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Passions Article

Jessica's Opinions

By Jessica

8/1/05 – 8/5/05

Ok, first of all, all I can say about this week, is WHOA! It seemed that all of the storylines that normally sit still and pointlessly drag on each moved up another step or two this week. The disaster brought out new secrets, new loves, and people’s pasts. That alone was enough to make this week, as well as last week, quite eventful. Instead of playing games on the computer while watching Passions, I actually watched the whole weeks worth of episodes faithfully.

I think to start this week, I’ll rant about Chad and Whitney. Or maybe, for the moment, just Whitney. Ok, girl, you need to get a life, and one that does NOT revolve around your half-brother because that is just disgusting. She was way better off with Fox, and lately, although some may argue that she’s "misunderstood" or that she’s "going through a rough time", but despite all that there is absolutely NO REASON to sleep with Chad, and lately, I’ve been hoping that she’d start to like Fox and she’d get angry that he had moved on so quick. I’m glad he did, because both he and Kay needed to get over their previous loves. Anyways, this is about Whitney... she goes through so much just to make sure that her son with Chad, although SUPPOSEDLY with Fox, is put up for adoption. Chad, being the complete and total sicko, almost as bad as those men charged with distributing kiddy porn, of course HAS to adopt him. And why? Well, some people would think, or want to think, that it was to make sure Whitney as well as Fox had a part of Miles’ life. But no, this is Chad who is madly in love with his sister, so of course it was really just to be closer to her. All along, though, while she was growing closer and closer to her son, he was probably just waiting for the moment she was vulnerable. Both of these characters have been totally ruined by this secret, because they are STILL doing things a normal brother and sister wouldn’t even think of doing. I don’t care if they were once in love, and I don’t care if they find out that he’s not really her brother. At this point and time, they both BELIEVE they are brother and sister, yet they still fell prey to temptation. Whitney needs to get herself a boyfriend and move away from Harmony. Even if they still show her on the show, she HAS to leave Harmony, because she needs to get over Chad. And Chad? Well, he needs to get himself a life, or do some heinous crime so he does lots of time in jail... actually, maybe that wouldn’t be good, he’d probably just count down the days until he could be with Whitney. Like I told my family (well, those who like this show), it could be like the whole DNA test with Beth and Sheridan. Beth matched enough because she was Sheridan’s half sister. Well, its like history be played over because Julian, like Luis, could be the dad, but Liz also apparently slept with Julian, so who’s to say she’s not really Chad’s mom? It wouldn’t make it right, since he and Whitney would still be like half-cousins or something, but at least it wouldn’t be AS bad. I was glad that the secret about Chad being Miles’ real father finally came out, because that means that certain part of the storyline is put to an end. Of course, Chad’ll be absolutely delighted, and he probably hopes Whitney gets pregnant this time so he can go around saying "That’s my boy/girl! Isn’t he/she just adorable? Of course, he/she gets his/her looks from his/her mother, but he/she has my nose... I’m glad Whitney and I have a child together, I don’t care what anyone says. I’m proud to tell my son with my love that he’s my son AND nephew." ... sad, I know. But it wouldn’t surprise me if he said something like that. Ok, maybe not that last part... I’m sorry to those who like Whitney, but I have to say that lately I just hate her character for being stupid, and for getting angry at her mother because of her mistakes, and she’s repeating them. Maybe she’ll hide it from Miles when he’s older, and he’ll get mad at her. Doubtful... but I had to point it out. Whitney was saying, on Friday (Monday for you Americans) that she wanted Chad to just kill her, that she wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to, and as sad as it is to say, I just shouted, "Good maybe you’ll die now!" What was once an ok character is now just about the biggest joke about Passions. I can almost imagine it being the next thing that Comedians are talking about, because really that’s all this storyline is at the moment: A big, complete and total joke.

This week, for a change, I started enjoying the scenes between Noah and Fancy again. Disagree all you want, as I know many, many will, but I find whenever these two are in life threatening situations they get along well. We finally learned about how Noah got into the whole gambling thing, we finally saw that Fancy actually does care about family, and wishes her family was as close as Noah’s is. Sure, she can be spoiled, self-centered, selfish, and so many other not so good things, but look at her life! Ok, so it wasn’t so bad considering she got whatever the heck she wanted, but honestly, she wanted a family, a real family, that cared for her. Maybe Julian and Ivy will be there for her now, but they sure as heck weren’t while she was growing up. She’s spoiled because her family spoiled her. She’s selfish because she’s never had people actually care for her, and show it. She’s grown up thinking that her parents couldn’t care less about her, so it does sort of make more sense now of why she is the way she is. Hopefully, her character will continue the way it has been... getting along with Noah, and being an overall good person, although she still needs a bit of... adjusting. She made it only too obvious of what she meant when she was asking Noah if they were related. I thought at first when she started saying that, that the writers were trying to confirm to people that they actually AREN’T related, since there’s been some conflict in that sense, but I thought it was through Ivy that she meant, I never even thought of Ethan. Some people wanted Noah with Simone, or Paloma, but I don’t care for either character. Paloma is just another Jessica to me, only not as stupid and naive... just a little wild, which is how Jessica started. And Simone... well considering she’s a lesbian and she hates men, I doubt she’d go for Noah. This is just the writers trying to do a love/hate storyline, which I’m assuming they aren’t that great at.

Since I’m talking about couples, what about Fox and Kay? She seemed to warm up to him pretty good when he risked his life to save Douggie. I mean, I was expecting her to give him a huge hug, but the kiss was a little unexpected. And, then, to make things even more unusual, they start making out on the roof and almost... almost... got caught with their ‘pants down’, so to speak. I mean, I thought a kiss might be coming but not one like that. And then when they kissed again, I was thinking the whole time... where are Ivy and Sam? For two people who supposedly care about their children so much, they sure didn’t seem to hesitate to leave them on the roof. I suppose its not really just them, all the parents don’t seem to care much about their kids, so I won’t rant about Ivy and Sam... their probably better parents then the majority. I thought it was funny though, you see Fox trying to hold his shirt shut, and Kay’s shirt is a little to far slid down on one side... I was just thinking, "Now what if that had been her dad and his mom coming to look for them??? Hmm...".

Am I the only one who was throwing popcorn at TC when he asked Eve to go back to him? Actually, I’m probably one of the few people that actually eat popcorn while watching Passions, so perhaps I should change it... was I the only one... actually, that won’t work either. Ok, I’ll just say that I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say that I was disgusted at T.C. His problem was that he realized how good he had it with Eve, and decided he wanted her back, now that she was finally happy. He sees the big rock on her finger and right away "I love you Eve... I was confused... lost... hurt!" well that’s just a load of crap. He wasn’t at all confused about throwing her out of the house, he wasn’t at all confused when he handed her the divorce papers, he wasn’t at all confused when he decided to blame her for every little thing that went wrong in their children’s lives. It wouldn’t surprise me if he even tried blaming Eve for Simone being a lesbian. He’s just mad because she’s happier with Julian then she probably was with him. I don’t care what anyone thinks, TC is one of the characters I was hoping would snuff it during the tsunami (die, people... die...) or the earthquake. No such luck so far. He was pretty quick to believe Liz’s story, though, even though she stabbed Julian. Speaking of Liz... Ugh. That is about all I had to say about her. Oh, and a few other words that I’ll leave out, since if I started. I’d never quit typing. She is SUCH an evil, twisted liar. I mean, she makes the phrase "They ask me why I look so dark... so twisted. I tell them that’s what Evil looks like," sound like some kind of nursery rhyme or something. She is probably almost as evil as Alistair, and he tried to kill his own flesh and blood! I mean, she sank really low when she tried to get Julian to make love to her, when she’s engaged to TC, and Julian is in love with Eve. I was glad that Eve thought about why Julian was stabbed in the back, since I thought for a moment she’d play dumb like everyone seems to on this show and not clue in to that minor detail. Actually scared Liz, for a second, but she thought up a story in time to save her evil butt. Of course, TC would believe anything Liz told him, instead of just believing Eve, whom he supposedly loves, that Liz is a liar, which she said BEFORE they found Julian.

God Katherine got on my nerves these past few weeks! Last week, I tried not to mention her because I knew that once I started I would never stop, but I’m sorry for all those Katherine fans out there (as few as there may be), but this week I am TOTALLY going to do some Katherine-bashing stuff here. First of all, just a little recap from last week, an Earthquake hits and RIGHT AWAY she runs to Martin. Oh, forget about the fact that she has a lot of her family not in the mansion but outside amongst all of the debris and in the middle of the earthquake... lets all run and see Martin, even though she supposedly loves her daughter so much, and is supposed to stay away from Martin to protect her daughter. I was just shaking my head when I saw her on that coffin, and actually laughed to myself saying how funny it would be if it somehow opened and her sister was inside, and while she screamed she got shut inside. Hey, I can dream, can’t I? Alright, that’s a bit harsh for me, but honestly, she’s just getting on my nerves. Sorry Katherine fans, but this is MY opinion, and if you didn’t want to hear it, or read it, you shouldn’t have clicked on the link to this page. Moving on... alright, I thought it was very, VERY generous of Pilar to all of a sudden start being kind to Katherine. That was actually pretty big of her, and it showed that deep down she’s still the same Pilar, who just happens to not care to much for a certain person. In all honesty, as much as I like Pilar, she needs to get herself some self-respect and dump Martin. She raised her family alone before, and they turned out fine. Yet Katherine AND Martin raised Paloma, and she’s pretty wild compared to what they originally believed. As far as I’m concerned, I greatly dislike both Martin and Katherine, and could care less if they left the show together. Ooo... it’ll break my little heart. Puh-leeze. Show would be better off then anyways, in my opinion. I could go on about Katherine, but this page could get pretty lengthy if I did.

Speaking of people who need some self-respect, personally I believe Gwen should just dump Ethan and find some other guy, because if he can’t keep his mind, eyes, hands even, off of Theresa, then he sure as heck doesn’t love her that much. I know she loves him, but really, she’s just starting to look bad. I’ve never been much of a Gwen fan, but I wasn’t a hater either, and I think she really needs to lose Ethan and get over the fact that he doesn’t love her the way he loves Theresa. I’m not saying I necessarily want Ethan and Theresa together, since for some reason I just can’t stomach Ethan anymore these past few weeks, but I think Gwen can do better and should try to.

This week we finally said good-bye to Edna Wallace. I felt like I should say something about her at the end of my column this week, so here it is. Wow. I knew she was leaving, but when it happened, all I could think was, "Wait a second... today’s her last day on the show!". Of course, she’ll probably come back later on, but it seemed like it was a shame to let her go now that she has a storyline away from Beth. Since there was rumors about Beth coming back, which lets face it she has to when Luis finds Marty, whenever that may be, I figure that’s when Mrs. Wallace will come back. I just hope her storyline doesn’t revolve entirely around Beth like the last one. We got to see that on her own, Mrs. Wallace is still as humorous as ever, that didn’t change. I thought it was very funny when she’s just calling up to God and saying, "Send me a sign!" and all of a sudden a sign floats to her saying "You are now leaving Harmony. Goodbye" and I was like, "Well, I guess that’s how they plan on getting rid of her. She’s going out with style, though, surfing her way out of Harmony and to her new life." I am looking forward to when she returns, but something tells me that I shouldn’t hold my breath, because it might take quite awhile, and I can’t hold my breath too long.

Ok, you sat through all of that reading what I wrote, and now we’re at the end. To sum EVERYTHING I just said entirely up, this week was eventful, and a bit exciting. It reminded me of the May Sweeps week when all the storylines are supposed to come to an end, or at least go somewhere for a change, and new storylines come in. Where’s the new storyline to make it like May Sweeps even more? Well, Simone, for one... and Julian and Liz’s whole deal. Things in Harmony are starting to get a little interesting...

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