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Passions Article

Jessica's Opinions

By Jessica

6/27/05 - 6/29/05

What exactly was with Sheridan? I understand completely that she’s been without her child for so long, and that may make some people go a little wacked out, but she went from somewhat sane to completely insane! She had that weird look, like she was ready to kill at any second. I kept looking from Beth to Sheridan and I could tell that they were sisters... considering they both were talking crazy talk. And I realize that they thought they couldn’t shoot at the car because of Marty being in it... I would be worried about that too. But how else did they plan on stopping her? Asking her nicely? Doubtful. I honestly wish the writers could make a reasonable storyline continuation for this part, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

I have to hand it to Beth though... she’s definitely doing a pretty good job at playing with Sheridan’s mind. Trying to make her turn against Luis, by saying Luis loved HER, not Sheridan... after all, who did he believe about Marty? And obviously that did get to Sheridan, because she started to think back to when Luis didn’t believe her about Beth coming at her with a knife, and then she remembered just recently about Beth saying how Luis never believed Sheridan. Then BANG!!!! Her hand flies up and slap Luis. Although I don’t necessarily agree with Sheridan’s actions, I’m glad it finally happened because Sheridan has been looking ready to kill for a while now, and now that its happened (the slap I mean) maybe she’ll either decide to lose Luis or forgive him, because her being mad at him because he believed Beth and not her is getting real old real fast.

As for Rebecca, even though I knew she was lying, I could tell so easily that she was faking the whole ‘lets put this behind us’ crap... just the way she SOUNDED. I knew that she would want Theresa to have supervised visits, as I said in last weeks column... after all, what better way to keep Theresa from looking for the evidence she needs to prove Gwen and Rebecca were behind Ethan’s paternity thing being leaked to the tabloids? Which reminds me... it appears that ‘Poison Ivy’ might be back after all. And Gwen is finally giving up her goody-goody act. Not to be offensive to any Gwen fans, since I know how some people can get touchy about their faves being put down (my brothers girlfriend happens to be a Gwen fan), but I hated the goody-goody act. I mean, it just didn’t suit her at all! Same as when you see Rebecca pretending to be nice... its just pathetic.

Fancy, as much as I like her, I hate her. Why? BECAUSE SHE IS BEING SO FREAKING DUMB AND SELF CENTERED!!!! She really could be a promising character, if the writers would write her a proper storyline and build her character up better. Until then, she’s going to be VERY annoying, even to me. Here’s hoping the writer’s realize that we’re choking to death on Fancy’s bad storyline!!!! Until next week.....

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