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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #83

By Shirley

11/1 - 11/5/04

This week was one of the best I've seen since the show began.  The stories are moving nicely, and the acting is really kicking up a notch.  Two examples of that are Lindsay Korman and Galen Gehring.  Lindsay's pain over trying to decide what to do about the babies was spellbinding.  You really got the idea that she was struggling with it, first here, then there.  But when she finally decided to let the doctors decide, maybe sealing the fate of the baby that is her own child, the heartbreak was more than I could bear.  I cried right along with her as she sobbed to Eve that the decision was made and she just didn't want to know which was taken and which was left.  She deserves and should receive at least a nomination for an Emmy, if not win it.  She was that good.  And Galen was amazing, too.  His portrayal of a young man finding out that the father he thought had died years ago was standing right in front of him, never even hinting of his true identity the whole time he had known Luis.  You saw this tough cop, a full grown man, mourning the loss of the ideal he had built up about his father, having seen it crumble with the knowledge that the fingerprints of Mr. Wheeler were really those of his own father.  And you could also see the little boy whose heart was breaking that his super hero Dad had just swallowed the Kryptonite and turned into an alien bent on causing harm to all he loved.  That little boy just shined out through Galen's eyes as he played his part and it was hard not to look at him and think he was feeling the exact pain his alter ego was.  He, too, should get a nomination and a win.  This was a really good week for the actors, all in all.

Theresa finally decided to follow Ethan's wishes and let God decide which baby lived and which died.  I had thought when she first told him to choose which baby should live that she had craftily come up with a scheme to force him and Gwen to stop pushing for the abortion that she never wanted to have.  When she asked him which baby he wanted to save and that terrified look came over his face, I thought for sure he was going to go running out to Gwen telling her they can't go through with it.  He didn't, of course, but it was still worth it to see him in the hot seat for once.  Pilar also got her digs in at him, too.  He was acting upset that Theresa once again had schemed to get herself implanted with Gwen's fertilized egg, then schemed to get Ethan to sleep with her when she thought she had miscarried it, and now schemed to try to save her own child instead of Gwen's when only one could live, and Pilar finally slapped his chops, so to speak, by telling him Theresa wouldn't have done any of those things if he had just stood up to Rebecca and Gwen and stopped them from taking Theresa's child away from her.  Good for you, Pilar!  Let's hope it sticks in his head for more than five minutes this time.

A story that took a strange turn is the TC/Eve saga.  Will someone tell me just what Liz was thinking when she took it on herself to go to an attorney and have divorce papers drawn up in TC's name?  Even more than that, what was the attorney who drew the papers up thinking?  You know Liz didn't go in there dressed like a man, claiming she was TC, so why on earth would that attorney take her word and just draw the papers up?  It makes no sense at all.  Yes, I know, it's Passions and doesn't have to make sense, but I keep telling you that there are some things that really should be kept closer to real life, and stories concerning the law is one of those things.  Having said that, though, can someone tell me where the real TC Russell is?  Who was that man?  Why wasn't Liz hanging from a hook on the wall across the room once he found out what she'd done without his consent?  He should have bellowed at her to mind her own business and backhanded her across the room, landing on said hook.  But no.  Nothing.  Not a single word did he utter except that he didn't want to leave Eve with nothing.  HUH???  Where was the yelling TC we have all come to know?  You know if Eve had ever dared to have legal papers drawn up in his name we would still be hearing the reverberations of his bellow ringing in our ears.  You know that's true.  Yet......nothing.  I don't get it.  I have to say I enjoyed it when he and Eve were talking, remembering their camping trips.  It was a very nice few minutes listening to them talking and laughing over the good old times when they were in love and happy.  I wish it would have stayed that way, but then the old TC came back, with his unreasonable jealousy of Julian, and it was ruined.  At least he kept the papers in his pocket, though.  It looked like he would give them to her but she had to go start Theresa's procedure and as the show ended the papers were still right there in pocket.  I wonder how long they will stay there, though?  I hope it's long enough so Liz can find out he hasn't given them to Eve yet.  I can't wait to see the look on her face when she does.  Talk about priceless.  You know, speaking of that, how is it that TC hasn't noticed what a scheming witch she is?  He has to have noticed how upset she gets when he won't let her push him into something, or he has to have seen the look on her face.  How can he still not know what she is?  Man, this guy is really dumb!

Well, I guess that's about all I have to say for now.  I am looking forward to Sheridan finding out that Mrs. Wheeler is really her mother.  I am wondering if she will regret telling Luis not to call her a slut for running off with his father once she finds out she's her not-so-dead mother?  And how about when Pilar finds out about Martin?  Will she relapse?  Will she finally yell at him and maybe throw a punch like she has at Rebecca?  Or will she crawl back into her meek little shell and figure that Martin must have had a really good reason to leave her all those years and go marry Mrs. Crane instead?  You would think the answers would be a no brainer, but on this show, you just never can tell.  All I do know is, I am waiting anxiously to find out the answers.  Maybe when I do this again next week we'll know the answers.  I sure hope so.

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