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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #141

1/10 - 1/14


1.  We hope that you aren't too tired of us ranting about Theresa, but we had to do it again.   She really made us angry when she decided to press charges against Gwen for what happened.  Don't get us wrong.  We think that she should press charges against her, but we don't like the reason why she wants to do it.  She didn't want to press charges when she thought she was going to have a full recovery, but when she realized that she wasn't going to have a full recovery, she wanted Gwen to go to jail.  She also wanted Gwen to go to jail because she thought that Ethan wouldn't want her because she can't walk.  She claims that she loves Ethan, but she thought so little of him and assumed that he wouldn't love her anymore because she would be a burden to him.  First of all, he never even said that he was going to be back with her so she said that for nothing.  She must have snapped the way Gwen did.

2.  Another problem we had about Theresa pressing charges against Gwen was how she used her kids as an excuse.  Theresa can't compare her pain to Gwen's pain.  Yes, it's terrible that Theresa may not be able to walk again, but she still has her children.  She was going on and on about how she can't do things with them anymore, but she can still do things with them.  She can still play with them if she wanted.  There are disabled people who can still do things with their children.  She doesn't have to let that stop her.  Besides, she's a soap Mom.  They don't spend time with their children anyway. LOL!  She should be glad that she still has her children.  She doesn't have to worry about not having children the way that Gwen does.  She's not the one having fantasies about having children.  


1.  Sheridan, why don't you just hand Luis over to Beth on a silver platter?  As long as she insists on listening to Katherine, she may as well give Luis to Beth.  Katherine told her reasons for why she left Harmony and wouldn't you know it, Sheridan accepted it.  Sheridan knows how Luis feels about KMart, but for some reason, she wants to accept Katherine's excuse for leaving.  It makes no sense whatsoever.  As you may or may not know, we are Shuis fans so we don't want to see Luis go to Beth because Sheridan wants to believe everything she hears from Katherine.

2.  What a surprise that Sheridan made Gwen's problem her moment!  She went to visit Gwen, but the first thing she did was mention how Katherine is her mother.  If she was so worried about Gwen, why was that the first thing she mentioned?


1.  We weren't the least bit surprised that Liz blamed Eve for what happened to her.  We were so annoyed with her every time she had that smug look on her face.


1.  We hope that Rebecca pays for what she was willing to do to Eve.  We usually enjoy watching her when she's in the Ethan/Gwen/Theresa story, but not in this story.  We don't want her to get away with attempted murder.

The Russells

1.  They are getting on our nerves.  They are so high and mighty all of the time.  They are so quick to assume that Eve had to poison Liz.  Guess they don't know her the way they thought.  Eve should just forget about them and move on with her life.


1.  We are just so sick of Katherine.  We are sick of how she tries to come off as a heroine.  She refuses to accept that she was wrong for leaving Julian and Sheridan.  She thinks that because Alistair raped her, she is excused for abandoning her children.  She puts all the blame on him and none on herself.  She can call Alistair a monster all she likes, but it won't change how wrong she was for leaving.  The writers are wasting their time trying to make her seem like the good one when she was worse than Alistair.  She's even trying to do the "right thing" by leaving town so that Sheridan will be happy.  Note to the writers:  stop trying to make her the saintly mother.  We are not buying.


1.  Why didn't Luis check on Theresa?  When he called Pilar, he asked her about Theresa, but that was the end of his concern for her.  What kind of a brother is that?  If it was Sheridan that was in Theresa's condition, he wouldn't have left her bed side.  That's wrong.  He could have showed up for at least a few minutes.

The writers

Why did the writers suddenly bring up Julian's attempted murder?  It came out this week that Eve was charged with Julian's attempted murder.  How did anyone know that Eve was the one who tried to kill Julian?  If  someone saw Eve do that, why did he/she take so long to say something?  Why didn't Julian turn her in if she did it since he saw the shooter?  This part of the plot makes no sense whatsoever.

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