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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #80

By Shirley

9/6 - 9/10/04

So, the secret is out at last. Chad is Eve and Julian's long lost son. I want to congratulate the two actors playing Chad and Whitney for some really good performances this week. You could really see the pain, confusion, revulsion, disbelief, and finally acceptance of the fact that they are siblings who have been lovers for quite a while now, and life as they have known it is over for them. I almost felt the pain myself. Now, I do have a question, though. Why aren't Eve and Julian impressing on both of them that for years they believed their son was dead, as that's what they had been told. Really, the way Whitney is blaming Eve for not telling her is just nonsense. True, Eve has known the baby didn't die for a couple of years now, but when Whitney and Chad were first a couple, she had no idea. Then, when Chad came to town and she wondered about him, the DNA test she did showed he wasn't hers, so what good would it have done to tell them anything? True, Alistair changed the results and Eve didn't know that, but still, it wouldn't have made a difference since Eve thought there was no relation to any of them. I guess I might be getting a little picky here, but it just bugs me when people on these shows don't even try to defend themselves against lies. It just makes no sense to me at all. And another thing. Why does Eve keep seeing herself in an evening gown when she watches the kidnapper taking her son? She certainly didn't wear it in the hospital and she couldn't have been out already, running around while a sick baby stayed in the hospital, would she? No, that all came about during one of her visions from fog or magic or whatever. She saw herself drugged out and singing in the club, all dressed up, then the club turned into the hospital nursery and she was still standing there in the same gown watching a shadow carry her child out. And by the way, at that time she still believed the baby had died and she got her first feelings he hadn't with that hallucination. Now, again, it is a small thing, but....come on. Now they're playing it like it's for real. I just can't figure out why.

It was happy reunion time for the Lopez-Fitzgerald crowd. Luis isn't really dead, neither is Sheridan and Katherine. Paloma got away from her captor and saved Luis, then just happened to know her way out of the jungle, too! What an amazing super heroine she has turned out to be. At least she's not still pouting about her family. Not that she didn't have a reason to pout, but it just got a little old. The only bummer was that Alistair got away again. You know, if it were me, I wouldn't have waited any longer than it took to squeeze that trigger to get rid of that old monster once and for all. No talking, no accusations, no listening to him whine, no reacting to taunts....just a smooth squeeze, a loud bang, and "Bye-bye, Alistair." I wonder why these guys never figure that stuff out? I mean, he's there, he's unarmed, you've got the upper hand, so just kill him already and end everyone's misery. I'll just never get it, I guess.

Now on to Theresa. I understand her anger at Gwen. I really do, and I think she has a right to that anger, but she's just taking it too far. She still insists she won't give Gwen the babies she's carrying and it's starting to bug me a lot. Now, as I've said before, I am not a Gwen fan, but she is so anxious to have those babies, so overjoyed at the prospect, and as long as Rebecca stays out of it, she's more than nice to her worst enemy now. She deserves at least one of those babies, I don't care what anyone else says. I believe one is the implant that Theresa never lost an the other is Theresa's with Ethan, so there should be one for each of them when it's all said and done. I mean, that's the only fair solution. Theresa gets Little Ethan back, Gwen gets her own flesh and blood, and Theresa gets Ethan's baby, so what could be better all the way around? Ok, I think Little Ethan is Ethan's son, too, but we don't know that yet so I'm not even considering it at this point. I am hoping that once Paloma gets back Theresa will consider the fact that she is a role model for her little sister and she needs to do the right thing. I know, it's too much to hope for, but I can't help myself. And may I say I haven't really missed Rebecca that much and I'm already wishing she would go on another vacation? I'm sorry but she just makes me want to throw up most of the time. She is so rude and racist in her ever-present smart remarks that I just can't stand to see or listen to her. Am I being to harsh? Nah!

Well, that's pretty much it for now. I'm hoping next week will keep the stories moving with some interesting things going on. And I really hope we will get back to TC and Liz and find it was just a horrible dream the last time we saw them. I wish they hadn't left us hanging so long because the thought of them actually being together just turns my stomach. Well, I guess they deserve each other, but it's still sickening to me. Anyway, I'll be back next week to let you know what I think about whatever's going on then, good or bad. I just hope it keeps going and doesn't get back on that same old merry-go-round we finally got off of.

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