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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #85

By Shirley

11/15 - 11/19/04

I have been giving you my opinions on Passions for quite a while now, and one of the things I'm sure you all know is that I have always been a Shuis fan.  I have complained long and loud about the fact that these two can never seem to get together, although they are the hottest couple on the show;  that when they get together, it lasts only a minute or two, and then there is another one year separation;  that the writers need to put these two back together and leave them that way, at least for a few months, before they bring some other disaster on them to cause them pain; and that they need to stop having either or both die because it's getting tiresome.  I think complaints about these two constantly being apart have been my stock in trade so far, but today I am going to change all that.  Get ready, this one is probably going to shock you.

I am almost ready to back Luis and Beth.  What would it be called, I wonder.  Leth?  Buis?  Luth?  I don't know, but Sheridan went way too far this week and I'm thinking at this point she really doesn't deserve to have Luis.  OK, she has always been wishy-washy, first wanting him, then not.  When she had the chance to get back together with him after her year of amnesia, she refused to tell Antonio because she didn't want to upset him and maybe kill him with the news.  I kind of understood that, and I realized that Pilar was piling guilt on her, telling both of them to back off, don't do anything to hurt her son (so, what is Luis, anyway?  Chopped liver?), etc., and Sheridan didn't want to do the "wrong thing".  OK, I got that.  I didn't like it, I thought she was showing a definite lack of true love for her one and only and carelessly tromping all over his heart, but I understood she was under a lot of pressure.  However, her actions this past week have just been incomprehensible.   Yes, Katherine is her mother, but.....she doesn't know that!  She may have some vague feelings toward the woman because she has been so nice to her, etc., but she is supposed to love Luis more than anything in the world, and besides, Pilar is the one who helped raise her after Katherine ran away and has been like a mother to her.  So someone tell me how she could have jumped all over Luis this week for pouring out his feelings at this woman?  How could she have taken Katherine's side over Luis and Pilar's?  I tell you, it just doesn't make sense, unless we are talking about a woman who really doesn't give a hoot about anyone else.   You have no idea how it pains me to say these things, but it is the truth as I see it.

How would you feel if, after having your father disappear without a trace for 20 years or more, he suddenly showed up telling you he's been alive and well, living it up in Mexico with another woman he calls his wife?  How would you feel when you looked at your mother and saw she was having her heart ripped out piece by piece by the things she was learning, finding out her beloved husband had been calling another woman his wife all those years while she stubbornly held out hope he would someday come home, saving herself for him all the while?  How about finding out that all your dreams had been thrown away because your mother couldn't support the family by herself and you were the only one who could help, while the man whose job it was to support that family was living in luxury elsewhere?  I can only imagine the pain these two felt at finding out their whole lives had been lived around one big lie, and the pain and suffering they had felt all those years was caused by the man and woman standing in front of them that very moment.  Had it been me, I don't think the words Luis was using would have been harsh enough for me.  I don't think I would even have stuck to smacking them with words, as a matter of fact, so having Sheridan telling Luis to stop saying such horrible things about this woman who is a nice, decent, loving person and doesn't deserve being spoken to that way is just about the biggest slap in the face I can think of.  She totally disrespected what he and Pilar were feeling and stabbed them in the back just when they needed her most.  She betrayed all the love and trust they had given her all those years in one fell swoop, and I lost all respect I had for this character in that same instant.

You know, the one thing you always think you can count on from the people you love and who are supposed to love you is their unfailing support and comfort when you hurt.  That's certainly not what Luis got from Sheridan, and this is just the last straw.  There is no good excuse for her backstabbing him that way.  Maybe if she had learned this was her mother and it hurt to hear those words used about her, but she has no idea who this is, it's just a stranger she met along the way, yet she put the woman's feelings above Luis and Pilar's, and there is simply no excuse good enough to forgive that.  I don't know what the writers are thinking with this, but it simply goes against all common decency.  They have totally ruined this relationship that I always considered one of the best in daytime, and I'm not sure they can ever fix it with any kind of believability.  And, as I said, as much as I despise Beth, you know she would have backed Luis up 150%, no questions asked, and that makes her a better match for him in my book.  You have no idea how much it turns my stomach to say that, either, but I can't ignore the truth.

Now, another subject on this same story is Paloma.  I know she's upset that she was the only one sent away, and I have told you in the past that I don't understand how a mother could do that, but I have come to realize that working at minimum wage, she couldn't support a family and pay babysitting too.  Plus all the other things babies need that cost so much.  Now, I still think she should have kept the baby and figured out a way to work it out, but I am more understanding now.  And I do know she has loved her daughter the whole time.  Paloma, however, doesn't know this and so it was easy for Alistair and Tabitha to exploit her feelings of abandonment and make her hate her own family.  But to treat her mother the way she has, with no repercussions from her father or anyone else makes no sense to me.  OK, she doesn't want to live with her mother, but she simply cannot speak to her the way she did, and no parent would allow it in real life, at least not one that had the child's best interests at heart.  Again, I think the writers have messed up in this story, but it is a good story and adds to the pain Pilar feels.  On that subject, I think Eva deserves recognition for her portrayal of Pilar the last couple of weeks, and especially the last two days.  As she was having her breakdown in her room with Luis I was crying along with her.  Her pain was so real it just reached right through the screen and grabbed me, too.  I am really pleased with a lot of the acting on the show lately and I hope it is recognized when the daytime Emmys come around again.  But, back to my complaint fest.

Another area that has bothered me the last couple of weeks is Whitney's willingness to turn on Theresa at the drop of a hat.  She seems to have gotten better this week, but I'm thinking it's only a matter of time before she rats her "best friend" out.  I still say that is not what friends do to each other, and I think the writers have gotten this one wrong, too.  And when you consider the fact Whitney is wanting to pull a fast one on Fox by telling him he's the father of her baby you see that she is not morally superior to Theresa and has no right to act as if she does.  I know, it looks like she's come up with a better plan, but Fox has realized she's pregnant and I have a feeling that once he faces her with that knowledge, she will crumble and he will be convinced by her that it's his child.  I could be wrong, but I don't think so.  I wonder what she will do about Theresa then?  I have a feeling she may just change her tune, but you never can tell.  These writers have their own way of doing things and it doesn't necessarily have to make sense.  If it did, this opinion piece would never have existed.  Oh, well.  Better luck next week.

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