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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #88

By Shirley

12/6 - 12/10/04

Wow!  Alistair Crane is dead!  Who'd have believed it could really happen, but we all saw it right there on the screen yesterday, didn't we?  Or did we?

This was a good week in Harmony, at least for those of us who watch it from the safety of our homes, etc.  I loved the Theresa/Gwen cat fight and Ethan's confusion over who he really, really wants - again.  Ok, that one is a little overused by this time, but at least this time it has a fresh edge to it.  And I was able to sit there and yell at my screen to just pick a side and stay on it!!!  I mean, that is a good way to let off steam, isn't it?  I got rid of a ton of pent up angst this week and I feel like a new person now.  But enough about me.  I found it really heart-wrenching to watch first Gwen, then Theresa aching to be the one to sit with the newborn baby of Ethan and...well, one or the other of them.  I can see how Gwen fans can believe she's been treated horribly in all this and deserves all our sympathy for her plight, but I can also see the Theresa fans side of the matter, too.  I mean, let's face it, we have two women, each believing they are the biological mother of a baby whose father is the man both of them love and want to have for a lifetime, and it's hard to watch no matter which woman you back.  My heart goes out to Gwen, who is never going to have a baby of her own if this one isn't it.  Sure, it's her fault that she is in the pickle she is in, but hey, it really has to hurt and that's not fun to watch.  Now, if she had stuck to her guns after she found out that Ethan chose Theresa over her and simply moved to New York, had her baby, and got on with her life, Sarah would be alive and well and her ability to have more children wouldn't have been compromised.  But she didn't.  She allowed herself to be sucked in by her mother's machinations and Ethan's wishy-washy "Well, I've got to do the right thing" attitude and took him up on his offer to marry her even though he had just chosen her arch enemy not five minutes before.  Then, instead of accepting that he was hers, she continued to obsess over Theresa to the point she deliberately disobeyed her doctor's orders to stay in bed, then physically attacked the woman who was trying to get help to get her back to the hospital.  She knew the man didn't love her, that he loved Theresa.  He flat out told her so, as I said above, yet she was so eager to win, to beat the maid's daughter, that she married him anyway, and then set about destroying her child.  And all this after Theresa had accepted that Ethan was not her "Fate" and deciding to move on.  Of course, once he showed up there she took it as a sign that Fate was at work and all bets were off, but still, it all comes back to Gwen's decision to marry a man she knew didn't really love her and certainly didn't really want her.

Now, as for Theresa, she really needs to grow up.  Oh, I know, this is all just the writers' way of telling a Cinderella-like fairy tale, but it really has gone on far too long.  This girl needs to grow up and get on with her life.  I tell you, if having him unceremoniously dump her just as he was asking her to marry him didn't tell her he isn't worth the trouble, I guess nothing will, but she really needs to move on.  I thought she had managed to do that with Fox, but alas, he never got over Whitney and she never got over Ethan.  No matter how many times she digs herself a hole she can't get out of, she just keeps picking that shovel up and getting to work with it over and over again.  What is wrong with that girl?  She does some of the meanest things, although she doesn't mean for them to be that way, but again, you would think she'd have learned by now that it really is the wrong thing before she starts.  Her last brain storm has whipped up a level 7 hurricane, and I don't see how she will get out of this in one piece this time.  Stealing another woman's fertilized egg by being implanted with it under false circumstances was bad enough, but I understood it was to get Little Ethan back, but then she thinks she's miscarried and instead of having herself checked out she disguises herself as Gwen, dopes Ethan's champagne, then makes love to him so she can get pregnant again while he thinks he's with his wife.  Ok, so maybe subconsciously he did know the difference, but still, it was simply wrong.  Again, I understand her basic reasoning, but.....that just isn't right.  And then she goes completely over the edge by deciding that she won't give the baby to Gwen, no matter what, but she will get Little Ethan back, too. I never understood how that was supposed to work.  Now both women will pay for what they've done, but it really is a huge payback, and way more pain than either deserves, no matter how it turns out.  The one who really deserves the pain is Ethan, for being a wimpy, weak-minded, backboneless punk who has been playing these two against each other from day one.  Ok, is that too harsh?  Nah.  Now, I have just one more thing to say on the Ethan issue, but it really has nothing to do with this situation.  I was shocked to hear Sam tell Ethan that had he known Ivy was pregnant with him, Sam would have broken it off with Grace and taken Ivy from Julian.  Now, excuse me if I'm wrong, but I remember when the show started that Ethan had just finished law school, which would make him somewhere between 23 and 26 at that time, while Grace and Sam had met 20 years before the show started, according to them, and it was after Sam and Ivy had split up.  Now, how could Ethan have been less than 20 back then, and how could Sam and Grace have had a son already in college himself, too, if Sam and Grace had been together when Ivy was pregnant with Ethan and that was only 20 years before?  I know, I'm being too picky here, but come one, can't they stay true to the story on the big things?

Ok, now on to Alistair.  All his guests are gathered at the mansion, waiting for him to reveal his miraculous one word secret that will destroy them all (now, personally, the only word I can think of that would do that is "FIRE!!!" when their finger is on the button to launch and A-bomb), and at the same time they seem to be awaiting his first sip of the poisoned brandy in his glass.  We know one of them put the poison in there before the first guest arrived, and he's been too busy talking to take a sip, but I really thought he was going to do it yesterday.  Leave it to him to know it was done, however, and stop in mid-sip, telling them he knew it was poisoned and wasn't going to drink it.  Darn!!  But wait, the murderer had a plan B, or maybe there were two separate murderers, but anyway, he lights up a cigar, takes a puff or two, and chokes to death, right there on his living room floor. And not one person tried to help him, except his aide, Tina.  Not one of them made a move.  Now, as badly as I dislike someone, if they start having problems I'm not going to simply stand there.  If nothing else I'd dial 911, then hope they hit a traffic jam on the way or something, but to just stand there and watch the old man die like that....I couldn't do it.  But, as I said at the start, he probably isn't really dead.  I figure he bought some of the medicine Tony used on the Salemites and took that, only seeming to be dead.  I don't know why, but I do believe it's something like that. I know he won't be dead, though, because no one ever dies on that show, no matter what method is used to kill them.  So, we may be without a daily dose of Alistair for a while, but you can bet your boots that he will be back, sooner or later.  Now, here's something I am wondering about, though.  When his will is read, since Julian, Fox, and Chad have all been taken out of his will, who will inherit all the Crane billions?  I am thinking it will be Beth.  Call me stupid, but I can just see him doing that, and I can see her using his money to wreak havoc on Luis and Sheridan for years to come.  And I have thought for a long time that she is really his daughter, that she and Sheridan were switched at birth by Alistair or by Edna, so it would make sense in that way, too.  So my guess is Beth will get it all so she can continue to keep Sheridan and Luis apart.  Well, either that or he will leave it to Endora.  Now, that would be something to see, too, wouldn't it?

Ok, I guess that will do it for this week.  I am sitting on pins and needles for next week to get here so I can see what will happen next, and that really is a good feeling where this show is concerned.  Things seem to be looking up, but I guess we'll have to wait to see if it's renewed again before we can say it's turned the corner.

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