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Passions Article

Jessica's Opinions

By Jessica

8/22/05 – 8/26/05

Just for the record, some of what is said below is from last weeks episodes as well as this weeks, since last week I did not post up my opinions column, so this is divided from last week to this week. You can skip ahead to next week’s column on here if you wish.

Last Week 8/15/05 – 8/19/05

First of all, I want to talk about Ivy. I actually had a problem with her. Who is she to go ranting on about Fancy? She’s got a LOT of nerve to warn Noah about Fancy. Some may argue, and they can all they want, but Ivy in her time was pretty evil... I mean for god’s sake her nickname is POISON Ivy.... nice people don’t get names like that. She may have changed now, but she has a past, and then she warns Noah about Fancy. Of course, lets all forget about the fact that Ivy is the reason poor Noah’s family was torn apart by their mother’s departure, lets focus on Fancy being the reason, partly, for Noah leaving. It’s the same thing, and yet Ivy’s got the nerve to get mad at Fancy? No wonder the girl never came home for the longest time, if my family treated me like that every time I came home, I wouldn’t come home either! True, Fancy’s not the greatest person, I’ll be the first to admit that, but even if she tried to change, she wouldn’t be able to... she wouldn’t be given that chance. And then, Ivy gets mad at Fancy for coming to see Noah, when she’s supposed to stay away from Noah. Ok, that's a valid enough reason, but then Fancy gets a little upset that she was the reason for Noah leaving, and Ivy tells her she’s too late, as usual. Uh, hello, can Fancy help the fact that there WAS an earthquake AND tsunami? She just got her own butt covered after it was all over, I mean she’s not exactly some super hero that can magically fix any problem during anything at all. The phones were down, so its not like she could have called Alistair... and then Ivy tells Fancy it’s her responsibility to find Noah. ARE WE FORGETTING THE FACT THAT IVY JUST LECTURED FANCY ABOUT THE FACT THAT SHE IS SUPPOSED TO STAY AWAY FROM NOAH!? But yes, lets go against what we just finished saying and make it her responsibility to endanger his family and him by going to tell him its ‘safe’... when really, once Alistair finds out, he won’t be anyways!

Sam has a bit of nerve too... he tells Noah that they have no reason to get involved with the Cranes... well what the hell does he think he was doing with Ivy? She may not have been born a Crane, but she married into the family and can be just as conniving as the lot, which he well knows. He’s a good guy in general, but that part really made me laugh. I mean, come off it, these parents are getting a little on my nerves. None of them for the longest time appears interested in their kids unless they’re in trouble, or unless the parents are warning them or something. These aren’t little kids, their old enough to do what they want (well, following the law, of course....), yet these parents act like they have control... they don’t even just say, "Watch your back..." they get all protective and right away command they stay away from whomever.

Gwen made me laugh as well... I thought it was very, VERY comical how she demanded that Theresa leave the mansion RIGHT AWAY, as if it was HER house. She lives there, true enough. But as a guest... as family.... she doesn’t own the house, Ethan sure as hell doesn’t, yet she got pretty high and mighty about the mansion as if she could just snap her little manicured fingers and the guards would throw Theresa in some dungeon or something... LOL! I don’t mind Gwen, she’s a character that is appropriate for the show, and needed for several good storylines... and she doesn’t normally get on my nerves. But even though I don’t think Theresa should be in the mansion, hey, doesn’t mean Gwen has the right to act as though suddenly its her name on the deed, not Alistair.

Chad just makes me sick. Now that everyone who needs to know that he’s Miles’ father, not Fox, he’s parading around with Miles’ everywhere and telling people just randomly, without it somehow being brought up, that he’s actually the father. Uh, hello, that’s not something to be PROUD of, I mean he’s not only the poor baby’s uncle but his pop too? That’s sick, wrong, and lets face it, some people may think homosexuality is wrong, but there aren’t exactly parades thrown for people who commit incest... gross, but true. And what about him continuing to say he can’t promise Whitney he won’t tell people? I understand the reasons he SAYS, but is he forgetting about the promise he already made on his son’s life!

Whitney and the whole convent deal? So lame. I mean she’s really going to solve all of her problems by leaving all of her family behind. I never before realized how selfish she can be. Ok, some Whitney-lovers are probably throwing popcorn or macaroons at me or something, so let me first say I understand that she’s going through a lot. What I don’t understand is why she continues to blame her mother... I mean, she forgave her and was on speaking terms with her mother again even, but all of a sudden she decides to fall prey to temptation and sleeps with her brother again, and its all Eve’s fault. Uh, NEWS FLASH: You may not have known before, the LAST time you slept with Chad, Whit, but you sure as hell knew the night of the tsunami, so don’t even start with the blame game. It may have worked before, but it soooo won’t work this time. Its called grow up, and do something with your life that you want to do, actually WANT to do, that won’t keep you from seeing your loved ones if need be. Instead of joining some cloistered convent, why not, oh say... GET A JOB? Move somewhere else, get a new job, don’t try to be a nun just because you think it will prevent you from going to hell or make up for the disgusting sin which now revolves around your entire life.

I actually felt bad for Simone... I never watched it much when it was their scenes and they were growing up, but if all that she said about being second-best, second-rate is true, then I must say its not at all a surprise how their family turned out the way it is. I mean, WHOA!

And now... This week 8/22/05 – 8/26/05

This week, I was impressed with Fancy. She didn’t complain overly much at the dishes, and although she was grossed out, she was willing to clean that bathroom. Hopefully the writers will keep her characters complaining down to a minimum, the way it seems like they have been, and those people who feel ready to throw up every time she comes on screen may very well not want to throw up after all. She seemed upset at Noah going off to dance with those two girls, but he gave her a chance to stop him and she didn’t. They never officially said they were a couple, so neither of them are tied down. And what's with her deciding to leave all of a sudden? Is that because she just wants to leave for the fun of it, or because she doesn’t think she can stay away from Noah otherwise?

Sheridan has a lot of nerve. First of all, she just finished being explained to that Chris Booth was a reporter, and that SHE was a CRANE! That was how he knew she had a son named Marty. Yet, again being the ‘blonde bimbo’ that Beth once called her, she has to have that explained to her yet again. Then, she yet again won’t talk to Luis... he calls her with words of love and comfort, and she just throws it up in his face and ignores him. He’d be better off hitching with Beth and being with Marty that way, because we all know Sheridan will try to kick Luis out for not finding Marty soon enough or something. Then, when she goes to take Mark to the foster home to talk to the man there, she has the nerve to ask for proof that Chris is really Mark, or should I say James, father. Uh, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS? She was a FOSTER parent, meaning she was temporarily in charge of the little boy until a suitable home was found or family was found, and then she would be cut off.

I had to laugh at Liz... I know she’s evil and highly annoying, but Eve was being a little two-timing... first she’s MARRIED to TC, yet finding the time to make out with Julian whom she realized still had feelings for her, THEN she goes and she gets engaged to Julian and finds time to kiss TC whom she realized wanted her back. And both of these love-sick fools want her! TC, I can understand, but if I were Julian I’d still be a little upset at the least that she went behind my back and kissed her ex like there was no tomorrow. Honestly, Liz acting like she had a camera and telling Julian to say ‘Sleaze’ was entertaining...

JESSICA IS SUCH AN IDIOT! She was getting along fine, but no, all of a sudden she decides to YET AGAIN run off to the arms of a raving lunatic by the name of Spike. She says its because her dad was controlling her, but I honestly believe its actually because she needs the drugs. She’s gotten addicted, and there’s no turning back. So of course she’s going to run off to the guy who says he loves her while tossing her a few drugged up smiley stickers. People addicted to drugs do crazy things, including selling themselves... maybe Jess for real will go through with it and sell herself. I was glad when she decided to take off the restraining order on her dad... at least then they can visit her and try to slowly undo the brainwashing she’s received from Spike. I thought it was VERY comical when Sam told Noah that Pilar used to light a candle to guide Antonio back home, and he came back, because I felt like saying, "Yeah and look where HE ended up... blown to pieces!" but I held my tongue...

Ivy this week got on my nerves too, although not as bad. She’s just going out of her way to make either her own children or the Bennett children miserable, I mean is that her lifelong dream, to make people miserable? Tabitha wasn’t kidding when she said she wouldn’t have to life a spell-casting finger to break up Kay and Fox, because Ivy does well enough on her own. I thought Endora was the cutest, though, conjuring stuff up so she could enjoy some time with her very own half-brother Fox. She’s definitely my favorite baby, especially since she’s the one shown the most and probably in general taken care of the most. True, Tabitha will leave her in the house alone, but at least it shows Tabitha and Endora together on-screen all of the time. Its nice to see a parent actually give a heck about their kid.

Theresa, boy this chick makes me laugh. What, did she really think Alistair would let her live in the mansion with Jane and Ethan just for being his FRIEND? Has that many of her brain-cells been fried that she’s forgotten this is Alistair Crane, who wants nothing but to use any woman he can get for her body? Apparently that’s the case, because she seemed SOO surprised at the fact that Alistair wanted to go on another date. I mean, HELLO she’s his latest bed-buddy, or going to be, everything with Alistair comes with a price, but she’s too busy living in her world of rainbows and leprechauns that she’s ignored that completely. Bravo, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. You have just proven to us yet again that you are stupid, naive, and think you can handle whatever’s thrown at you... when really, when the time comes, you can’t handle anything without your on-again-off-again boyfriend who occasionally ‘accidentally’ cheats on his wife to be with her.

Alistair said to Theresa that she should know by now that he knows everything, but obviously he doesn’t know EVERYTHING, since he didn’t know Fancy went off to talk to Noah, he didn’t know she asked Crane security to locate Noah for her, and he ALSO didn’t know where she was during the Earthquake and Tsunami, or who she was with since he had to ask. He never knew that Miles was Chad’s, not Fox’s baby... he never knew that Spike was trying to sell Jessica on the streets... there’s a lot he didn’t and still does not know, but yet he says he knows all. Yeah, right, and I’m Santa Claus...

Chris Booth is coming off as someone who I can suspect working for Alistair. Why? Well, he’s just suspicious. And notice when he was talking on the phone, he said he got the boy, not he got his son... which makes me think that what Sheridan suspected wasn’t all that far-fetched... that Chris forged the documents he provided stating he was Marks, or James, father.

That’s all for this week, and *ahem* last week.

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