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Passions Article

Jessica's Opinions

By Jessica

10/3/05 Ė 10/7/05

This week we finally got to see the Passions cast OUT of the Seascape. It was a nice change... Iím glad that the writers didnít make the cast in the Seascape for only a little while, but there wasnít much happening AT the Seascape other then some more Alresa moments and a wedding. Which, by the way, was the most disgusting and unrealistic thing yet. Ok, so at least the writers didnít COMPLETELY ignore the fact that Alistair is still married... so, in that sense, I suppose that it COULD have been much worse. Sometimes I think this show must be wrote by monkeys.... hey, if that were the case, Iíd think this show was always VERY well written, considering. But the writers are not monkeys, they are humans... and so I donít think this show is always VERY well written. Ok, so its true that Katherine was presumed dead and everything, but surely a DNA test would prove she isnít? If they REALLY didnít want Alistair to be able to marry Theresa, wouldnít they have brought THAT up instead of sitting there calling Alistair the same name over and over again? Katherine especially... youíd think sheíd want to make a good impression on Martin, make his life harder then it already is. 

You know, when I heard that Luis was supposedly dead on Passions, I just groaned and was BEGGING the TV, which obviously couldnít hear me, NOT to let anyone tell Sheridan. I was picturing in my head what would happen the next episode... actually, I was watching it with my grandmother and I just groaned and said, "Oh great, now weíll get to listen to Sheridanís ĎOh Luis why was I such a jerk and told you to screw off until you found MY son, WHY!?!?!?í..." and sure enough, the next day Sheridanís blaming herself continually... all I had to say then, while drinking my chocolate milk : ) was "And so it begins...". Like all stories on this show involving Sheridan, it will be annoying and endless. First she goes blaming her father for tearing her and Luis apart when really it was her own thick-headedness (which isnít even a WORD!!!!) And stupidity that broke them apart. At least now sheís admitting to herself that it was really HER fault, not her fathers. It gets tiring when people blame their problems on Alistair... sometimes, if not most of the time, Alistair is behind it, but on those rare few times that he isnít and people know they can blame him anyway, its annoying. That would be like me breaking a window in my house and telling my parents that some weird people we know did it... which wouldnít be unlikely, since its something they WOULD do, but it would be blaming someone else for my own problems. 

I was glad that the writers brought back Paloma... I had almost thought they forgot about her. And, what a way to bring her back.... getting into trouble with the law. Seems like Pilar and Martinís children arenít saints after all. Thereís one more thing to add to the list of things-that-never-would-have-happened-if-Martin-would-have-stayed-at-home-and-not-run-off-with-his-lover that Theresa is going to use against him. I can see it now... 

Theresa: Papa donít even think about lecturing me or giving me advice. I am an adult and you werenít there when I was growing up so what gives you the right to try and control me.

Pilar: Theresita your father and I...

Theresa: Shut up, ok just SHUT UP I am TIRED of you sticking up for him all the time, tired of you trying to make what he did seem right. Why are you with him, he loves another woman and yet here you are keeping him with you. He doesnít love you, he just feels guilty and decided to stay with you instead. You're just like GWEN!

Ohhh... that went too far... but you get my point. Another storyline repeat, which I think this show is known for more repeats like that then any show... except maybe The Simpsons... but, like, thatís The SIMPSONS, they rock ; ). At least it doesnít have retarded people... well, ok it does but it makes it funny! Back to Passions though... I really laughed when Theresa said she would have some control over Alistair. COME OFF IT this is ALISTAIR CRANE, he rules people not the other way around. Being married to him is only going to guarantee that she sees Jane, gets money, and that sheís continually raped. What a wonderful future she has in store... (insert sarcasm with that line!)

Was anyone else cursing at Gwen when she got mad because Ethan might now pretend that Gwen really WAS Janeís mother? NEWS FLASH GWEN, she is NOT your child, you are the STEP MOTHER not the mother and there is no way Ethan would have pretended you were the mother whether it was his child with Theresa or some random hooker... but of course, she hates Theresa so much and thinks that Theresa is as bad as Alistair, so lets blame Theresa for brainwashing Ethan. Its sad, really. I donít mind Gwen, sheís normally ok, but she wants to do exactly what Ivy did with Ethan. Ivy made Ethan believe that Julian was his father when really it was Sam. I can see already that in the years to come when Jane and Little Ethan grow up, Theresa will have run away and Jane and Little Ethan will fall in love only to find out they are half-brother and half-sister... bringing us back to the incest story. Then, of course, Jane will be angry that she was lied to, and it will be a complete repeat of history. ENOUGH WITH THE REPEATING STORYLINES ALREADY! We get it JER, your not the brightest crayon in the box and your ideas are so limited that you have to repeat every few years. Hire new writers if thatís the case. And while your at it, donít forget to remind your current writers that Sheridanís death is late this year. Or is Luis going to take her place in the I-die-once-a-year-but-come-back-to-life-when-theres-no-other-story-to-work-on spot?

Iím glad that Sam decided that if Jessica didnít confess he would turn her in, because what he said is true, she would likely be safer being away from the drugs, sex and most importantly Spike, and it would look better for her if she confessed. Maybe the drug usage would lighten the blow, or maybe it would make things worse. But even being in jail would be better then selling herself for a guy who doesnít love her, OBVIOUSLY since if he did heíd be the one in bed with her, not some john. Although we all know that this will only add to the fire with Jessica... sheíll somehow end up not being in jail for whatever reason, and sheíll be convinced that since her dear old dad turned her in, he must not love her after all... and just when she thought he really did care. Right... REPETITION MUCH?

This week is a little short, since its holiday time and such, but hopefully next week on Passions will be improved... even just slightly. Happy Thanksgiving, Rosh Hashana, Columbus Day... all that holiday stuff : )

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