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Passions Article

Jessica's Opinions

By Jessica

9/12/05 – 9/16/05

First of all, for this week I want to begin this column with more ‘complaints’ and opinions on the court trial. What did questioning the daughters and TC solve? Nothing. That shouldn’t have even been allowed... they were NOT there at the time when the crime that Eve supposedly committed (although we all know she didn’t) happened, nor did they hear any arguments go on between Liz and Eve. All the questioning of the two daughters did was make the jury prejudiced against Eve, and any real judge would have disallowed that. Then, there was when Julian refused to say who wanted him dead... his hesitation. Because of his recent history with Eve, and the silence from him that followed the question, right away that’s going to make the jury hesitant and think, "Who’s he trying to protect?". As Julian said, many people would have wanted him dead, and the list could be quite long, but Julian could have mentioned TC, for one. Although of course he wouldn’t, since that might upset Eve... heaven forbid should she be upset. Here’s a question... even though the judge orders for the jury to forget about what they just recently heard in cases like when the questioning or answer is out of order, how can he or she prove that the jury won’t still think back to that and say, "Oh well she’s such a horrible person, just look at her past! Two eye witnesses that saw the whole thing... she MUST have done it, there’s no other suspects!"? True, the jury isn’t supposed to, but that’s always going to be an issue. That judge, I might add, was allowing ‘Nancier" away with far too much... she goes on and on and on, attacking the witnesses with personal questions, and finally after Ethan objects the judge stops her. As soon as Ethan starts what may or may not have been a question that was unnecessary, the judge is right at him telling him to stick to the facts. Now what I don’t get is if Nancier could call upon another witness that wasn’t on her witness list, why can’t Ethan? He should be able to call Rebecca, since he never got to question her completely.

I wish the writers would hurry up Fancy and Noah’s relationship. Its obvious that at some point or other Fancy will make the decision her mother made, choosing her money or Noah... but its getting a little tiring. Just when they seem to be getting along well, and doing fine, the writers go and ruin whatever ‘friendship’, ‘relationship’ of any kind, or ‘truce’ they may have made completely. They’re a cute couple, but enough is enough. Break them up, or put them together in an official relationship, but enough with the I-love-you-no-wait-leave-me-alone crap. I will admit I am a ‘Foah’ or ‘Fanah’ fan, but I am not naive or oblivious to their faults, and their constant arguing is one of the worst ones. After reading several spoilers, I know what will happen next week, and what is going to happen next with the dynamic duo... so we’ll have to see if the writers make the same mistakes. I know that people think that ‘Foah’ is a Shuis replacement, since Sheridan is interested in Chris and Luis is busy looking for Beth, but I think its actually now become a mixture of Shuis and Savy... Shuis, for obvious reasons (meet, hate at first sight, fall in love, fight etc)... but Savy because like Ivy, Fancy has to choose what she loves more... her grandfather and the large sum of money he has to offer, or Noah Bennett, the man she’s developed feelings for. Ivy didn’t have too much of a choice, or at least I don’t think she did, but its all the same. An arranged marriage between to rich families to merge two competing companies, despite the fact that the woman who doesn’t want the arranged marriage is ‘inlove’ with someone else. So maybe the writers are trying to combine two of the most liked couples to make a ‘super couple’? If that’s the case, it isn’t working well... many people may love ‘Foah’, but there are too many people that are ‘disgusted’ with them for them to be a super couple.

Since I referred to Ivy in the above paragraph, I think that I’ll talk about her here. Why does she INSIST continually in interfering in her children’s lives? I understand that she doesn’t want Fancy to make the same mistake she did, by marrying for business... but what does it matter if Fancy is in love with Noah or not? Ivy was glad at first when she thought there was someone Fancy was interested in, then all of a sudden she clues in that its Noah, and she gets angry about it. I’m just glad for once she supplied a plausible reason for it this time instead of "You ruin the lives of everyone you meet" again. Of course, I was flabbergasted when Ivy lied to Ethan and said she was there and that Theresa concocted some story to sound good to Ethan. Yet again, she involved herself in her children’s lives. She seems to have a thing against the Lopez-Fitzgerald ‘children’ as well as the Bennett kids... of course with the Bennett’s, its perfectly fine that she’s with Sam, but not ok for Kay to be with Fox and Fancy to be with Noah... come to think of it, she just seems to not like the Crane and Bennett women... Kay, Fancy... I can just imagine what it will be like if and when they bring Fox, Fancy and Ethan’s sister on to the show... that should be interesting... Ivy is one of the characters I enjoy on this show in general, but when she gets obsessed and caught up in her kids lives, trying to do what she thinks is best for them, I put my foot down.

I wish Theresa and Gwen would stop fighting over Ethan. He is far from worth either of their attention let alone both of them at once. At one time he may have been well worth the fights and arguments, but now both of these women need to realize that instead of fighting over him they should be fighting over who gets stuck with him. What’s so great about him anymore? He marries a woman because he knocks her up... while she’s pregnant and close to going into labor, he’s off on the beach trying to sleep with another woman that he originally loves... all of a sudden their baby dies and he acts like he is such an excellent man all of a sudden. Then if that’s not bad enough, he sleeps with Theresa again, who has a blonde WIG on. It may have been dark, but nobody can help but notice the difference in their skin cooler. Gwen is almost pale and Theresa is a darker color to begin with... he goes on telling his wife, convincing her, that he thought Theresa was her, basically making Gwen hate her even more, and then when Gwen’s not around, he tells Theresa that he knew all along it was her, giving her false hope. And he wonders, as well as Gwen, why she continually insists that fate meant for them to be together! Come off it, he’s not that stupid. Both women should get over him. I don’t care really for either one of them much, but in that sense Ethan is one of the characters I don’t like.

Liz and Rebecca... celebrating together!? What’s wrong with THAT picture!? Both of them know the other is lying about one thing or another, yet because the trial isn’t over yet, they won’t say anything. I guess they don’t want the other to stab them in the back and then turn around and smile in their face. Rebecca... does she really think that once Eve is locked up, that Julian will go back to her? That’s not very likely, and she’s not that stupid... so she MUST want to just remain a Crane and not go back to a Hotchkiss... but what makes her so sure that Julian won’t divorce her anyways? Then there’s Liz... to others she may be nice, but when it comes to her sister she’s nothing but poison, dripping with the desire for revenge. Who would have thought that when she was introduced back when Sheridan had amnesia, that she would have turned out so twisted and jealous? I sure didn’t, I know that much for sure. I wonder what Rebecca will say when she realizes her ‘Pookie’ has run off with his mistress who is trying to avoid going to jail?

Is Sheridan making anyone else sick to their stomachs? I know a lot of people don’t like the new temporary Sheridan, but I could care less whether it was the new or old Sheridan... the character is still getting on my nerves. Let’s review what happened when she first lost Marty, shall we? First, she begins by telling Luis that Marty is NOT his child with Beth, but actually the presumed dead child with her. She’s considered by most to be going a little crazy from the stress she’s going through. While Sheridan slowly pushes Luis away, Beth goes in for the kill trying to make Luis hers. Yeah, right, like THAT will ever happen. Finally, it is revealed that *GASP!* Marty is her child! After trying to convince someone for so long it comes out that she was right.... and he was wrong. 1 Sheridan, 0 Luis. So then the poor guy goes and tries his hardest to find Beth... who escapes yet again. She gets away, but not without a little help from Alistair, and Marty is as good as gone. Sheridan goes, and blames Luis. Because it was after all HIS fault that she went against his orders and got into a boat to chase after Beth as well... and of course it HAD to be his fault that she was too stupid to turn away from the logs... she had enough time to, but she didn’t. She must have been, *ahem*, ‘stressed out’. And she gets mad at Luis yet again for not believing her. Its old news Sheridan, and blaming Luis is not going to miraculously toss Marty into your arms. Get over it. Ok, so then we all start to think the good old kind Sheridan may be back, because it appears she’s going to talk it out with Luis. Of course, folks it’s a false alarm, and she tells him to find HER child because he didn’t believe her. She seems to have forgotten that it takes more then one to make a child. So we all know that... its old news, but I thought I should remind everyone for the sake of what I’m going to say. All of a sudden, its poor helpless Sheridan. Lets all feel sorry for her because she lost her child as well as Luis... even though it was inadvertently her fault as well for losing her child, and completely her fault for losing Luis... we should feel sorry for her. Not a scene goes by that Sheridan isn’t telling Chris that she wishes she could be with her child and that because of her FATHER she lost Luis and Marty... her father may be at fault for a lot of her misery, but certainly not for losing Luis. She shoved him away and told him she didn’t want to ever see him again unless HER child was in his arms. Right... that makes me feel completely bad for her. I do feel bad that she lost her child, but I’m tired of her playing the Guilt Card with Chris... if she wants to be with him for awhile to pass the time, have at it, but for the love of God stop talking about how its your fathers fault for losing Luis... its not, its your own fault, get over it and deal with it. She doesn’t waste a second to move on with Chris while her ‘love’ is out looking for their child, yet she gets mad because Luis supposedly had a child with Beth and because he didn’t shoot at her when he had the chance. Sheridan, to me, could be as bad as her father, but because he’s caused her so much pain, she’s basically decided not to be so that she can always have the excuse that everything bad was her ‘Fathers fault’.

Lets see...who do I have left to talk about... oh, I know, how about Alistair for a change. Why is it that if he knows Fancy has feelings for Noah, and that she was thinking about him, that he didn’t put two and two together and realize the date she didn’t want him to know about was actually Noah? Alistair supposedly knows everything, so why not that? And, if he does know and just hasn’t acted like he knew, why has he not gotten angry at Fancy about being with Noah and told her that his protection over Noah was as good as gone? Or has everyone forgotten about the protection now, that it doesn’t matter? Perhaps the writers didn’t realize that they had wrote that into the storyline, and will put those two together anyways. Fancy, for once, showed before that she was not completely naive to her grandfather’s ways, and that she knew if she was with Noah he’d be in danger and once Alistair was angered, the odds would be in his favor... that was what, just last week? So why exactly is it that everyone seems to have forgotten about that?

WHY is it that the writers keep changing the actors of the children to make them older? Does it really matter? Why can’t they, for once, let the children grow up as the characters are? I’m surprised Endora’s stayed a child as long as she has. I’m sure by next year she’ll be what, 10 years old? Right... and the parents will always be as young as they are, growing younger still even though their kids will soon have kids of their own... RIGHT. But hey, the parents don’t truly care about their kids anyways, so what’s it matter right? Nobody will even notice. Even Theresa seems to not care all that much about her kids... sure, she acts like she does, but notice whenever she mentions getting back what’s rightly hers or what she deserves, she always says "I’ll get Ethan and Jane back"... its always, ALWAYS about Ethan. Gwen of course is obsessed with keeping Jane away from Theresa that I sometimes wonder if she even cares about Jane... maybe she just cares about making sure Theresa is unhappy and miserable. Even if that’s the case, she still cares for Jane more than the actual biological mother does. Of course, Sheridan acts like she cares about Marty, but hey who cares? She has James now, and Chris... they can both be there for her while Luis goes looking for Beth and Marty... I hope that Luis meets someone and falls in love with her because Sheridan doesn’t even deserve him anymore.

With that said, I think that Passions sometimes can be the greatest, or the most annoying, show to ever be made. Storylines from when the show began are still going on, and the storylines everyone thought was over come back and show their ‘faces’. Other storylines have basically been abandoned, and perhaps JER thinks that we’re stupid, because he continues to do all of that. So why do we watch this show again? I sometimes honestly wonder... maybe, for me, its because it can be so unrealistic with its ghosts and angels and witches... not to mention the fake court trials. The ratings of Passions will probably never be high, but this show will still be a favorite amongst many.

Before I end this week’s column, I have a few more rants... about the paternity results going to the tabloids. Why, WHY is it such a big deal? As far as I know, the paternity results were just a rock in Theresa and Ethan’s path. What makes Theresa think that if she gets the proof that Gwen and Rebecca were the real culprits who sent the results to the tabloid, that Ethan will go to her? Sure, he may leave Gwen, but why would he go into the welcoming arms of the other woman who continually lies? Theresa may have been framed for a few things, such as pushing several people down the stairs, as well as the tabloids, but there was still a lot of other things she lied about, promises she made yet broke. Gwen, as well, has lied her fair share, and lied about one of the most important problems that Ethan has had other then the love triangle he’s got going on. She’s continually lied about the same thing, making Theresa look bad and worse than she is. Don’t get me wrong, I know for sure that Theresa is anything but a saint, VERY far from it, but that has happened. So why would Ethan want to be with either of them? As far as I’m concerned, they both lied to him their fair share, and even if Theresa finds the proof she needs and Ethan leaves Gwen, that doesn’t mean he’ll go to Theresa. Then again, he’s stupid that way, so who knows. But that’s all for this week, although I could go on and on endlessly about certain characters that have been lately getting on my nerves.

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