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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #82

By Shirley

10/25 - 10/29/04

So, has this been a strange week or what?  We had Martin and Katherine ready to tell Luis and Sheridan they are really their respective long-lost parents, but then they both decided against it.  Theresa started out the week adamant that she wouldn't abort one baby to save the other, but then she decided she would do it as long as Eve can tell her that she will kill Gwen's baby and let her own live.  And we had Alistair on what was nearly his deathbed but miraculously managed to get out of that bed, get to the mansion and demolish the gazebo that hid his secret, all the while strutting around as well as he had before being shot earlier that day. (Or was it the day before? It's so hard to keep track of the days on this show!)  Anyway, let's get started on all this.

Do you ever wish Martin and Katherine would just spit it out already?  They keep trying to tell the truth, then backing off.  Over and over, time and again, they almost say it...then say "Oh, never mind."  Come on, guys, spit it out already!  I still don't see how no one can see who they are just by looking at them closely or hearing them speak.  I mean, just how dumb are these Harmony-ites anyway?  Oh, I know, it's the best the makeup people could do to "change" them, but if I were in charge I would have gotten two body doubles, actors who resemble the real ones in body type, etc, to play them before the makeovers.  It would have worked a lot better.  This way I just keep wanting to yell at the characters to open their eyes, see who these two are already.  But, it's not going to happen, I guess.  Oh, Pilar seems to have discovered something, but it's my guess that she will actually think it's something else and she'll still be 180 degrees from the real truth.  Do you remember how easily she recognized Martin's voice over the phone that time?  She should know him, and Katherine, too, since she worked for her for years.  I guess that would be too easy, though, and make the story way to short.  I guess we just have to suffer through the stupidity of the people in Harmony until JER is ready to do the big reveal.  UGH!

Now, on to Theresa.  What has happened to this girl?  I mean, yeah, she was always a schemer but she was never really evil about it, was she?  I never thought so, anyway.  But Lindsay goes on maternity leave, Priscilla takes over and turns our Theresita into an evil caricature of herself, and when Lindsay finally comes back they have Priscilla's Theresa stick around.  Okay, that's confusing for me, too, but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.  I never liked the evil edge Theresa took on under the replacement actress and couldn't wait for the old one to get back, but it seems the evil lingers on.  But you know, I do understand where Theresa is coming from, sort of.  I mean, if I were forced to kill a baby I was carrying and I was pretty sure at least one of them was my own flesh and blood, I would want that one saved, too.  I mean, come on, it's bad enough to kill a baby but to kill your own child?  How awful would that be?  I'm not making a moral judgment about abortion here, either, just that since for Theresa abortion is a definite no-no, making the decision to go through with one is hard enough without knowing she might actually be aborting her own child.  Anyway, I guess Eve could pretend to do the DNA, tell Theresa both are Gwen's, and just take whichever is closest, with no one being any the wiser.  I wonder what she will actually do, though.  This is going to be interesting.  And now Ethan has walked in on Eve chastising Theresa for trying to make that choice and he's aware she wants to get rid of Gwen's only chance to have her own child.  It's going to be interesting to see where this leads, too, but I'm betting Theresa just managed to finally disgust him enough so that he will lose all feelings of love he ever felt for her.

Alistair is an amazing specimen, isn't he?  He gets shot, almost dies, gets saved by Dr. Eve, and lies recuperating in his hospital bed one minute, then he's up and at 'em in the next.  Now, as near as I can tell he's only been hospitalized overnight, so he must have a heck of a resilient body.  He climbs out of his bed, gets dressed, goes back to the mansion and oversees the destruction of the gazebo that was built to hide his secret before Luis and Martin can make it from the hospital to the mansion.  Now, that is some kind of man, isn't it?  And now he's strutting around the mansion, puffing on his cigars, drinking booze and throwing the glass viciously while extremely angry, and threatening his ex-wife and employee.  Absolutely amazing, isn't it?  I tell you, I wish someone would manage to really murder this guy, though.  I am really tired of his evil ways, and the fact that he has cameras, microphones, and "secret agents" on every corner and in every house, business, and office in Harmony, not to mention on the ocean and in the jungles of Mexico.  Oh yeah, and all over the town of Puerta Arena.  Now, I like a little science fiction in these stories once in a while, but this is just going overboard.  There is no sense of reality left in this show.  Even what you see and believe to be real isn't necessarily so.  Ok, I can handle the witchery, etc, but really.  Alistair has to go.

Fox and Whitney seem to be moving along nicely.  I'm sorry she is going to trick him the way she is but I do understand her reasoning.  I just hope after this she won't be so quick to point the finger at her "friend" Theresa when she starts in with her schemes.  I wonder who will be the first to figure out that her baby could be Chad's, and how they will go about finding out if it's true?  I think this is going to be a pretty interesting turn of events, too.  I have to say I am pretty happy with the pace of the show, for the most part.  Things are moving along fairly well now.  Those first few years were a major pain, but now that they have actually started moving the stories I am enjoying it a lot more.

Well, that's about all for now.  I'll be back next week to chat about what goes on in the meantime.  I hope there's good news then.

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