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Ms. S. E. "Gargy's" Thoughts

8/15/05 8/19/05

"I am a compassionate conservative" George W. Bush actually said that during his first presidential campaign. And then during his second presidential campaign, he actually had the nerve to play the religious card. Saying that marriage, defined by the Holy Bible, is of one man and one woman only. He even tried to make it a constitutional amendment. What is it with power hungry men? They always seem to be straight, white, and somehow always bigoted. Thus, that is why I totally changed my political affiliation from straight out Republican to Log-Cabin Republican; but I live and vote in Oklahoma (and Oklahoma only recognizes the two main parties-Republican and Democrat) therefore, the Oklahoma Voting Commission has me down as an Independent. This is where Separation of Church and State is actually supposed to take affect.

True the Separation of Church and State is to ensure that the church shall not be of government issued variety. There's nothing in the amendment, itself, that says that Churches can not tell you how to vote. But, there is a federal law (which I can not remember right off hand) that prohibits churches from telling their congregation how to vote. This is where I am the most angry and upset. My ex-church (which shall remain nameless, as it's location will remain un-disclosed, also) actually handed out pamphlets that actually had exactly how to vote and then proceeded to use The Scripture to justify why the congregation should vote that way. Needless, to say after the election I withdrew my membership...and now I am in no way going to follow any doctrine of any organized religion. However, I still believe in God-I just choose to have a close, personal relationship with Him.

Now, that I got all of that off my chest. We come to my main rant and quite frankly going on to topic, rather then off-topic. Why shouldn't Simone and her lesbian storyline be featured as any other shippage coupledom? To tell the truth, I am sick-n-tired of this panty-waist, cowardly way of thinking-that it will alienate and scare off the core audience. Come on already, there are mucho grande' viewers out there that crave this type of storyline.

Just don't make Simone Bi-sexual. That's just an excuse to have her go back to the boys if this whole lesbian thing does not work out. Besides, Passions leads the way in some really outrageous storylines. So, what difference would an accurate, equal, and honest depiction of a lesbian and her struggles be if you were to keep it in the spotlight and focus on it as much as Tabitha is staring into that stupid blue bowl of hers? And what would it hurt if you were to show that lesbians have strong, long-term relationships with another woman? Actually, I think it would be a more genuine look at how it's okay to be gay, as well as, it's okay to be open-minded. Heck, it'd support the need to be more kind towards real-life homosexuals. Plus, it'd send a loud-n-clear notice to our 43rd President of The United States, if you ask me. That bigotry is out and open-hearts are in.

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