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Passions Article

Jessica's Opinions

By Jessica

8/8/05 – 8/12/05

Finally, the Passions disaster is over. Wow, Earthquake for one week, Tsunami for the next, and now its daytime finally in Harmony, and it seems like things are looking up. Although the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any water is a little, shall we say... odd. I mean, two humongous waves, and it looked like there was no water left over. I dunno, maybe it already evaporated, or maybe I just didn’t see it, but that’s not normal.

Noah and Fancy made me laugh. All you see is the two of them, one sleeping on one side of a crate, the other sleeping on the other side. I’m assuming they didn’t want to be nearer to each other then they had to be. There’s Fancy in another dream of hers about Noah... since it could be their last hour on earth, apparently. Of course she’s dreaming out loud again, and Noah wakes up when he hears her moan. He seemed pretty amused at what he heard, though, since he teased her about it nonstop. All of a sudden, though, they start arguing again and I was just like, "Oh no... NOT again!" but they got back to more civil terms. I thought it was so funny when Noah finally gave in and said "alright..." when Fancy insisted she wasn’t dreaming about him and then he said he was going to find dry clothes, and threw his shirt at her. She actually waited for him to ‘leave’ and SMELLED his shirt... lol that is NOT normal for enemies... I loved the look on his face, it was priceless, even the look on her face when she realized she was being watched was priceless. I just laughed. I couldn’t help it. I was glad when they decided to call a truce, since I was hoping it would last a while. You could always tell they were going to be a new couple, and that they liked each other, but the writers are finally making the characters while back in Harmony show that they care. I mean, in Vegas they were just starting to stop arguing and BANG they flew home not realizing the other was there. It was like hitting the reset button on the whole process and starting from scratch. Then Fancy admits to herself that Noah has the cutest butt of any guy she’s ever met, and Noah admits to himself that she’s got the best body. I wonder how long it will take for them to stop being stubborn and admit to the other that their attracted? I bet Ivy won’t have a problem with THEM as a couple... she just seems to be against Kay and Fox... I had to laugh at Noah’s running... he stops, "Oh no.. what if we’re not the only ones in here? Fancy might be in trouble!" and so he just jogs off to ‘save’ her. They FINALLY stop arguing and get to getting along, and then what happens? Fancy decides to play detective and snoops in Noah’s wallet, finding something that made her upset— a love letter. Since she was starting to like Noah and think he likes her back, which he does, and she saw that he made a vow about all other women just being a way to pass time, she got upset. This week, I actually started to like this pair again, like I used to in the beginning... for awhile I thought they’d never stop arguing... but now, I’m sure they’ll be back to arguing again for another while until Noah saves Fancy from something again.

Chad and Whitney... god this is one pair that majorly gets on my nerves. I mean, they never cease to amaze me... At least when Chad explained why he couldn’t promise to NEVER tell anyone it made sense, a bit. I thought he couldn’t promise it because he wanted to brag about it or something, but he said about the medical problems so at least he had a more sensible reason than I originally thought. But I think both Whitney and Chad are forgetting that Chad already swore on his son’s life that he would never repeat whatever Whitney told him to anyone. The writers brought back Father Lonigan, as I figured they would when Whitney ran off. She’s been thinking about suicide... not good to play god with your own life. I wonder if Father Lonigan will be there to talk to Simone about how its wrong for her to like the same sex? I’m not saying anything on that matter myself, but he comes off as someone who may not approve of that. Anyway, Whitney wanting to join a convent may be a good idea, since its true that she’ll be away from Chad. I wonder, if she decides to do that, if she’ll be removed from the show temporarily or if it will just be filmed somewhere else then Harmony? Who knows...

Whoa, Ivy REALLY must hate Kay... I wonder if she doesn’t want Fox and Kay to get together because of the reason she said, or if Poison Ivy is actually afraid of her secret coming out after all that time... both Fox and Kay said that they didn’t like the other, but lets face it we all know they do. I mean, they show it on their faces when they see each other. I was calling Ivy a few dirty names myself when she told Kay that Fox had used her, and said she was a sweet kid but that all. Then she tries to cheer Kay up by saying that Fox only chooses the most beautiful women... oh yeah, that’s REALLY going to make her feel better when she thought she finally cared for someone who cared for her back, unlike Miguel. Poor Fox didn’t know WHAT he did wrong, and little does he know it was his own mother interfering. I like Ivy whether she’s nice or poison, but I was a little surprised that she went to Kay and lied, said bad things about her own son. I guess she knew trying to convince her son was a lost cause, so she went to Kay instead, and Kay shouldn’t have believed Ivy after the lies she’s told that Kay does know about. That was not smart at all.

I actually felt bad for Sheridan, at least she wasn’t as bad as when she lost Marty. That was just sickening to me so I’m glad she at least didn’t throw things or something. I can’t believe, though, that Sheridan would actually think her father, the evil Alistair Crane, or as the Lopez-Fitzgeralds often say, the Devil himself, was going to help her keep Mark when he helped her LOSE Marty. The way their storyline on that episode was spaced by the commercials, I’m assuming the writers were trying to make people believe Alistair was doing a good thing, but come off it, this is Alistair Crane, not Sheridan’s guardian angel or something of that sort. He didn’t even let Fancy know about the Tsunami and she’s supposed to be his favorite granddaughter, so why, WHY would he help Sheridan when he hates her for killing his betrothed Rachel? But I was glad when she started standing up to Alistair, and I thought it was awesome when Alistair told her she was a disappointment and she told him that she thought the same of him. For once, this show was showing some strong female characters, and it was a nice change. For the past little while, all of them have just been acting like pushovers.

UGH... Theresa is just getting so pathetic, and she is another character that needs some self-respect. The reason Jane was originally taken away from her was because her life, her home, everything was unstable and unsuitable for Jane. Well, a normal person would get a job, stop causing problems because she never gets anywhere with anything she tries to fix, and work on stabilizing the home for Jane, earning peoples respect back since they all think that she sent the paternity results to the tabloids, that she killed Ashley (Gwen’s baby), all these things, even pushing Rebecca down the stairs, that she didn’t do... but this is not a normal person. This is Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (or Theresita, whatever you want to call her) and she decides to get help from Alistair, necking with him and everything. I mean, EW! Major gross factor, but does she care? Even her parents stopped caring and focused on Sheridan and her problem with Mark... now, personally I think Pilar should have at least said something about Alistair kissing Theresa, (I say Pilar since I doubt Theresa would even think of listening to Martin, and he was probably to busy with Katherine anyways) because even though Theresa is an adult, she is living in her parents house and should need to live by their rules. Besides, anyone who dates a guy who’s like 20 or more years older and she’s not in her forties or over, and he’s as evil as Alistair, is a little on the disgustingly stupid side.

I thought it was cute when Endora wanted to look in the bowl, and Tabitha told her she wasn’t old enough and mentioned that the bowl was now for adults only... just because she knew Simone’s secret. I guess that’s something you don’t want your little baby to know about, not until their old enough to understand it a bit more. Of course, at least this week all the parents seem to be caring about their children... Theresa checked in on Little Ethan, Sam was worried about Noah and Jessica, Ivy was worried about Fancy, Kay actually spent time with Maria (its been so long I almost forgot what she looked like!), and Kay told Tabitha that someone needed to watch the babies.

This week was pretty good, it showed a lot of the characters that had either new secrets or new loves (Fancy&Noah, Kay&Fox, Simone, etc). Personally, I would have rather seen more of Julian and Eve after he got stabbed instead of Chad and Whitney, but at least they weren’t shown a lot. Hopefully, next week will be better, and HOPEFULLY next week a few things will happen, mainly Simone’s secret coming out, Fox and Kay realizing that Ivy lied and tried to ruin the blooming relationship, Fancy and Noah stopping their arguments again, since we all know that now that Fancy is mad at Noah there will be plenty more arguments, oh and we can always hope for Liz to die..... hehe... until next week!

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