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Passions Article

Jessica's Opinions

By Jessica

9/5/05 Ė 9/9/05

Who else is sick of Ivy and her, "You hurt SAMíS son" gig? He has a NAME and its NOAH, not Samís son... so learn the name or keep your nose out of others business! I mean, she keeps going on and on about how she wants to be friends with Fancy, and how she wants Fancy to give her a chance to show that sheís changed from the mother she used to be... but she never, NEVER gives Fancy a chance to show that sheís changed. Whether or not she has, I canít be a fair judge since we arenít sure exactly what happened in HER past, but Ivy canít expect someone to give her a second chance when she wonít give them one! Sheís constantly reminding Fancy of how she Ďruins peopleís livesí and really, Fancy is grown up and doesnít need a lecture... friendly, family, advice? Yeah, everyone can use a little of that anytime... but lectures and rules when its not Ivyís house to be making rules? Not necessary.

I felt bad when Fancy wouldnít tell Noah that she was staying in Harmony because of him... we all know thatís the MAIN reason, even though she insists it was because of Alistair... but she refuses to say anything. Iím glad, however, that Noah mentioned to her about living under Alistairís thumb basically, living to follow his rules and get the money he gives her in return. Didnít all the Crane children have a bank account with an inheritance??? Thatís what I thought, but I guess I was wrong, since she says the only money she can get without working is from her grandfather... well, thatís great. I think she should get into her designing idea... its something she likes, something she must be pretty good at, and with the right practice, she could do really well with that. Noah could easily help her with the business part of it, and then she wouldnít have to follow Alistairís rules just so that she could have money. And if its something she ENJOYS doing, then how can it be called Ďworkí even though it technically is? Although it was sad, since the two had just started getting along FINALLY and it didnít seem like they would start arguing as bad as they used to, when Noah said maybe she should stay out of his life and heíd stay out of hers. I figure sheíll change her mind, sooner or later. Maybe sheíll hear about Alistair raping Theresa and decide that being on his good side or bad side doesnít really matter... I had heard from a friend who also goes on this site that she was supposed to choose between Noah and her money... what will she pick... Iím thinking Noah, but something has to happen first Iím sure.

Who else wanted to just smack Jessica? God this girl makes me hate MY name which is coincidentally enough the same as hers. She comes running in, faking her little dramatic scene, and then sees Ivy like its some big surprise that sheís there, and freaks out. "Its Ivy or its me.." well Iíd be telling the little princess to find somewhere else to crash, because chances are if Sam HAD said that Ivy had to leave, his rules would get to Jessica again and sheíd run off... no, let her run off to her Ďboyfriendí and learn that life isnít easy and isnít always fair. Sometimes things swing your way, but most of the time you get what you get and if you donít like it, tough. So I was glad he told Jessica she would have to live by his rules, and that Ivy being there and Jessica not disrespecting her was one of them. For once, I thought Sam did an excellent job of parenting... since lately, he seems to have been acting like the world revolved around Jessica and that whatever she asked, to keep her to stay home, he would do... now heís laying down the law, and soon when Spike hurts her, sheíll realize and come home. I still say she ran to Spike for the drugs though.

Sheridanís accusations really are getting to me... I mean she has no right to accuse anyone of anything, or assuming that they would be lying to her because others have before. She doesnít even know the guy at all barely and sheís acting as if sheís known him forever! I admit, thereís something suspicious about that guy whoís real name I canít remember but was going by Chris Booth, despite the story he supplied... but Sheridan is becoming paranoid of everyone she meets. Next sheíll be saying that Fancy is spying on her whenever she visits because sheís Alistairís Ďfavouriteí one... Iíve been waiting for that one to happen for awhile now, actually.

Ooo I just wanted to smack Gwen soo much this week! Honestly, I did... I mean, I come home from school of all things with homework in my bag, stuff on my mind, I watch Passions skipping the boring parts or the commercials and Gwen comes on screen. Ok, no prob, other then the incident where she intentionally omitted the fact that Theresa was being raped from ANYONE, whether it was the servants or the security... sheís been ok. Then she freaks out on Ethan "You LIED to me?" like itís a big deal... news flash princess, youíve been lying whenever Theresa accused you of being behind Ethanís paternity results being leaked to the tabloids, YOUíRE the one who pretended and omitted the fact that you HEARD Theresa being raped although she was really quick to jump on the wagon and act as though it was all an act to get Ethanís attention on Theresaís part... so, Gwenny, you have no right to be freaking about the fact that Ethan Ďliedí to her... I was shocked when she was... I just laughed and counted in my head all the times sheís lied to him, and although I think Theresa should leave the mansion, I want her to stay at the mansion long enough to have the truth come out. I donít even care if Ethan decides to stay with Gwen, I just want that out in the open so she can stop freaking out if she thinks Ethan lies or will cheat her.

This show proved to me once again how fake it can be... when Liz, on Friday (Monday for US) burst out about how Eve ALLOWED her to be raped, how Eve KNEW all along and didnít do anything, in reality the judge would have had her removed from the courtroom, period. But this is Passions, so the judge didnít try anything other then shouting Ďorderí like thatís going to do anything, and had a security guard go grab her. The guard just held her in the same spot for the most part while she made her accusations instead of actually doing his job, and THEN he starts pulling her in the other direction.

While on the topic of the court trial, how kind of Gwen to leave her husband she loves so much in one of the hardest trials heís had to go talk to mommy dearest about a disk. We have once again been shown how much Gwen REALLY cares. I honestly hope that Theresa gets that disk back and Gwenís bubble gets bursted next week, but because this IS Passions, I doubt that will happen overly soon. Joy...

Ugh, Katherine you IDIOT! Why wonít the writers just kill her off the show already? How caring and kind of her to light candles for Eveís trial.. And how convenient that Martin and Pilar are in there trying to work things out. Just like Katherine to ruin everything and remind Martin how much he still cares for her. Now I have to admit, it was kind of Katherine to tell Pilar about Theresa, but thatís just common sense, anyone would do that no matter who they had to talk to. Then, Katherine walks out of the room they were in and immediately looks for Martin. SHE IS SUPPOSED TO STAY AWAY FROM HIM TO PROTECT SHERIDAN FROM LEARNING THE TRUTH! Am I the ONLY one that remembers that commitment she made? What, because Alistair is busy with Theresa, that means Katherine is free to run to Martin, a MARRIED man? I donít think so. Katherine used to go on and on and on endlessly over how much she LOVED her children and that she left to PROTECT them... anyone besides me notice she canít seem to bring herself to do that NOW? Sheís more concerned about Pilar and Martinís children then her own. And when Alistair threatens to tell Sheridan, Katherine will be right there "Donít YOU dare, Alistair... donít even think ABOUT it!" as usual emphasizing the wrong words. *yawn* Yay Iím REALLY looking forward to THAT... (sarcasm)

This week, other then the starting of Eveís trial, was pretty much uneventful... so thereís not much for me to say.

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