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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #143

1/24 - 1/28


As you all know, there are people on the show who are never held accountable for their actions.  They can always blame someone or something for what they do.  They are never responsible for anything as long as they can blame any of their enemies or some physical/mental problem that they have.  That happens so much on Passions, and that inspired us to change the column up like this.  Here are some examples of how the people of Harmony are never accountable for their actions.  You may have been thinking these same things:

Whitney/Chad:  They slept together over and over again before they found out that they were brother and sister.  If we didn't know that, Whitney made sure that we did by telling anyone who would listen that she was intimate with Chad, Anyway, when everyone found out that Chadney were really brother and sister, who do you think got blamed?  You're right.  Eve, Julian and Alistair were the ones held responsible for their incestuous affair.  Why didn't anyone tell them that if they hadn't slept together in the first place, then they wouldn't have been in that position.  Whitney also blames Eve for being pregnant with Chad's baby.  Again, if Whitney didn't sleep with Chad, she wouldn't have been pregnant.  Eve wasn't the one that slept with Chad or made Whitney sleep with him.  Eve did the opposite.  She tried to talk her out of being with Chad, but she wouldn't listen.  If Chadney aren't blaming Eve, they are blaming Alistair.  Alistair gave Chad money, but that was only one time.  Chad took care of the rest of the time that they slept together.  We are waiting for someone to tell them that.

Sheridan:  She does things and she never has to take responsibility for it either.  First, she married Antonio when she knew that she loved Luis.  She put Luis and Antonio through so much because she thought she was doing what was right for everyone.  That was wrong, but that's okay because it was Alistair's fault.  He wanted her dead and that's how she ended up meeting Antonio, but he didn't make her marry him.  She chose to on her own.

Here's what she's done recently:  She choked Katherine.  Gwen was the devil as far as Luis was concerned when she choked Sheridan, but it was okay for Sheridan to choke Katherine.  Sheridan has a convenient excuse.  She was sleepwalking.  That illness is supposed to excuse Sheridan from choking Katherine, but Gwen being insane wasn't good enough when she choked Sheridan. 

KMart:  They are wrong for abandoning their families, but as long as they can blame Alistair for why they left, they think they aren't wrong. It doesn't matter if Alistair tried to kill them.  They still shouldn't have left their families because of that.  The writers shouldn't be making them the victims in the story.

Ethan/Theresa/Gwen:  We saved them for last because they would take the longest to explain. LOL!

Ethan is stringing Gwen and Theresa on, but they never tell him about it.  Since they don't, he is convinced that he is a great guy.  Well, at least the writers write him up this way.  He has caused so much pain in Gwen and Theresa's lives, but he gets away with it.  Theresa and Gwen probably wouldn't be going through the drama that they are going through now if he had just made a decision and stuck with it.

Theresa has not been held accountable for the things that she has done lately.  She stole Gwen's embryo and she raped Ethan.  She has yet to be punished for these things.  They are both crimes, but she acted as if they were no big deal.  She thought that Gwen and Rebecca were responsible for why she committed these crimes.  No one forced her to do that.  She claimed she wanted little Ethan back, but she was just looking for an excuse for her behavior.  Another thing she did was a few years ago.  She stabbed Gwen when she was pregnant with little Ethan.  She didn't have to suffer for that because she had preeclampsia.  She couldn't just be wrong.  She had to have a convenient medical condition.

Gwen has also gotten away with things too.  She has done things to Theresa, but as long as she can mention what happened to Sarah, she's not wrong.  That is not true.  She can't keep using Sarah's death as an excuse forever.  Just recently, she stabbed Theresa because she wasn't the mother of the child Theresa was carrying.  She will be off the hook because she has become insane.  She should be punished for stabbing Theresa, but she won't be.  She can't just decide to murder people because things didn't go her way.  Can you imagine how many people would be dead if we all did that? LOL!

The bottom line is this, the people of Harmony need to take some responsibility for what they do to others.  They can't always blame others and expect the audience to buy it.  It's not going to work.  We do see that they shouldn't get away with the things they do.

With that out of the way, let's begin with what happened this week.


1.  She choked Katherine this week.  As much as we would have loved to see Katherine suffer, it was getting boring.  All she kept saying was Katherine should be dead.  That wore out it's welcome really quickly.  We also didn't like the way that Luis and Alistair kept trying to justify what she was doing by blaming it on her sleepwalking.  If you read the top of the column, then you know what our problem with this is.


1.  Jessica finally had something to do.  You read that right.  She was acting out of character.  She was dressed trashy, she smoked, and she flirted with and older guy.  She is definitely someone who could use a storyline, but we were not happy with it.  It's a plot-driven story and it's not good.  All of a sudden Jessica is acting like a wild child.  She was such a goody two shoes before so it's hard to believe that she suddenly wanted to start acting like that.  It might have been more believable if she did that sooner, but not now.  The writers cared so little about the story that they didn't even build up to it.  It's as if the writers just decided to have her quit her job and hang out with a girl who was a bad influence on her.  Yeah, right.  We don't buy this new behavior of hers.  She's boring as a good girl and a bad girl too.  The writers may as well just write her out of the show.


1.  She will never earn.  She knows what's happened to her because of her obsession with Ethan, but she still won't grow up.  She is trying to use her condition to try and get Ethan back.  She pretended to fall in the shower just so he could help her.  She is just getting worse.  She won't get any of our sympathy if she continues to use her condition like this.  No wonder she was in a position where no one was around for her.  That was her karma for tricking Ethan.  Once Jane got a fever, she had no one around to help her.  That was good for her.

2.  This girl is a piece of work.  She had the nerve to yell at Ethan because he wasn't there for her.  He was supposed to be with her instead of Gwen.  Honey, his place should have been with his wife, not with you.  She acts as if Ethan is supposed to forget all about Gwen just because she didn't have anyone around.  Ethan should have walked away from her or told her that he is not obligated to be with her 24/7.  


1.  How many times do we have to say how terrible a husband Ethan is to Gwen?  He spent the bulk of his time with Theresa and not Gwen.  That was ridiculous.  Theresa has made it perfectly clear that she will not drop the charges so why was he still with her?  He could have went to Gwen sooner.  Noo, he has to stay with Theresa and act like a happy little family.  That was really disgusting.  He even seemed happy to name the baby with Theresa as if she didn't rape him to get pregnant.  He was also acting as if he dreaded going to see Gwen.  He is a complete waste as a husband.

2.  He should have put Theresa in her place when she yelled at him for not being there for her when she needed him.  His place was with his wife.  Who cares if Theresa needed him.  Since he had to rush off to be with Theresa, he didn't know that Gwen cut herself.  Of course Theresa had to come first.  It's too bad Gwen couldn't try to go after him as well as Theresa.  

The writers

The writers will not manipulate us into enjoying what we saw at the Lopez-Fitzgeralds' house.  Ethan and Theresa were carrying on as if they were the perfect family.  It was enough to make us barf.  The writers will not convince us that it was good that Ethan completely forgot about Gwen just to spend time with Theresa.  If the writers want Ethan and Theresa together, then they should just find a way to get them together and stop trying to force reasons for them to be together.

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