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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #142

1/17 - 1/21

Kay, Simone, and Paloma

1 Their scenes were really boring this week.  All they did was sing the blues about their mothers.  All three of them could change their relationships with them if they wanted.  They also blamed Alistair for their problems too.  They didn't have to let him ruin their relationships with their mothers either.

2.  Paloma always talks about what Pilar did to her whenever Simone or Kay mention their mothers.  She really sounds like a broken record.  She won't even let them talk for five minutes before she starts in on what Pilar did to her.  It's very annoying to hear her talk about that.

3.   Simone and Kay:  These two were also annoying.  They're also a couple of light switches.  One minute, they are crying and whining about how they want to talk to their mothers, and the next they are blaming them for what happened in their lives.  They need to pick a side and stick to it.  There's one more thing that we want to say about their scenes.  Was anyone else ready to grab their remotes and end the misery? LOL!


1.  He has to be Harmony's worst father.  He acted as if it was a sacrifice to spend time with Marty.  When Beth mentioned how she wanted to read him a book, Luis said that Sheridan could read it to him.  What was stopping him from doing it?  He finally did decide to read him the book, but only because Sheridan was talking to Ethan.  He is really something.  He doesn't really have a right to complain about Martin when he is just as bad.

2.  He got on our nerves on Friday.  It was bad enough that he interrupted Martin and Pilar's conversation, but he just refused to stop talking to them.  Martin was going to tell Pilar why he left Harmony, but Luis kept interrupting them.  That was getting annoying because we wanted to know if Martin really had the guts to tell Pilar the truth.  Guess most of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds annoyed us this week.


1.  The woman really needs to learn self-defense.  She didn't even try to defend herself when Gwen choked her.  She had the advantage of being on the outside of the bars and Sheridan was still able to get choked.  As much as Sheridan's life is in danger, you would think that she would learn to defend herself.

2.  Why does almost every story have to do with Sheridan?  It has really become the Sheridan hour.  Even if the story doesn't have anything to do with her, it somehow goes back to her.  For example, Gwen is really struggling now, but what ended up happening?  Sheridan gets choked by Gwen.  She was only going to visit Gwen, but that didn't last long.  We raved about how Ethan and Sheridan spent some time together, but you all now what ended up happening.  The conversation ended up being about Sheridan's problems.  As you already know, KMart's story is just another story for Sheridan.  On Monday alone, she was the focus of three conversations:  her own with Ethan, Luis and Beth, and Julian and Katherine.  Sheridan is always on everyone's minds.  The new previews for Passions were about Sheridan's past.  We get the hint.  The writers love writing for Sheridan.  Don't get us wrong.  She's our favorite actress on the show, but that doesn't mean that she has to be the main focus of the show.


The woman really gets on our nerves.  We don't like the way that the writers are making her seem as if she is so noble.  Now she wants Sheridan to hate her so that she can save her relationship with Luis.  We are so sick and tired of that.  She is not a saint no matter what she says.  Just because she doesn't want to Sheridan to lose Luis, that doesn't mean that she's a great person.  We are not going to forget what she did to her children even if they seem to forget what happened.  Forget it, Katherine.  We are not falling for your saintly act.


1.  We actually thought that we could go a week without ranting about her, but we were wrong.  We couldn't believe her on Friday.  She had the nerve to insist that Gwen should be punished for what she did to her.  Theresa just kept refusing to listen to Ethan trying to reason with her.  She still thinks that her suffering (which could be temporary), is worse than what Gwen is going through.  Being paralyzed is absolutely horrible, but we would have more sympathy for her if she had some compassion for Gwen.

2.  Theresa said two things that bothered us.  She got mad at Ethan when he mentioned Father Lonigan.  She had the nerve to tell Ethan how he used religion to get what he wanted.  Were you shocked too?  She had a lot of nerve right?  She is always using her religion as an excuse for her actions, but it was wrong for Ethan to do it.  What a hypocrite!  Another thing she said that bothered us was when she said that she didn't know how a good a mother she would be since she will be in a wheelchair.  We are really getting sick of her saying that stuff.  There are a lot of parents that are disabled and they can still raise their children.  Can you imagine how any disabled parents must feel when/if they watch this story?  That must be very upsetting that she feels that she couldn't raise her children if she had to remain paralyzed.  We are so sick of her mentioning how she is paralyzed.  She should be concentrating more on getting better and not on that.  Does anyone else want to scream at the television whenever she mentions being paralyzed?


The man is really working our nerves.  Instead of being by his wife's side, he was with Theresa again.  He didn't have to go to Theresa's room again.  He can't get through to her so when will he get the hint and stop trying to reason with her?  He could help his wife instead of Theresa.  She even manipulated him into apologizing to her for upsetting the baby.  She was the one screaming in the baby's ear, but it was Ethan's fault.  Yeah, right.  He really is a fool to keep going after Theresa.

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