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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #86

By Shirley

11/22 - 11/26/04

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I did, except for missing our show.  It seems like the people of Harmony, at least the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, really  did have the Thanksgiving from Hell, though.  I never cease to be amazed at the things Tabitha comes up with, and now that Endora is helping her, it's even more wild.

I can't think of a worse idea than having all the Lopez-Fitzgeralds together at one table.  Pilar is depressed and angry, Luis is angry and petulant, Paloma is petulant and mouthy, and Martin is simply beyond belief.  Katherine is there with him, and besides the gall of that woman to stay knowing Pilar and Luis would be there, she is really self-centered and whiny.  Sheridan is trying to support the man she supposedly loves, but can't quite stop trying to defend the woman who has torn his life apart, even though that woman is a complete stranger to her.  Beth, of course, is....well, Beth at her most evil.  And who would have thought that Kay would be the one with the most level head of them all?  Amazing, I tell you.

Endora was an absolute darling this week, laughing, jabbering, and giggling all over the place.  It's hard to see her as an evil witch-ling, isn't it?  She did a great job with the decorations, once she got the hang of it, and when she conjured up the Pilgrims and Indians who wanted to burn her mother at the stake, well that was something else.  Luckily, she managed to get rid of them, but then came up with the ugliest turkey Thanksgiving piņata imaginable.  And then she comes up with not one but four roasted turkeys along with a bunch of live ones!  Very funny.  Especially when she zapped one with a growth spell and it just kept growing and growing and growing.  That's what you get when you put a baby in charge, I guess.

Once the guests got there, it wasn't three minutes until the fighting started, with Luis and Martin rolling all over the floor, breaking things and knocking the furniture over.  Everyone was appalled, of course, except Pilar, who took the opportunity to go after Katherine.  Of course, that gave Paloma the chance to twist the knife she had stuck in her mother's heart earlier again by defending her dad's mistress to her own mother.  Somebody needs to slap that girls mouth shut, don't you think?  I know, violence is a no-no, but no child has the right to talk to any adult that way, let alone their own parent.  Anyway, the fights went on and on and all anyone did was scream and say "Stop that!".  I can't believe no one stepped in and pulled them apart.  Anyway, it was Kay who set them straight, and a whistle from Sheridan that got their attention.  Then Tabitha laid it on thick about having Thanksgiving for the children.  Sigh!  Such a great sentiment, fake!  And then, when Simone noticed the Turkey piņata was leaking something red, like blood, they all gathered around the doorway to look and ended up drenched in red sticky stuff when the piņata exploded.  Gross!!  That should have been a clue that the day wasn't going to get much better, but Tabitha figured out it was cranberry sauce and told them she had ordered it off the Internet and it was supposed to have been full of candy.  Not the best reasoning in the world, but they bought it, of course, and the meal began.  Of course, having that huge turkey running in and out of the room did little to whet the appetite, but they seemed to manage to eat everything anyway.  And then Beth started her manipulations, trying to find out what it is about Katherine that causes Sheridan to want to back her up so badly.  All in all, a very weird Thanksgiving dinner, in my opinion.  I wonder what they will do for an encore?

Meanwhile, Eve found out her daughter is having her son's baby.  Poor Fox, he is so sure he's the father, and he really wants it to be true.  Ivy just had to keep at it, didn't she?  So, it was OK for her to pretend Ethan was Julian's child all those years, but God forbid anyone do it to the son she never gave a hoot about until now.  I am still waiting for all her little secrets to come out.  I really hope it's soon, because I hate that Sam is falling for such a no good, lying, witch like her.  He needs to find out what she has done and kick her to the curb.  Fast!  I don't care if Grace comes back or not, although it would be interesting to see how they react to each other after all that's gone on, but I just don't want Sam taken in by Ivy any longer.  And the same goes for Liz, although I get the feeling TC is so happy to have a warm body in bed that he won't care what she's done or how big a skank she is.  As long as he's getting what he wants, I don't think he'd care.  I felt so bad for Eve when she tried so hard to get him to re-think the divorce and he just kept falling for Liz's prodding.  He really did come off as being a brainless twit, in my opinion, because he simply refuses to see the truth, even when Eve flashed it right under his nose.  Not only did he completely ignore it, he then took Liz out on the town and then home to his bed!  What a dunce!  Now, he deserves what he gets, and Liz is his just desserts.  The thought of them together still turns my stomach, but he does deserve her.

So, does anyone know where Jessica is living now?  I mean, Fox has said several times that she hasn't been at home for a while, so where is she staying?  In her Mark bag?  Not that I miss her commercials, but it just seems strange that she isn't at home now that Charity and Kay are both gone.  It just doesn't make sense.  There I go again, wanting this show to make sense.  I guess I'll never learn.

Is Rebecca getting on anyone else's nerves even more than usual?  I simply can't stand the woman.  Oh, she can be funny, but mostly she's just gross and evil.  OK, so she is right, Theresa does have designs on Ethan, but heck, it takes a schemer to know one, right?  Like she has room to talk, I say.  Anyway, she caused Gwen and finally Ethan to ignore Theresa's cramping and leave her alone in the foyer!  Ethan?  I swear, that man is so stupid now it's not funny.  He simply allowed Gwen to pull him out of the foyer as if he were a two year old. Meanwhile, Theresa tries to get to the phone to call 911 and faints dead away.  They finally decide she really does need to get to the hospital, but Rebecca just keeps up her nagging there.  That's another one that needs to have her mouth slapped shut - again.  Pilar, where are you when we need you, woman?  But as I said, Theresa is determined to get Ethan back and I have to tell you, protestations aside, he seems to be just as eager to be with her.  See, that's what makes me angry.  Why can't he just be a man and tell Gwen he really loves Theresa, he made a mistake by marrying her in the first place, he's only caused her pain by doing that, and he wants to end it now?  How hard could that be?  Even if she has fits and wants alimony, at least he'd be free to be with the woman he really loves and he wouldn't be living a lie.  It would be more honest and he wouldn't just keep hurting Gwen all the time.  I don't know, maybe I'm just too black and white in things like this, but I simply believe honesty is the best policy.  Just look at Eve and the way her life has turned out because of her lies.  Tell the truth and live with the fallout.  Your life will turn out better in the long run if that's the way you live it, right? 

OK, that's all for this week.  I guess the world finds out Whitney is pregnant with Chad's baby next week, and Beth will probably find out somehow that Mrs. Wheeler is Sheridan's mother, so I expect it will be a really wild one.  I'll be back when it's over to let you know how I see it.

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