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Jessica's Opinions

By Jessica

7/18/05 – 7/22/05

To start, why not talk about how idiotic Jessica Bennett is. I mean, ok lets just pretend to understand what she’s going through, for a moment, shall we? Ok, her mother left her to live with a guy she recently found out was supposedly her real husband from when she had amnesia. She moved far away from her other family, who by the way Grace does still exist. So, Jessica is in desperate need of a motherly figure. Ivy is who she believes she can blame about her mother leaving... well, only Kay out of the Bennetts knows that Ivy was actually behind it, so really Jessica shouldn’t feel that way. Then, when her father is FINALLY happy again after their mother leaving, and, being as self-centered as she is, she makes life miserable for everyone else in her family so that she can have false enjoyment with a fake boyfriend who tells her he loves her but really doesn’t. Was anyone else totally booing Jessica and throwing popcorn— ok maybe that was just me— at the screen when she pressed charges against her own family? God she is so brainless and just plain dense that I really can say that I wish Sam and his family would just disown her. She deserves everything she has coming. Others reading this may argue that really she’s just misunderstood... well, that excuse doesn’t cut it anymore. She crossed the lines when she pressed charges against her own family... she can prostitute all she wants, she’s stupid enough to do that despite everything else, and she can hate her family and refuse to go with them all she wants, but there was no need to press charges. And then, to have a restraining order put on her own father! Does she not realize how pathetic she’s being? The whole time that Sam was reminiscing Jessica’s childhood I was just feeling so bad for him... Jessica needs to be a prostitute for one night just to see how bad it really is. I’m actually hoping someone will try to hurt her because at least then maybe she’ll learn a lesson and realize how much Spike does NOT care for her and how much her family does.

Did anyone else feel sooo sorry for Fox? The poor guy... he should have went to Kay in the first place (if you’ve seen previews of Tuesday’s episode, you’ll know what I mean. If you HAVEN’T, well I’ll just fill you in that they are the new hot couple for the summer, and you can tell they’re the new couple by judging the episodes this week they have been together in) instead of Whitney. I used to like Whitney, and I totally understand she’s going through a lot with the whole Miles and Chad thing, and maybe in that situation, others may say they would have done the same. But she can’t keep lying about Miles real biological father. That is NOT fair to Fox, for him to believe Miles is his child and that his own half-brother was a jerk enough to adopt the poor baby... and then when he goes to see him, not be allowed to. When it comes to that part, I understand also why Chad wouldn’t want Fox around the baby. That could cause a lot of confusion that isn’t necessary for the baby. Besides that, whether it was against his own will or not, legally Fox did give up his child, and is not supposed to have anything to do with the baby unless the baby wishes to see his biological father, which Fox isn’t anyway. Since Miles is way too young to care about that kind of thing or state an opinion about that, that’s not likely to happen for a few years. Still, that’s both points of view, and although I favor Fox in this situation, I’m just saying I understand where Chad is coming from. Maybe Whitney will get jealous if she sees Fox with Kay... well, just let her. On that note, I have to say that the writers aren’t trying to shove this new couple down our throats (as Michele and Cheryl would say, and have, in their columns) as they did with Fancy and Noah. True, Kay and Fox start off arguing, but it’s not as annoying only in the sense that they’re more down to earth about the whole thing. Fancy and Noah were supposed to be some hit couple, but won’t be because they can’t stop arguing about the same thing. It’s getting old— we all know that Noah thinks that Fancy is a spoiled self-centered little princess, and Fancy thinks that Noah is a jealous poor pathetic loser. We don’t need it repeated over and over and over again. This is why out of the two Bennett/Crane relationships, I prefer Fox and Kay.

I got a kick out of Mrs Wallace blackmailing Tabitha. It was hilarious, and I was glad when they brought these two back into the episodes. Mrs. Wallace has always been a very funny character, and Tabitha as well. Without these two, the show would probably be all about devastation, and there’s enough of that already. It was very funny when Edna asked Tabitha to make her look gorgeous and Tabitha muttered that there wasn’t enough magic in the world to do that. Mean, but funny. Then when she was playing matchmaker, how coincidental was it that Fancy and Noah were supposed to be ‘perfect’ together, huh? Honestly though, its obvious that they’re going to get together. I just wish they wouldn’t argue so much about the same things. But, I always was told that there’s a thin line between love and hate. Maybe that’s why Noah and Fancy can go from arguing to kissing in a matter of seconds. Hmm.. Who knows. I did wonder though... Mrs Wallace said that all the people she matched up were perfect together, and the matches all lasted except the one with her daughter. It makes me wonder if that’s not the man that Mrs Wallace mentioned before to Beth, that Beth was apparently in love with before she met Luis. Just because it was her first love, so maybe Mrs. Wallace matched Beth and that guy up. I was so sure when they started mentioning him that the writers were going to bring him onto the show, but I guess not. Did anyone else laugh their heads off when Mrs. Wallace was dancing with those two guys? I just found it hilarious. At least she’s getting out and not praying to the angels for her life now. I’m just trying to figure out what triggered Tabitha to want to cause the ‘disaster’ in Harmony... sure, she’s evil, but normally something makes her do what she does.

Theresa agreeing to go to dinner with Alistair can be describe with one word: Idiotic. Of course, other words will fit in here as well, such as stupid, retarded, bad idea, not good... the list goes on, but it happened anyway. All of this is supposed to say that Theresa will do anything for her children, but that can’t be the case if she’s never spending time with them. Does she really think that Ethan will want to be with her if she ends up dating Alistair and he finds out? Of course not, but after all ‘fate’ will bring Ethan and Theresa together, because their soulmates. Yeah, RIGHT... that’s just Theresa’s excuse.

Raise your mouse if you’re sick and tired of Gwen repeating what Theresa has done to her and Ethan comparing their situation with Theresa to other problems in town! First of all, Gwen has no right to say that Theresa’s killed Gwen’s child by saving her own. It was all random, and Theresa agreed to leave it in God’s hands, to decide which baby survived. She didn’t at the last minute tell Eve to save her child, so Gwen should keep her mouth shut if she can’t keep her facts straight. That part got on my nerves, because now Gwen’s not saying this because it’s the truth and she’s afraid Ethan forgets that, now she’s just saying it to turn Theresa into the bad guy. Theresa is by no means innocent, but neither is Gwen and she would do well to remember that. Now, on another topic about Gwen, she needs to stop worrying about what Theresa’s planning... at least ALL the time. If she doesn’t want Theresa to try anything, then do something about it, don’t sit in your safe little home worrying and repeating over and over again things that by now Ethan should have burned into his brain from her saying it again and again. It’s annoying and not necessary. Fine, let Gwen blame Theresa for things she DID do, that she knows Theresa did, but for god’s sake cut the little miss innocent act. If she was smart, she’d tell Ethan about the tabloid thing, because maybe her being honest with him would make him again think of how Theresa never is, and stay with her. Then she comes out all worried that Theresa is going to do something else, and worried about what Alistair is going to do to them. Oh, yeah, moving is such a grand idea, come off it is Gwen really that stupid? I mean for god’s sake Katherine and Martin moved and went through plastic surgery (even though to me they don’t look any different, maybe Alistair is supposed to be half blind or something) and Alistair found them, so what makes Gwen supposedly think that Alistair wouldn’t find them? No, what she’s doing is running away from her problems. Theresa is a problem to her because of the disk that her mother supposedly destroyed. Gwen’s probably worried that Theresa will go to Alistair to get that information, and we all know what Alistair is capable of. He knows EVERYTHING, absolutely everything, or so he believes. So Gwen’s afraid of that as well as she’s trying to keep Ethan away from Theresa because he continues to defend her, and continues to practically make it seem like it was Gwen’s idea to take Jane away from Theresa. Sure, she wanted that to happen, but Ethan is the one who could have stopped it and didn’t. Normally I don’t mind Ethan, but he needs to stop acting like he has no control over what happens to Theresa and that he has no part in any plan that goes on with the Cranes against Theresa.

Ah, Sheridan... she’s annoying by repeating that Marty is HER son, isn’t she? I mean, she can’t exactly conceive a child by herself, so she should cut the high and mighty act, and stop blaming Luis. If anyone should be blamed, it should be her. If she had listened to Luis when he told her to stay behind, he could have caught Beth. But no, Sheridan has to get on the other boat because after all she’s invincible, nothing could kill her, no not at ALL (sarcasm, people, sarcasm...) She gives blondes a bad name I swear to god she does. She goes after them, because its really going to help so much when Luis is trying to get a hold of the police to help stop Beth. And, had Sheridan listened, she wouldn’t have crashed into those logs (which I still say she had enough time and space even at the speed she was going at to swerve) and Luis wouldn’t have stopped his chase after Beth. I really wish Luis would have told her that all those times she blamed him, put the queen of innocence in her place. Her character lately is so sickening that every time I see a scene with her come on, I leave the room. She finally wants to be the daughter Alistair always wanted, so I say let her. That disaster that’s supposed to happen next week (Monday- Canada, Tuesday- US) will probably kill her. Her yearly death is long overdue, and since her actor said not everyone is going to make it, I figure that will be Sheridan dying. Sad as it is to say, she’s been so annoying lately I’m actually crossing my fingers. If it’s not her, then maybe its actually Alistair. He must be going to die soon, since Ethan brought it up in the first place. I had actually forgotten to realize that Alistair would die some time.

Of course, there’s the whole Las Vegas guys, my last rant for this weeks column. They’ve finally come to Harmony, to get Noah and Fancy... I have a feeling that once the goons from Vegas storyline is killed, Fancy and Noah will at least call a truce or something, and not argue so much. Its so obvious that they both like each other, and yet they continually argue about small little details, that don’t even matter. Maybe the Vegas guys will be around during the Harmony Disaster, and die... we still have yet to figure out who the big boss is, though. I still think that it’s Alistair, after all... Spike we believed to be the boss but then see him talking on the phone to HIS boss, meaning he’s not his own boss as he likes to let on like he is. Alistair was his boss, and I just think that he’s also the goons’ boss. Maybe that’s how Fancy and Noah will get away from them... Alistair will realize that the girl they met in Vegas was her, his favorite granddaughter... but I doubt he’ll care what happens to Noah, I mean he is a Bennett after all.

That is the end of my column for this week, and come back next week for more rants, raves, and just horribly honest opinions. As great as this show is, I’ll be the first person to say why it’s not great sometimes. In case there are any Sheridan or Gwen fans, I’m not trying to be offending to any of you, normally these characters aren’t all that bad, I was actually starting to like Gwen which is a big step considering I used to just hate her for her pathetic goody goody act. Maybe this week was just a bad week for her, or maybe the writers are trying to ruin another character. It wouldn’t be the first time.

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