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Ms. S. E. "Gargy's" Thoughts

9/19/05 9/23/05

If, I was to hand out Dumb-ass Awards? I'd have to give at least one to Sheridan for being so naive and believing any story she's told, no matter how many times it changes by the same person.

Then, there's Jessica for even hooking up with Spike, the pimp and drug-pusher, in the first place. But, after he's shoved her into on-coming traffic and then told her to proposition the guy.

Simone must have her daddy's thick skull. How many times does someone twice your size and strength have to threaten you and/or kick the shit out of you BEFORE you get the clue? Apparently, not once, not twice, and defiantly not three times is a charm.

Speakin' of Bravery vs. Stupidity. What's up with Theresa? Reaching your hand into an incinerator to retrieve a half melted and completely ruined disk? Of course, you were going to get burned.

Ah, but that is nothing compared to Gwennie. Not only did this woman NOT learn from Theresa's initial mistake..........remember, 4 years ago, Theresa found the letter that proved that Ethan was Sam's son? Well, neither woman told Ethan the SECOND they found this evidence.............but, instead Rebecca sends it to the tabloid from Theresa's laptop..........framing her.............and has lied about it ever since...........has provoked...........has went after........and has tried to kill Theresa numerous times. And, only keeps Ethan in the marriage-not because she loves him, because she damn well knows that Ethan is in-love with Theresa-but, so she can have power/control/and revenge over Theresa.

Now, we've come to the daddy of all Dumb-asses in Harmony. ETHAN............he can't practice defense law..........he can't tell his wife is using guilt and manipulation to keep him in the marriage of "convince"..........and he can't even marry for love...........instead he marries Gwen out of guilt.

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