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Passions Article

Ms. S. E. "Gargy's" Thoughts

8/1/05 - 8/5/05

I sure hope that TC does not ruin Eve and Julian's happiness together. Ever since Passions came on the air and I've known about Eve/Julian's past relationship...I've investigated it, waited and read about it in Hidden Passions, and waited even longer (almost 6 years) for it come out into the light of day-to be revealed and for them to reunite. And now I am reading that Eve will tell TC that she and Julian are getting married; and now TC has somehow managed to forgive her for lying to him for 20 years and wants her to not marry the love of her life. I mean come on, if it wasn't for Alistair interfering with Eve/Julian would have been married and raised Chad (I doubt that anybody but Eve gave birth to him) together as one happy family. Sam and Ivy would've been happily married and raising Ethan together. Four people would've been happy, if it wasn't for Alistair Crane. I am a big Eve/Julian and Ivy/Sam shipper. Even though, I am glad we are not forced to endure anymore of that disgusting storyline about Charity and Miguel. I am still sadden that Miguel took off after Charity rather than staying with Kay and Maria.

Somehow, along the line everything about the whole "will they or won't they?" Sheridan and Luis' storyline was driving me batty. It's gotten to the point of absurdity. I mean put all of us fans out of our misery...either hook 'em up and keep them together OR break them up for good...but, for Pete's sakes...PLEASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEE!! Make your (the writers/producers of Passions) minds up already!? It is the main reason I've stopped watching the show altogether.

Ah, but at least there’s hope. Sarah Warn over at has rose hope in my heart and has re-ignited my passion for Passions once again. Finally, Simone is going to have a storyline of her own and YOWZA it's going to be a big, fun, and interesting one. I just hope they don't treat like how ABC did with Bianca's on All My Children. Simone will get a girlfriend, come out to her family/friends, and all during the Tsunami Disaster storyline. I hope they allow Simone' and Rae (a new character to be introduced in late August/Early September and we still have NO picture nor the actresses name, much less, anything else about the person) to have equal and fair love scenes. I mean come on-if you are going to show the HOTNESS of Julian/Eve's first time as a reunited couple, then, Simone/Rae deserve the same equal portrayal. If NBC and the writers/producers of Passions can not do that or handle it, then they need not show the heterosexual love scenes, neither. But, they won't NOT show the straight couples in the clinch, because let's face it, it's the "sex" scenes that draw us in and keep us coming back day after day. Yet, somehow most of the daytime audience (mainly, housewives [probably, I bit desperate too] and work-at-home individuals) somehow can't bear the thought of the fact that all Americans deserve to be represented fairly, equally, and accurately.

The good news is that Passions draws a much more younger, "liberal", and open-minded audience. As small as it is, it's kept the show on the air for the past 6+ years, which in and on itself is a major accomplishment. I just hope that Passions audience not only continues to watch the show, but will actively support the storyline encourage others to do so, also. I hope that the writers/producers will actively show Simone' as a full-fledged lesbian (and not bi-sexual), continually keeping her struggles as a lesbian on the front burner, and they will also allow her to have a relationship that is realistic and also shows that lesbians have the same struggles/troubles as any straight couple does. I, also, am hoping that more lesbians/bi-sexuals will start to watch the show and it will accurately portray our lives, our struggles, our jubilation, and our happiness in a realistic manner...well, at least, as realistic you can get on Passions (the show with witches and other supernatural events occurring in a town, whose residents views the phenomena an everyday occurrence no big deal, most of the time)!!

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