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Passions Article

Jessica's Opinions

By Jessica

9/19/05 Ė 9/23/05

Eve never ceases to amaze me... why does TC want her again, exactly? She decides to FLEE the Country because sheís sooo sure that sheíll be found guilty of a crime she didnít commit. Most people, even with the help of a Crane, donít stand a chance to fleeing the country ESPECIALLY when Alistair all but spits in your face. So she decides, before fleeing to Country, to see her darling Whitney, proving yet again she favours her eldest daughter over Simone. Both Eve and TC acted so shocked when Simone accused them of loving Whitney more then her over the years, and while in the middle of denying it, Whitney waltzes right into the house, and of course their parents drop EVERYTHING about Simone to welcome Whitney home and to tell her how glad they are that sheís home... WHAT were they just saying? So of course, thatís old news, and you're probably wondering why I even brought it up... Actually, I brought it up to prove Simoneís point, to show evidence that Eve and TC couldnít care less about Simone IF Whitney is around. So Eve, when asked by Simone and Chad why she never went to them to say Good-bye, says she knew that she would for sure never see Whitney again since she would soon be sheltered from the outside world and any visitors at all, and that Eve could write to Simone and Chad... EARTH TO EVE: You would have been considered a criminal soon, and if your name just happened to pop up on an envelope, or Julianís name, the letter would have been thrown out and you would have been hunted down and thrown into jail once found. Using the saying I used last week, sheís not the brightest crayon in the box. It was a nice excuse, I suppose, to cover up that she favours her first-born with TC over her youngest daughter and first-born with Julian. I was shocked that she didnít tell Chad, since he links her to her precious Julian. Notice how she told both Julian and TC that she needed more time to decide between the two of them, and yet here she is with Julian, and she didnít even call TC down to the jail to see her when she called her kids. Thatís always a great way to say "I love you" isnít it? To prove how stupid she was, she said "I would have killed her father if I knew what he was doing" or something like that, and she thinks THAT is going to help her case? If sheís willing to have killed him, why not Alistair, Julian, or Liz? In general I know that Eve is a nice person, and I get that. But everybody knows what everyone thinks of the Ďgoodí side of her... this would be very boring if I just said, "Eve is awesome. She is like SOOO nice! I canít believe that Liz is such a meanie towards her... like, oh my god...". Donít you think so too?

While on the subject of Eveís brilliant idea to leave the country, or I guess, JULIANS brilliant idea, Iíll talk about everyoneís favourite bad guy gone good (although I myself prefer the good guys gone bad : ) hehe), JULIAN! Give him a pat on the back for deciding to weasel a confession out of Rebecca... oh, wait, I forgot, that wouldnít have helped Eve that much anyways, so what does it matter? I may be wrong, so anyone wanting to correct me if I am can just look me up under my Delphi Forums account, Foah757 (or Foah_757... I have my username and stuff saved so I never have to remember, which is why I never can...), but Eve was still a SUSPECT at the time of a crime, a main suspect... under the impression she would be found GUILTY. So would she not still be in jail, because of those reasons, if Rebecca for some dumb reason confessed? True, Eve would be innocent, but as a main suspect she still tried to flee the country. The best that could happen is she might get a few years knocked off, or get a chance at parole quicker, but in real life I doubt she would get freedom. Thatís unrealistic, but then again, this is Passions, the show that has proved numerous times just HOW unrealistic they can be. Like a Department Store filled with showers that were CONVENIENTLY working when the power was out (although I SUPPOSE there could have been a generator that the place was running on... leaving that to the imagination of the viewers), or Jessica just HAPPENED to burst into the Bennett house when Ivy was there and she was talking about Fancy and Noah with Sam.... not to mention that in the same trial, Ethan and Gwen got custody of Jane as well as won against Theresa in the case over Gwenís attacking her. I could mention so much more, but to save time, space, and the eyes of the readers, Iíll just tell you that thereís a lot more to be thought of and Iím sure even as you are reading this, you are thinking of multiple times that this show has been unrealistic (without the Tabitha/Endora storyline, of course).

Moving on, was it a shock to anyone that Fancy would just HAPPEN to be in the Storage room looking for her Evening jacket when Noah went in there to kill or dispose of a rat? I know I wasnít, but I suppose there are some people out there that arenít exactly all that bright, which is what the writers appear to think we ALL are like. What happened to Noahís "Stay on our own side of the tracks" bit? He forgot about that pretty quickly. For a moment, I would like to address any Foah fans reading this: I love this couple, every moment they have together.... still, as I said above, this would be boring and not very much fun to read if I went on about how great they are. I know that there are a lot of Foah fans out there, so to save myself from any problems, I just wanted to say that : ) . Back to reality... Alistair was kind of creeping me out. First of all, the front door was only JAMMED, so why didnít he or the police officer continue trying to open it? And, when they did try to open it, why didnít Fancy or Noah hear the noise and go to see who was trying to get in? While on the topic of the door, why was Liz able to so easily open the door when Noah, Fancy, Alistair AND a police officer couldnít? Alistair of course was grossing me out when he kept watching his favourite granddaughter kiss his enemies grandson (because, if you remember, Alistair for whatever reason had something against the Bennetts after a feud of some sort that went on between him and Samís father)? He wasnít getting into the room, in fact he was trying to hide... and yet he saw Fancy without hesitation kiss Noah, and still waited, watching... she didnít push him away after the first few minutes, so sheís not about to after that. Then Alistair says to himself that heíll give Fancy ONE more chance to redeem herself by not giving herself to Noah... a little late, Grampy. But, for a moment Iíll pretend Noah and Fancy are both innocent virgins (yeah, RIGHT and Iím Santa Claus...)... why would Grampy expect Fancy NOT to??? She obviously has feelings for Noah which he already must have picked up on, and he didnít actually TELL Fancy that. He saw her leave with Noah, he must have since he followed them... so why would he expect her to know heíd give her that other chance? Sheís no mind reader, and lets face it, sheís not exactly Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew.

Of course, Fancy and Noah, being as obsessed with each other as they are, decide to leave... like the reason they were leaving wasnít obvious to Liz... she wasnít born yesterday, she knows what goes through the minds of men and women. So they leave, and WHAT does Alistair do? He follows them... and then WATCHES as the do the deed... I mean, for Godís sake Alistair, get a mistress! Oh wait, I forgot, he has one... Theresa. Theyíll be announcing their engagement any day now. *ducks as Theresa fans throw rotten tomatoes* Itís the truth, whether you choose to be oblivious to it or not. I thought it was a relief that the writers finally decided that they wanted this couple together. I myself was getting very sick of the whole I love no wait I hate you charades. Of course like all relationships on Passions, there will be the stones... or, with Alistair and Tabby at work, boulders... in their paths, but theyíll get through it eventually... we hope anyways. After all, Shuis and Savy are still having problems.

I was glad that, after a while, Ivy acted like a mother and felt the need to defend Fancy, as well as Noah and Sam, and protect her in a way. For once, Ivy actually acted like she gave a damn about her daughter, and thatís saying something. We all KNOW she cares for her, obviously, but this is the first real sign since Fancy has been back on the show. I did find it sad, when Fancy told Noah she couldnít be with him, but at the same time I was relieved that Fancy for once is doing something human... of course, it took falling in love with the guy to get to that point, but Fox had his own issues until HE fell in love, and look at him now! So, hereís hoping Fancy will be less self-centered then she has been in the past, among other things... more people will like her character the day that happens, and who knows? That day may be just around the corner...

Pilar and Martin both decided that, as Theresaís parents, it was their responsibility to help save her from Alistair. I understand that completely, and although I have my own thoughts about their actions, I know Theresa deserved a lot more then a brief kidnapping ordeal. Now, if I were Pilar and Martin I would have likely done the same thing, or at least have disciplined her a little... but she IS technically an adult, and despite the fact that they had her best interests at heart, they canít force her to stay home. She could pull a Jessica and have a restraining order put on them for continually taking her away from her new home. Theresa may be very stupid at times, but sheís NOT stupid enough to not use the fact that sheís an adult against her parents.

Welcome back Mackenzie Westmore! I was glad when near the end of this week she was back... Shannon did ok, thereís nothing wrong with her at all, but its way too weird to see a new Sheridan when Mackenzie has been doing the role of her for so long. I was glad that Sam tried to remind her that she couldnít forget about Marty and Luis just because she had James and Chris there. She needed that reminding, although Iím sure sheíll forget eventually as she always does.

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