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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #139

12/27 - 12/31/04


1.  What is it going to take for this girl to give her mother a break?  Eve has already lied for her, but she still gives her a hard time.  She still blames Eve for why she's pregnant.  You would think that Whitney would be a little more grateful to Eve since she risked her career to help her.  Also, Eve's a doctor so she might be able to help Whitney with the baby if something is wrong with it.  If she can't help, she might be able to recommend someone to help.  She needs to think about that the next time she mouths off at her.


1.  If she wonders why she lost her family, maybe she should consider the company she keeps.  Every time she tries to see her family, she's always with Julian.  Why can't she ever go by herself?  If she did, they might have been willing to forgive her.  We don't understand why she has to have him with her everywhere she goes.  Can't he let her go anywhere by herself? Maybe he's purposely showing up so he could ruin any chances of her reuniting with her family.


1.  We will start with the light stuff with Theresa and Ethan because they deserved to be crucified for their behavior.  If you are a die-hard Theresa/Ethan fan, you may not want to read the rants about them past this one.  Let's get back to the point of this rant because we are getting steamed just thinking about it.  Why were the DNA results so important that they had to miss Shuis's wedding?  They could have found out the results after the wedding was over.  Luis is supposed to be Theresa's brother, yet she wasn't there for him.  Sheridan is supposed to be Ethan/Gwen's best friend, but they weren't there for her.  It was a shame that Shuis's family/friends had more important things to do than to be there them.

2.  We warned you that it was coming so if you're a die-hard Theresa fan, you might not want to keep reading this. You can skip over this section and move on to the rest of the rants for this week.  We are so mad at the writers for letting Theresa be the baby's mother.  We knew she was going to be the mother because the writers make it painfully obvious how much they hate Gwen.  Letting Theresa be the mother was the last straw.  We officially hate Theresa.  We didn't think it was possible to be so angry with a character, but the impossible happened.  We used to be two-sided about Theresa, but that has changed.  She was such a heartless b*tch when she found out that she is the baby's mother.  She didn't care that Gwen was upset about losing her last chance at having a baby.  All she cared about was revenge.  She also wouldn't let Ethan go to his wife while she was hurting.  Nooo, he had to be with her and their baby.  When Theresa said that she gave Ethan his first child, we wanted to do it.  Hopefully Rebecca will have enough of the poison she stole so she could give some to Theresa. What was with Theresa letting Ethan see the baby once she knew it was hers for a fact?  When she knew in heart that the baby was hers, she wouldn't let him see her.  Ethan's place was not with Theresa.  It was with Gwen, but Theresa didn't care.  All she cared about was herself.  She will deserve it if she's pushing up daisies.

3.  Now we have a feeling that the die-hard Theresa fans will think that Gwen got what she deserved when Theresa found out she is the mother.  We can practically hear that already.  We're pretty sure they will say that Gwen wouldn't have cared about Theresa's feelings if the shoe was on the other foot.  You would probably be right.  Gwen probably wouldn't care.  The only difference is Theresa could always rape Ethan again if she wants another baby.  LOL! What is Gwen supposed to do? She can never have another kid, which is why we would sympathize with Gwen more than Theresa.  We hope Theresa never gets little Ethan back now after what she's done.  We doubt that she will care since she thinks she'll get Ethan back.

4.  Just when we thought he was a piece of garbage before, he proved that he was much worse than we thought.  He couldn't support his wife while she was grieving the loss of her baby. Noo, he had to be there with little miss rapist and be with the baby.  Why would this jerk be happy to have a baby with a woman who raped him in order to have her baby?  That's right.  This is the man who considered his rape "making love".  He should have seen what kind of monster Theresa was when she showed no concern for Gwen.  That should have been the straw that broke the camel's back.  Noo, he just let Theresa drag him off to see their baby.  We wanted to beat the crap out of him when he was literally drooling over the baby.  He should have been with his wife.  Gwen needs to kill him as well as Theresa.


1.  How could Sheridan not have noticed how much Beth kept pressuring her to read the card that came with the flowers?  Beth did not hide the fact that she wanted Sheridan to see the card, yet Sheridan didn't get the connection.  Oh man.  There's that word again. LOL!  Now that Sheridan read the card, you would think that she would know why Beth wanted her to read it.

2.  Beth is a mess all by herself.  She was obsessing over Sheridan reading the card.  We were tired of her mentioning the card.  We were at a point where we wanted to rip the card out of Sheridan's hand just so Beth would shut up about it.

The writers

Once again they broke their word.  They said that Shuis were going to get married, but they didn't.  Just because they were at the altar, didn't mean they were married.  They were going to do anything they could to break up Shuis, but they always give Theresa fans what they want.  Gee, we wonder who the writers love to write for the most?

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