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Passions Article

Jessica's Opinions

By Jessica

7/25/05 – 7/29/05

To start off, I guess I’ll talk about Noah and Fancy for a change. Did anybody else besides me think that Fancy was being completely ungrateful at the beginning of the week when Noah came and rescued her? "You could have killed me!" Well, hello, the guys from Vegas had her at gunpoint, telling her to shut up or else they’d shoot her, but oh yes, him going after her to rescue her is going to get her killed. Puh-leeze. I suppose, he could have caused her to be killed, but he didn’t, he got her out of the car ok and ready to rescue her. I think that everyone would like her a lot better if she were a little nicer to certain people, and a little less selfish. I can’t remember, since at that time I wasn’t really into Passions, but I don’t think Fox was even like that. Although, I suppose I could be wrong. Noah seemed pretty happy when she got out of the car ok, to say he hates her and everything. It’s so obvious that they both like yet hate the other, and yet they deny it over and over again. I got a major laugh when Noah was in that car and he was like, "Why do I care?".... awwwwwww how sweet... or more like, NOT. He was a little more naive then Fancy there. I still like these two characters, but when they have a scene together, they tend to get at each other’s throats. Their scenes finally in my opinion became much more bearable once they stopped arguing, which it seems they only stop arguing when their in danger together. So, at this rate, keep throwing would-be-rapists, almost-killers, and just plain annoying stupid people at them, and they’ll keep getting along. I thought it was a bit fake how Noah kept falling, then coming back up again... but at least these two FINALLY aren’t arguing. That’s hopefully a good sign. They seemed to get pretty close during that short amount of time, but they always did when dealing with people from Vegas.

Does anyone else but me think that ‘Maureen’ could be the new Beth in disguise? I don’t know why, but what she says and the way she says it just spells out Beth to me, and although I don’t think Mark looks that much like Marty, Sheridan obviously did, so in the show itself they must look a lot alike. I was suspicious just when Maureen was freaking out about going to the hospital, and she said things the way I remember Beth saying it. Maybe that money Alistair gave her wasn’t for her to go into hiding, but for plastic surgery... I just find it odd how a complete stranger would be so nice to Sheridan especially after Sheridan tried saying Mark was hers... if I were Maureen, I would have freaked completely! Not invite the stranger into my home where she could have access to my kid. I mean, that was just odd. And she has nothing to identify her at all... NOTHING! So even if she’s not Beth, there’s more to her story.

Chad and Whitney just sicken me... I sincerely hope it turns out that they are somehow not related, but I don’t know how. I just really want the truth about Miles to FINALLY come out, because that is one secret that has been kept for a little too long. All of a sudden now Whitney cares about Miles whereas before she wanted nothing, absolutely NOTHING to do with him. I guess in her situation I would be worried as well, but Chad needs to keep his hands off his half-sister.

Now, all of a sudden Eve looks better then Liz and TC is realizing just how good he had it when he was with her. Or else Liz’s clingy-ness is getting on his nerves. I had to LAUGH when he asked her to leave Julian and go back to him instead... oh, so the fact that she’s supposedly a murderous killer doesn’t bother him anymore? Puh-leeze. He just wants her because he "can’t" have her... because now she’s agreed to marry Julian. Either that or he wants revenge on Julian for some reason. Either way, Eve’s better off to stay with Julian, who has never faltered in his love for her. TC will try to play the guilt card by saying how Eve alone can put their family back together and all that crap when really their family isn’t going to change from the way it is.

Kay, Kay, Kay... how stupid can you possibly be? I LOVE her character, and the actor playing her does a pretty good job (in my opinion... don’t like it, then what the heck are you doing here!?) as well, but this week at some times she was just so stupid. Fox goes in and does his whole hero deal and she slaps him... why? For LOCKING lips??? Is it HIS fault she woke up when he was giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? No. Then, she slaps him again for saving her... I mean she’s taking a major leaf out of Fancy’s book, only slapping instead of arguing and attacking. Sparks are HIGHLY visible between this pair, and I thought it was really sweet how when Fox learned the phone was dead went over to Kay and sat down to make sure she was ok. No matter how much she slaps him or gives him a reason to dislike her, he continually saves her life and continually makes sure that she’s ok.

Sam, despite the fact that he’s no longer chief of police, still took control of the situation and directed firemen and policemen to save the elderly from the buildings, if still inside. The damage everywhere I thought was just totally unbelievable. To actually see such damage does wonders to a person. Alistair of course has to be a selfish pain in the rear by making the officials rush to the Crane tower, and for what!? To save his precious, priceless paintings. Normally I say that this show needs Alistair to keep trouble coming and to keep it interesting, but when I heard him say that I just freaked at how selfish he could be. Oh yeah, let those poor hurt elderly people stay buried under beams and god knows what else, so that Alistair Crane’s paintings can be spared from the horrible disaster... because they’ve already lived their lives. I hate to burst Alistair Crane’s bubble, but he’s just as old as them if not older. In my opinion, throw him into the Tsunami when it hits.

Was anyone else totally shocked to see that Luis was there with Sheridan? I thought it was the guy who, if you think back to the ‘adventure’ at the fishery, was following Fancy, but it turned out to be just Luis.

I thought that overall this week was pretty good. Maybe disasters should happen all the time, since the writers can’t seem to make the story good when happy things happen. I always knew about the impact that the disasters had on the victims who lived through it, but to actually see the destruction happen before your eyes, however fake it may be, and to see all those people hurt, all those homes that were bought with hard earned money destroyed. Ruined... it actually made me wonder what they plan on doing to get new homes built, and how those people can possibly get away from the Tsunami, at least the people who are supposed to survive. I’m very interested to see what happens (ah, how I love living in Canada... always a day ahead).

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