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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #78

By Shirley

8/23 - 8/27/04

Ok, boys and girls, the show is back, finally! I was just wondering if I will even remember to turn it on Monday, after not doing it for so long. I think I will, never knows. Anyway, I think I'll just talk about what I hope will happen once it gets back on.

When we left, Luis was buried under all the rubble from the bombed temple he had entered looking for Paloma, she was in the hands of Alistair's henchman, and Sheridan, Martin, and Katherine were looking on, watching him "die". Of course, we know it won't happen, but they don't. My hope is that after a very short time of mourning him, say four or five minutes, tops, they will approach the bombed temple and hear him inside, either calling for help or banging on the rocks. Then they will dig him out, and Paloma will escape the gunman and run to them. Of course, the gunman will then start shooting at them to try to complete Alistair's orders, but only one of them will be hit, and it will turn out to be a superficial wound. They will all go back to Harmony, determined to stop Alistair, and KMart will be exposed. Paloma will realize she IS loved by her family, and once Noah comes back, she will hook up with him. I know, he's way too old for her, but hey, there aren't that many eligible men in Harmony! Now, that's what I think might happen, but we all know these writers are nothing if not off the wall, so who knows what will happen.

Theresa was told she had gas, not labor pains, and also that she is carrying twins. Now, what I hope will happen is that they will discover that one of the babies is actually the one implanted using Gwen and Ethan's own fertilized egg, while the other is the result of her "rape" of Ethan. That way, each woman will have a child they want so desperately. Now, once that is brought out in the open, Gwen is again enraged at Theresa's scheming and method of getting pregnant, so she will try to keep Little Ethan from her out of spite. Ethan, however, always a man of his word, will insist the boy be given back to Theresa as promised, since they now have their own child. He will continue to be torn between Gwen and Theresa, even though he wants to be mad at her for what she did. He will keep remembering what he told Gwen, how their lovemaking had been so special and more wonderful than usual on that night, and he will finally realize that's because he really loves Theresa more than Gwen. At that realization, he will confess it all to Gwen, who will promptly throw him out on his rear end. Theresa and Ethan will reunite and raise their two children together, although he will continue to be guilt-ridden over Gwen and their child together.

Julian will finally get Rebecca out of the mansion, divorcing her for fraud and using blackmail to get him to marry and stay with her all that time. She will fight like crazy, but once the information comes out that she and Gwen spilled the beans about Ethan's paternity, it's all over for them. Rebecca will go back to her ex, planning her revenge on all concerned, and Gwen will join her in her plans. Eve will end up being torn between Julian, who has stood by her at every turn, and TC who finally decides he can forgive her for everything. She will want to honor her marriage vows, but the memories of TC's words and hateful actions toward her will keep her from being able to do that, while Julian's steady, true love wears her down day by day. Whitney, finding out she is not only pregnant but also that the father is really her brother will turn to Fox for support, and he will be there to help her through it all. Her decision as to whether to carry and keep the child or to abort it will be a hard decision, and she will go back and forth on it for a while, with Fox trying to support her the best he can. I have no idea which choice she should make and won't even try to decide that one, but I can imagine it won't be an easy choice to make, no matter what she finally ends up doing. That part I think will happen, or else she will have a miscarriage during her decision-making process, cutting it short. The rest is pure speculation and hope on my part.

I hope Grace comes back soon. I want to see her when she finds out what Ivy and David did. I want to see her totally rip Ivy up one side and down the other in her revenge, whether by physically beating her to a pulp or by using her powers on her. Either way, I will be cheering her on. As for Sam, I hope he will be ashamed of himself, but that he won't try to blame himself for what happened. Grace bears part of the guilt since she could easily have divorced David and stayed with Sam, but chose not to. She needs to pay for that betrayal of her vows, too. I do hope they get back together, though. Jessica needs to find a good guy and forget all that's gone on before. And Kay....she needs to finally realize that turning to the dark side has caused her nothing but pain and gained her nothing. Miguel is gone, Charity won, and Kay is the one who has suffered. I don't know if I want her to forgive Grace or not, since I think the tension between them is a good storyline to follow, but I do want her to find true happiness at some point soon. She really needs to know true love. Yes, she feels it for her daughter, but it's not the same as opening your heart to a stranger, basically, and making a life with them. She needs to learn how to love like that, with all her heart, to the point that the only thing that matters is that the one she loves is happy.

Now, let's get Beth back, and deal with her. She needs to pay for her evilness, and soon. She needs to be found out for all her scheming, and Sheridan needs to get her son back, quickly. We've already had enough mother's and children separated for years, and we really don't need any more. Get Little Martin back to Luis and Sheridan, get Beth sent to a mental institution to get her thinking straight (sure, that's going to happen), and let Edna live a happy, stress-free life with Precious, at least for a while. Now, I could live with that.

As for Martin and Katherine, let them come back, be found out, get rid of Alistair, and then fade back into the jungle, never to be heard from again. I am way past tired of those two, and of Alistair, too. I'm still waiting for him to die. I heard they have hired someone to play him in full face, so I'm hoping that he will be killed, but not really, and while the whole town of Harmony is rejoicing, he will be hidden away in a hospital somewhere undergoing plastic surgery to hide who he is, and once he's healed, he'll show up in Harmony as a "new man", with no one recognizing him while he continues to mess with people's lives behind the scenes. I could handle that, as long as all those idiotic cameras and microphones are gone. Man, I hate those things, and when I saw he even has them in the jungles of Mexico, that was it. Enough is more than enough in this case. The man is a pervert, spying on people all over town in their bedrooms and everywhere else, and it's just sickening to contemplate. Do away with all those spy devices!

Ok, that's my wish list for what will happen once the show is back on. I don't expect things to go the way I hope they will, but it's fun to think about anyway. So, here's to Monday and the "new beginning". Let's hope it at least moves quickly and surely, and stays interesting.

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