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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #140

1/3 - 1/7/05


1.  What on earth is his problem?  We know that TC isn't the smartest person in Harmony, but he really proved that this week.  As you know, Liz was the one that was on the floor because of the drink that Rebecca poisoned.  Eve was found over her so TC assumed that Eve was trying to kill Liz.  He kept telling Eve to get away from Liz and that she killed her.  Eve already told him that Liz wasn't dead, but he kept saying that she was anyway.  The man is a total idiot.


1.  Ethan has proven time and time again that he has no loyalty towards Gwen.  After Gwen stabbed Theresa, Ivy told him that they could say it was self defense.  Of course Ethan wouldn't lie for her.  He had no problem lying when he was helping Theresa out, but he couldn't do that for Gwen.  He also told Ivy that he didn't know who he was more concerned about.  You would think he would have been more concerned for his wife, but of course he wasn't.  The man really needs to get his priorities straight.


1.  As much as we enjoyed watching her stab Theresa, she shouldn't have done that.  All she did was make it easy for Theresa to get everything.  Now all Theresa has to do is say that Gwen is unstable (which she proved), and that will guarantee that she will lose everything.  No one will care that she was not in her right frame of mind at the time.  It's too bad that she didn't think that out before she did it, but that proves that she wasn't in her right frame of mind.


1.  Even though we thin think that Eve must be a saint for helping Liz, we do have a bone to pick with her.  She know that she shouldn't have been threatening Liz so much, but she kept doing it anyway.  Julian kept telling her not to threaten Liz in front of people because she would be a suspect if something happened to her.  Well, he was right.  Now that Liz has been poisoned, Eve's a suspect.  She expects everyone to believe that she wouldn't try to kill Liz when she kept threatening her endlessly.


1.  She knows that her best friend is in a coma so why would she go out of her way to upset her?  She mentioned that Rebecca would raise little Ethan if she didn't make it.  That was not appropriate at all.  She could have made her feel worse.


1.  Why is he acting so jealous of Chadney talking to each other?  They are brother and sister now so it's not as if they are going to be together anymore.  Why are the writers doing that to him all of a sudden?


1.  We wee not very happy with Pilar this week.  She was fine with KMart, but our problem with her began when she got to the hospital.  She was going on and on to Ethan about how she wants Gwen punished for what Gwen did to Theresa.  We understand that Pilar was worried about Theresa, but she should have known that was going to happen.  Ethan and Ivy told her how Gwen was out of her mind with grief, but Pilar wasn't hearing it.  She didn't even want to listen to Ethan and Ivy when they reminded her that Theresa stabbed Gwen at the cabin.  Pilar just brushed that off.  Pilar carried on as if Gwen had no right to overreact to what happened.  She even warned Theresa that Gwen would go crazy if she found out that the baby was Theresa's and not Gwen's baby.  She acted as if Theresa was innocent of everything.

2.  Pilar also upset us when she tried to push Ethan off on Theresa.  She knows that Ethan is married, but she still told him how Theresa and the baby are his family.  Are we supposed to forget how she was conceived?  Don't think so!

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