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Passions Article

Jessica's Opinions

By Jessica

7/4/05 – 7/8/05

To start, I’ll talk about Sheridan. First, she wants Luis to find Marty. She’s practically forcing him to do the impossible to find Marty, and then she’s telling him that there’s no way he could find him. Then, she goes on yet again saying Marty is HER son... well she didn’t get pregnant by herself. Not only that, when Sam and Ethan were leaving, right away she needs to know where they’re going. Well, Sam has problems of his own, and so does Ethan. They both have ways of communicating Luis and Sheridan if anything happens, so what does it matter? Then, she gets all huffy, demanding to know what could POSSIBLY be more important then finding her son. Then she refuses to allow Luis to contact the police, they both have to go themselves because anyone else wouldn’t be discreet. So Luis puts his siren on! Sure, he explains that its just to get through traffic quicker, but then when he finally turns his siren off he leaves his lights on. Uh, HELLO, flashing lights are still going to be NON-discreet. What’s the difference? At least Sheridan acted somewhat smart, by pointing that little detail out. Again Sheridan said Marty was HER son, and Luis kindly pointed out that Marty was his son as well. Then, he gets all dreamy talking about them building a house in the country, and Sheridan again freaks out and says that if they don’t get Marty back, Luis and Sheridan won’t have a past, present, OR future. I have a few things I’d like to call Sheridan, but they’re names I would never say, or type on a public page. So I’ll let you use your imagination on this one. She continues to amaze me at how selfish and self-centered she can be. Normally, she ISN’T either of those things. Then, when she has a knife to her throat and a maniac behind her, she’s telling Luis to just shoot Beth. Now, I admit it didn’t seem like Luis was even trying to do anything, but how hard would it have been for Beth to move Sheridan in front of her so Sheridan would take the bullet? Obviously Luis noticed that, because he didn’t shoot even when Sheridan got ugly. So she just stomps on Beth’s foot... now honestly, couldn’t she have done that in the first place? Beth was watching the gun not Sheridan. Moving on to when Beth was taking the boat, and Luis went in another one, how CONVENIENT was it that there were THREE boats, and that Luis told Sheridan to stay back? Was he really stupid enough to believe that she would, when there was another boat there? Sheridan, by the way, is not a very good driver... at least in a boat. Beth turns, and Sheridan is so keen on following Beth, yet she doesn’t turn with her, and she had lots of time and space to turn after Beth... but no, she conveniently didn’t see the logs and conveniently crashed in them. That, ladies and gentlemen, was the big explosion that was supposed to happen to ‘change the lives of everybody in Harmony forever’... please. More like its another ‘oh lets kill off Sheridan and then miraculously bring her back to life because we’re out of ideas’ from the writers.

Fancy continues to be as dense as ever. There’s still some hope that she’ll clue in that Noah cared about her actual safety, but knowing the writers, same as it took forever for them to find out each others identities, and forever for them to go to Harmony, it will take forever for that to happen. Since Jessica is leaving with Spike, maybe somehow that will make Fancy and Noah meet up again and she’ll see that he WASN’T lying about his sister. I thought she had realized that, but when she was talking to Alistair, I saw that she still thought Noah lied about his sister being raped by Spike... which, although some may argue, that IS somewhat true... he had to drug her in the first place to get her to do anything at all. So, being who she is, Fancy repeats what she did in Vegas. What’s that? Why, nothing but asking her would-be-rapist to get even with Noah for her... only this time, she told her ‘Grampy’ that she wished someone would take the Bennett family down a few pegs. And sure enough, next thing you know, Sam is no longer chief of police. Surprise, surprise. Hopefully Fancy notices that like her mother said, she has a tendency to ruin people’s lives. Since I truly honestly believe she doesn’t realize that. Most of her life she’s probably been in a boarding school (I’m not really sure, but Fox I think was so... its not so far-fetched) and she hasn’t been around to see the evil her family in general has done. She doesn’t know that everything Noah said about her ‘Grampy’ and the rest of her family was pretty much true. In fact, I believe the quote from him would be ‘Your family makes the mob look like a bunch of Fairy Godmothers’. So maybe if she finds out that Alistair is the one backing Spike up, giving him the funds, and realizes her ‘Grampy’ is as evil as everyone says, maybe she’ll realize that she’s actually hurting people around her. People take what she says to seriously... so if she says she wants something to happen, most likely she’s just angry at the moment or upset... but Alistair or the weird would-be-rapist guy both took her words to heart. I think it could make their storylines a bit more interesting if Noah and the rest of the Bennetts find out that Fancy did have something to do with Sam no longer being the police chief. In fact, I often wondered if Fancy would become friends with Kay or something, not realizing she was a Bennett (maybe they meet at like the Blue Note or something) and then Noah comes and calls Kay ‘sis’... Fancy would probably freak out. I’m already crossing my fingers that the writers gradually get us used to Noah and Fancy by having them interact with their family more and THEN throw them in a scene together. Speaking of scenes, I enjoyed Fancy’s scenes with Ivy. I really liked to see Ivy tell her daughter she wanted to be a better mother to her. True, Fancy was suspicious, as always but then again, with her mother it’s a little bit more likely.

Theresa keeps stressing how good of a mother she is, but if I were to go back through every episode since she has had Little Ethan, how many scenes has she had WITH him that she was spending time with him and not plotting for Ethan? Very few, I’m sure. These parents on the show never seem to be around their young kids (so Sam not being around Kay is not a big deal, she’s grown up, but like 5 year olds is sort of what I mean here). Tabitha Lennox is the only good mother I’ve seen, in the sense that she’s almost always around Endora. Although that’s probably because she needs her powers, she is still around her child the most. Theresa is as DUMB as ever... she is so set on finding this evidence against Rebecca and Gwen, and yet she sneaks into the nursery to see Jane. I understand that she wants her child, I can sympathize that totally, but its too risky! The only good that came out of that was she overheard Gwen and Rebecca talking about the evidence. So, if Pilar had any doubts, she shouldn’t now since she heard about it with her own ears. What I thought was REALLY dumb, though, was that after Gwen and Rebecca left, Theresa stayed in the nursery. That wasn’t just a ‘quick second’ to me, like she insisted to her mother it would be. And what happens? She decides to make a deal with Alistair anyway, the ‘devil himself’ as Theresa said.

Who else to talk about... oh, I know, what about Martin and Katherine? Am I the only one they annoyed this week? For god’s sake, they are supposed to be staying away from each other to protect Sheridan from finding out that she killed her Aunt. But are they? NO! They’re hugging and holding hands and kissing and the whole time I’m just thinking about how much they must really care about their children’s lives. They stress so much about how their children are more important then ANYTHING else and yet here they are, putting themselves first when they agreed for Katherine to stay at the mansion, and Martin to renew his vows. I know some people think that this is some horrible deal because they’re in love yada yada yada they should be with each other. Well, be that as it may, they made a deal. And I can see it already, as soon as Katherine finds out her dear daughter is dead (although I’m sure the writers will bring her back, if they even DID ‘kill’ her off) she’ll go running into Martin’s arms since Alistair will have no hold on her. Predictable, and yet I’m throwing up a little at the mere thought. I have absolutely NOTHING against KMart fans, but really I hate them a lot of the time, at least their scenes together. Stick them with their families, and then throw them in our faces.

And then there was one... I was shocked to see Alistair actually acting HUMAN to someone. Mainly Fancy. I see him go up to her and greet her with open arms. He’s laughing he’s joking, come on he’s actually acting happy to see someone for a change. It was scary. Why, I wonder, is he so attached to Fancy? Even Ivy said, or I’m pretty sure it was Ivy, that Alistair has always liked Fancy. But why? How was she any different from Fox or their sister? I guess we’ll just have to find that out...

Well, that’s all for this week, except one thing I have to add. Anyone else notice how they’ve been mentioning Miguel lately? Just like they were mentioning Noah and Fancy, and next thing we knew, there were two new characters in Vegas. Since Jesse Metcalfe is on Desperate Housewives now, if they are bringing Miguel back, then they must have replaced him. I just hope they don’t bring Charity back, unless she’s different, because I really don’t feel like hearing ‘I’m sorry Miguel... I had to leave... there was no space for me in your life with Maria being born... I love you but I have to pretend like I don’t’ again. That would totally make Noah and Fancy’s scenes together look top notch. Until next week....

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