when she knows that Gwen needs help?  That's why Theresa deserved it when Gwen kidnapped her daughter.  It's karma, Theresa.  If you were willing to drop the charges against Gwen, she might have been able to get the help she needed and she might not have attacked you again.


1.  He is a real jerk.  He knows what Gwen is going through but once again he is with Theresa.  Who cares if Theresa is the mother of his child.  His place is with his wife, not the rapist, err-the mother of his baby. LOL!  He was even holding Theresa's hand while he was apologizing to her.  He doesn't have to apologize for actually remembering that his wife is not Theresa.  He can't change Theresa's mind, so he shouldn't keep trying.  He should just concentrate on who needs him now.  Theresa has her family so his first priority should be to Gwen and Jane, not Theresa.  He doesn't have to be connected to her hip to be there for Jane.  We remember when Gwen was pregnant and Theresa expected him to stay with her and still be a part of the baby's life.  Well, maybe Ethan should remember that now.


1.  She really worked our nerves this week.  It was too bad that Pilar didn't slap her.  She had the nerve to stop Martin from telling his family his secret.  She not only deprived them from knowing the truth, she kept us from knowing as well. LOL!  Katherine thought that her daughter was more important than Martin's family.  What does she care if Pilar and the kids ever find out why he deserted them as long as her precious Sheridan doesn't get hurt.  Pilar was so right about her.  She really is a monster.


1.  Here's a question for you, Martin.  What does Katherine do to you in bed that would make you choose Katherine's child's well being over your own family?  It's a little personal, but we had to ask.  He could have told his family what really happened, but he couldn't do that because Katherine didn't want anything to happen to Sheridan.  We know that Katherine is a selfish witch, but he could have redeemed himself by telling Pilar and Luis the truth, but he didn't do it.


1.  Oh, Whitney.  What is happening to you?  You are snapping at people all of the time and you don't even seem to care. You are also trying to starve a baby that you didn't have to have.  You could have aborted "the freak" as you so affectionately called it if you didn't want it.  That would have been less trouble than killing it this way.  Psst...for the millionth time, your mother is not why you got pregnant.  We think even you know that your mother's secrets couldn't get you pregnant.  She had those secrets before you met Chad and they didn't get you pregnant before.  As many times as she keeps flashing back to taking the pregnancy test, she should flash back to when her baby was conceived.  It's a guarantee that Eve and her secrets won't be on the couch with her. LOL!

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