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Passions Article

Jessica's Opinions

By Jessica

6/20/05 - 6/24/05

To start, I’ll talk about the whole Whitney and the nursing thing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t putting a baby up for adoption NORMALLY mean that the mother is no longer a part of that child’s life, and has nothing to do with it? So why was it cruel for her to not want to nurse Miles? Normally, they would just take the baby to the hospital. Not only that, but why would they want to waste time asking Whitney to nurse Miles back to health, when they could have taken him to the hospital? Knowing Passions, Whitney would have probably gone, and they could have asked her there. I’m really beginning to not like this part of the storyline... I mean all that happens is the same thing, different day... they ask Whitney to hold or nurse Miles.... she almost slips up about who Miles real father is. On that note, I also think that Fox and Chad were acting a little dumb... (as in not smart, as in they didn’t put two and two together) Whitney said Miles was already part of the incest party, well who do we know that she’s related to that she used to date and do... stuff with? Chad. It wasn’t hard to figure out.

Then there was the whole Beth trying to hide with Marty story... why would Beth even bother asking Alistair for Luis, when she knows that Luis would want absolutely nothing to do with her... he KNOWS she must have kidnapped Sheridan and stole Marty... so why on earth would she even think of that? She’ll be lucky to escape with Marty, let alone get Luis as well. Even after Alistair reminded her that she couldn’t have Luis, she gets all loony and says to Marty that one day she’ll have his father and they’ll be a happy family.

Sheridan, as much as I love her, got on my nerves. I understand completely that she wants her baby back, that she doesn’t want to miss any more of his life then she has to, but she was impatient and getting in the way, demanding. Sam told her that it may take a few hours to get the right tools in the mansion to help them find Beth, and Sheridan freaked... everything takes time, and as long as they were to just keep looking around for any sign of Beth, and kept a good eye on Alistair, they could have prevented them from escaping which is what Sheridan thought would happen if they needed to wait that long. Then, when they finally made it through the wall to the secret room, Sheridan goes up to the hole and talks to Beth... that wasted precious time for Luis to knock down the rest of the wall, and if Sheridan was so keen on not wasting time, why did she do that?

As for Katherine, I have no use for her. She continues to get on my nerves. When she called at the Lopez-Fitzgerald place, why did she HAVE to talk to MARTIN? Why not just tell Pilar? True, she briefly mentioned Rachel, but the majority of her conversation was about Sheridan and Luis... at the mansion, and about Beth actually not being Marty’s mother... what, she couldn’t have told Pilar that? No, she’s STILL trying to find away to keep them apart, whether it’s intentional or not. The deal was for her to stay at the mansion as Alistair’s wife, and to have nothing to do with Martin, yet she calls him because she’s scared... there WERE other people there, and she just continues to prove how much she REALLY doesn’t want Martin and Pilar together... despite what she has said.

Fancy assuming Noah was trying to kill her definitely made me laugh. She truly thinks the world revolves around her (I personally like her, and believe she’ll be like Fox... eventually), so Noah trying to kill her is the OBVIOUS solution... right. She sure changes her mind quick... she goes from freaking out because he’s trying to ‘kill’ her to kissing him. I’m still trying to find out why she would be anywhere near Spike... especially after he offered her the drugs. I thought she would like a place more like the Blue Note, not some ‘sleazy’ club... but I guess I was wrong. At least the writers have FINALLY made Fancy and Noah know who the other is, because we, the viewers, have known probably since their first appearance back when they were in Vegas. I also thought it was very obvious that after Noah mentioned those goons in Vegas, that it would switch back there to them. People have been talking about those guys coming for Noah and Fancy for awhile, so it had to happen on the show... eventually.

Rebecca trying to keep that stupid disk that is the ONLY proof of what she and Gwen did is ridiculous! Everybody was baffled at why she would keep it, when it could destroy her one and only daughter’s life... but there was an explanation, although still ludicrous. Rebecca wanted to keep the only evidence of something evil her darling daughter did. I have to give her credit, though... she’s just made sure that Theresa won’t get permanent custody of Jane when the time comes, and maybe even make Theresa not be allowed to visit her daughter without an official there, watching... seeing Theresa hug her daughter, and wonder why. The official being there watching the visits would also stop Theresa from being able to look for the evidence that Gwen and Rebecca sent Ethan’s paternity thing to the tabloids. For those of you in the US, you might not know this, just a heads up: Rebecca, seeing Martin, Katherine, and Pilar downstairs, threw herself down the stairs, but not before making it sound like she was begging Theresa not to do anything... although it was also dumb. She could have seriously hurt herself, but knowing Rebecca she’d probably think that was better. The writers obviously want Theresa to be blamed yet again for something she never did.

This week was fairly eventful, even though it took long enough. Hopefully, next week will be even better.

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