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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #79

By Shirley

8/30 - 9/3/04

Hooray, the show is back!! After two long weeks without our daily dose of Passions, it is finally back on. But......

Did we really miss it that much? That's a hard question. I had days when the Olympic games were so interesting that I forgot all about Theresa, Eve, Sheridan, Luis, TC, and all the others, while at other times I wanted nothing so much as to have them all back on my screen. I guess for me it was a mixed bag, but I have to say I am really glad it's back. Now, as long as they keep the stories going and don't start back with the merry-go-round marathons, we can all watch and enjoy our favorite characters again. But, having it back on means I get to tell you what I think about it all, so let's get started.

How far gone is Eve in her slide into senility? What senility, you say? Well, let me enlighten you. The last Friday the show aired before the Olympics, Eve remembered driving Julian's car when it smashed into TC. Now, true, Julian did convince her she was having false memories, but still, every day this week until Thursday, I believe it was, she kept remembering and then forgetting it again just as quickly. It was really irritating, you know? Oh, I realize for the characters it was only an hour or so, but for us it was over two weeks. I could see her remembering but not accepting it maybe once or twice, but over and over uncounted times? It was just too much. Now they are over all that, though. The truth is out, the damage is done, and TC and Eve have gone their separate ways - for now. But here's my problem with that. (Yes, I know, I'm never satisfied) What is up with TC and his mad dash for Liz's room and bed yesterday? Eve wasn't gone more than an hour the first time when he "allowed himself" to be seduced by the Lizard, and he seemed to regret it as soon as it was over. He decided to work things out with Eve, but then learned the final truth; she was responsible for the wreck that ended his tennis career. So now he tells Liz to leave because it's not right for him to be living in a house with her, which I agree with, but as she's packing, he not only changes his mind and relents on her having to leave, he storms into her room and throws her down on her bed for the Horizontal Tango! What's up with that? I think a good case could be made for this man having dual personalities. Or, it could all be a dream, and he's still sitting on the sofa sulking while Liz is packing to leave. I'm hoping for the latter, but not counting on it. I have a feeling Liz will end up pregnant, keeping her a thorn in Eve's side for a while to come.

With Luis buried under a ton of rock, Martin and Katherine pulled Sheridan along on their quest to find Paloma. How many of you thought that guide was a little too sneaky-looking and was probably working for Alistair? Yeah, it was just too obvious. Now he's led them deep into the jungle and left them to fend for themselves with no food or water. He didn't seem that thrilled about it, but when Alistair speaks, and especially when he does it with a huge envelope stuffed with money, the whole world listens. We all know they will make it out, of course, but it really is a rotten thing to do to them. Now Sheridan and Katherine are in a pit full of vipers, with only a stick to protect them. Just an aside here, though. What is it with Sheridan and pits? Don't the writers know we are sick of seeing her in a pit after all the months she was in Beth's house? Oh, Lord, not again. Well, I guess the good news is she will probably get out sooner this time, but....find another place to put her, ok? No more pits! Now, I figure Martin's boy scout abilities at reading the sun are going to get them out of the jungle soon, although he is reading it wrong. You can't look at the sun and know which direction you're going. You can tell the time, more or less, and you can figure out which way it's going after watching how it moves every fifteen minutes or so, but if you want an almost instantaneous read on the direction you're going, check the shadows! If it's morning, the shadows will point to the West, afternoon to the East. But, that's neither here nor there. It is a soap, after all. But it would be nice if they would toss a little real knowledge in there every so often so in case anyone gets lost they can tell how to get found. But I digress again. So, they are trudging through the jungle, trying to find their way out, while Paloma is at the mercy of Alistair's gunman, Nick. Alistair gave her to him as a reward for good work. Now, that's just wrong, but it does add pizzazz to the story. Will she escape before he has his way with her? Will she be deflowered and give up all hope? Will that doggoned snake that chased her the first time she was in that shed come back and get Nick? Stay tuned, folks. Sooner or later we will find out.

Oh, Theresa, what have you gotten yourself into now? She finds out she's having twins, yet instead of saying "Oh, good, one for me, one for Gwen", she gets greedy and wants to keep them both. She figures she can get Little Ethan back and keep the twins as well. What is she thinking? Now, right here I'd like to say I sure hope Lindsay and Justin come back soon. I liked Priscilla and Nick on Sunset Beach. They did a great job with the characters they played then, but I just can't get used to them as Theresa and Fox. Patricia gives Theresa a harder edge than she ever had before, and an evilness that is disturbing, while Nick seems to have knocked Fox's virility quotient down several percentage points. I don't like the hard, evil looks Theresa gets on her face, and I really hate the way Fox seems to have turned into a smarmy, whiny turncoat. I couldn't believe his reaction toward Theresa after Eve said she hadn't had twins when she did her original sonogram, and I hated his reaction when he was asked if he had slept with her after the procedure. Totally not Fox-like. I had high hopes for the two of them because of the fact I had liked them in those previous parts, but it's just not a good fit in my opinion. Another thing that bothers me with this part of the story is, how could Eve have seen anything with a sonogram right after the implantation? I mean, the egg is microscopic, and it is usually a month or two, maybe more, before they can see anything as far as I have heard. Another nonsensical twist. Not that it matters, I guess. The story is going where they want it to, and Gwen got a chance to throttle Theresa, so it worked out well for her. And now Ethan is remembering it was her that he had sex with after the ball, not Gwen. I wonder if he'll remember he told Gwen it was better than usual? Probably not. I'm waiting for Gwen to find out that her hubby wasn't just dreaming that night. This is gonna get good, folks.

Eve and Julian. I was so wanting them to get together for so long, but now that they have the chance, it's just kind of - eh! It isn't as satisfying as I thought it would be. Maybe I got so tired of her letting him take the blame for everything she did wrong that I feel she doesn't deserve him any longer. I'm not sure what it is, but it just doesn't feel right at this point. Maybe it will after a while. I do know that if TC can switch his love for her off at will, he was never the man for her after all. Julian is the one who has continued to love her through all the years that have passed, who has continued to protect her at every turn while she was more than willing to let him do so. Maybe it's just that Julian is too good for her now. I don't know, but I'm just not as happy as I thought I would be. But even though she isn't my choice for woman of the year, TC is just way outside the lines in his claims that Eve took everything good from his life. What about the girls? They are still with him, no matter what. Doesn't he consider them to be good things? And there's his job, his friends, his standing in the community - does none of that matter to him? No, he's just entirely too whiny and self-pitying for my taste. I understand the man is hurt, devastated really, but to say this has ruined his whole life, taken away everything worth living for is just going bit too far. And he continues to say she broke their vows and she's not the good wife and mother he thought she was, which just simply isn't true. Sure, she did rotten things when she was young, but that was before he even knew her. The person she is now is not the same person who did those things. She has been a good wife and mother, and she has led an exemplary life, at least until Ivy started blackmailing her. But even that had nothing to do with her vows to TC and whether she broke them or not. He's just carrying it too far in his pity party mentality. Yes, she didn't tell him about her past, but that shouldn't really matter. What matters is the person she was when she met him and they got married. At least that's how I see it.

Ok, enough. I just had so much to complain about it just kept pouring out through my fingers. I hope things pick up next week. It's time for Eve to start letting everyone she's wronged lately what's going on in their lives. I can't wait for that. And Fox finally spilled the beans about Chad being her brother, but I think she's not going to believe it because she will think he's just trying to get her for himself. And with Kay messing up Chad's records at the hospital, who knows what any DNA tests will say. It will probably end up saying he's not related to them at all, and the icky incest story will continue. UGH!! I really don't know why I have these horrible thoughts. I truly don't. I think it's just because JER has done so much of this kind of thing that I can't help but suspect he's doing it again. Which brings me back to my original question. Did I really miss watching this show while it was off? I think so. Yes. Maybe.....

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